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What is your favorite part of the U.S.?

We know this is a hard question (trust us, we knooooow). But if you had to pick one part of the U.S. that’s your absolute favorite – a place you find beautiful, a place you could return to again and again – where would you pick?

Is it the beautiful West Coast, the evergreens and mountains of Washington or Oregon? Is it the West, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado or the Red Rocks of Utah? It is the Southwest with the cacti in Arizona, or the aliens in New Mexico? Is it the Midwest with its long, lonely plains? Is it the Southeast, where the Florida Keys beckon and the seaside resorts of South Carolina call? Or is it the Northeast, where lobster on the pier and hot days on the beach cure all stress?

Please tell us in the poll below. Once you’re done, leave a comment and tell us your favorite region. Thanks!


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Paul Cecil
1 year ago

I wish I could have said where ever I am at, because that is my truthful answer.

Mafue real estate brokerage LLC
1 year ago

Florida is the best state in the country. It’s literally Paradise all year round. With Disney world and white sand beaches with clear water, how can anyone beat that. And on top of all that, Real estate is super affordable compared to the rest of the country. Plus no state income tax 🤑🤑🤑

1 year ago

The states that border the Great Lakes is a unique region. These Great Lakes states shouldn’t be lumped in with those states rightfully called Midwest states that truly is the Midwest.

Lyle Latvala
1 year ago

My favorite part of the US is any place more than 150 miles away from a major city …

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 year ago

Too bad there wasn’t one other option; All of America

1 year ago

The most breath taking will always be RMNP. Camping near or in Estes Park. The golden glitter of Aspen trees on a cool sunny day. Eagles soaring high in the Rockies and the rush of water down the mountains. The Scottish and Irish festival, shopping and great food. No, I do not work for the chamber of commerce.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I might be prejudice some as I’m a native NYer but the northeast has some of the most beautiful areas, at least in the eastern US. The coast of Maine, the mountain ranges, the foliage in the fall. There’s also a lot of our country’s history in this area. The best part is it’s all in my backyard.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Weinfurt
Bob P
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Weinfurt

It’s the people’s attitudes that detract from the NE

Brian Burry
1 year ago

Favorite geography is California, however unfavorite because it is too political is California! Ruined, once a wonderful state of opportunity, not now with over-regulations and numerous taxes, yet worst roads (even with the 75 cents per gallon extra gas tax – all goes to general fund, little to roads!) and low scoring schools. Sad.

R Wagstaff
1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

I recently returned from southern CA and was dismayed at all the trash next to many roads and highways, giving it a third worldish look! Beautiful state going downhill!

1 year ago
Reply to  R Wagstaff

It has been that way for decades in the LA Metroplex. I’ve lived here for 70 years and California can be a great place to visit if you avoid the big cities..there are over 70 here with over 100,000 populations. Northern California (above San Francisco) and Yosemite, Sequoia NPs and the Eastern Sierra including Death Valley are completely different from the rest of the state. As is the coastline between Morro Bay up thru Monterey above SF to the Oregon border. Sorry, gas is going to be about $4.

1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

I agree. Texas is my favorite, now. That is now an open invitation to Californians to come to the Lone Star State.

1 year ago

Interesting question. To some favorite may mean for the beauty, for others it may mean quality of life. For me, I was born, raised, worked and retired in southern CA. We sold our home last fall in one day and escaped what is now the most oppressive hell hole in America. Great weather alone doesn’t cut it.

1 year ago

Hope Idaho, after being a long distance truck driver hauling boats for 35 years the most beautiful place in the country I found was Hope Idaho.

Gordy B
1 year ago

I chose southwest, mostly for warmth in winter months. In actuality I love anything west of Nebraska, north and south and in between. Lived in California 10 yrs and not fond of fuel and economy at present. I was born in Michigan where I now reside and have traveled west nearly every year since 1962. The years we lived in California the vacations were to see relatives in michigan and 2 to 4 day trips throughout the western states. Also was OTR trucker 6 of 35 years as truck driver. I drove in 44 states as trucker, not fond of eastern part of US, too crowded.

1 year ago

So hard to answer this one…we live in SW FL and love it here. My heart is in the hills of VA and WV where my “people” are from. I grew up in southern CA and loved it then. Our kids are in WI and we love WI, MI and SD and try to visit every summer. Love the mountains of CO and Utah has to be one of the prettiest states. The Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous and Maine and NH will soothe your soul. Then there’s the space in TX and the beauty of NM….

1 year ago
Reply to  Goldie

It is indeed hard to pick a favorite. Each area has its charms. Even California, which seems to have become the national scapegoat, at least, according to the “wisdom” of this comment board 🙄

Diane Mc
1 year ago
Reply to  Kamwick

Most of the people responding have lived in CA. My husband and I have lived here for 71 & 68 yrs respectively. All those comments are true. Live in Silicon Valley, take most any on/off ramp and it is nothing but homeless encampments & trash even in areas with no homeless. You can see them even driving down our freeways. Get on NextDoor to see what is happening in the neighborhood and everyday stolen bikes,gardener equipment, tools, videos of people breaking into garages, backyards, taking what ever they find. If you live here, then you have to see it as well, unless you live in smaller towns in more rural areas. If you don’t live here, not sure how you can dispute what is being said. We are very close as are our 3 children to leaving. Taxes are some of the highest, if not the highest in the nation. Roads are terrible. Homelessness a serious problem. Schools a disaster, even before Covid. Don’t mind the taxes if they would just fix the problems.

1 year ago

My thoughts were I’m happy in the part of the USA where I’m at. If I weren’t, I got wheels, I’d move.

Gary G
1 year ago

I voted the West Coast, but could just as easily voted for the West region. Love both areas.
Any where in America or Canada is just fine with us!

1 year ago

We live in and love the Pacific Northwest. We have also traveled Coast to Coast and have found many beautiful sights. Our observation has been that in the midwest, east, northeast, and southeast one can sometimes drive to more than one state in a day, somethibg that is more difficult in the west. We wonder if many RV Travel readers have not ventured too far west because of the time and distance it takes to travel here. My wife and I were both raised in the east and midwest and there are a few things we do not miss about that part of the country, ie, humidity, mosquitoes, no seeums and the tornadoes and hurricanes. We all love what we love, which makes us unique and we have a very diverse country to love.

Ian Anderson
1 year ago

I agree with Don, poor selection of choices. My favorite area is anywhere on the west coast that is north of San Francisco.

P.S. I have been pretty much all over the world and this is still my most favorite area to visit.

1 year ago

I love Colorado in the summer and Texas the rest of the time.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

I voted for the Southeast, but I really was voting for our backyard and our farm in east Tennessee. I would put Hawaii, specifically Kauai, second, but I am sure that my wife would reverse the order

1 year ago

I consider southern Utah and southern Colorado as part of the Great Southwest.

Dick & Sandy from near Buffalo, NY now in Florida
1 year ago

There should be an answer of “ALL OF THE ABOVE”. We have been around and stayed in all of the lower 48 states at least twice and Alaska once. When they build a bridge to Hawaii we will take our coach there also. Our most favorite place in the US is where ever we are at that time. Stay safe, Stay well, Safe travels

Judy S
1 year ago

Me too! I think I’m part golden retriever. Wherever I am is my favorite place, whatever food is the best ever, and whatever season, same. I wanted the option to click all the buttons in this poll.

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