Saturday, December 4, 2021


Have you ever continuously stayed 3 months or more in an RV park or campground?

At any point in time during your RVing days, have you ever stayed continuously for 3 months or more at one RV park or campground? If yes, how many times have you done this? Several? A few? Once or twice? Or is it something you do on a regular basis? Or never?

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5 months ago

We have been wintering in Florida at The Oasis at Zolfo Springs, Zolfo Springs, Florida since 2012. One year in our RV, 2 years in a permanent travel trailer, and the other years in a mobile home in the Park. This fall we are going back in our Class C to spend 5 months. Quiet, small Park located in mid Florida.

6 months ago

We have volunteered in parks for at least 9 seasons as well as workcamping on two occasions. All of those kept us in campgrounds or RV parks for at least 3 months, often more.

Connie VH
6 months ago

What a great thread! As new fulltimers just getting started, we had already come to the conclusion that we need to do more than 1-2 nights here or there, and have just booked our first month-long. I would strongly advise newer newbies to just start out 1-3 weeks at a time with the bookings. Driving every day, or every other, to go hundreds of miles for several hours is exhausting, and you miss so much. We only did it for necessity this time. NOW, we’ll go monthly and move along to the next monthly, with hopefully a few days of boondocking in one spot in between.

We plan to land/lot-shop as we go so we’ll have that more permanent 6-month space ready when it’s time for our exit plan. Six months at a warm winter home base…. Six months being touristy.

It’s been very informative reading all the responses here today for other ideas! Thanks, RVTravelers!

6 months ago

Surgeries have kept us in one area for more than 3 months, twice so far.

6 months ago

I answered no regarding parks and campgrounds but we snowbird 4 to 5 months on a private lot in Yuma, AZ. In the area we’re in, many lots are set up for 2 RVs.

John Koenig
6 months ago

Because of Covid, I’ve been “isolating in place” since March of 2020. Yes, I would LOVE to get back on the road. NO, I am NOT dying to travel.

Pre-Covid, the longest stretch I had done on an RV park was one month (which seemed to be enough time to explore an area but not so long that moss started to grow on my rig.

Tim Franklin
6 months ago

Spent 4 months at an RV park in Central Oregon. Nice place well maintained and friendly people

Thomas Meroni
6 months ago

Yes, twice. Am now a full time resident – liked the park, amenities, location, and price.

Eric Devolin
6 months ago

We have been snowbirds for going on 13 years, from Ontario to Florida. Have enjoyed the experiences til this pandemic hit.

Bill Walker
6 months ago

Stayed one time for 3 months in Montana. Most memorable and enjoyable trip ever. So much beauty and grandeur to soak in!

Don Scott
6 months ago

Snowbirds, Have spent 5 months at the same Campground for the last 17 years. Decided it is time to end it this year.

6 months ago

Last summer, but we were work camping there.

6 months ago

No, we are travelers, not stay-in-place campers. Although not full-timers, we have traveled for 3 months at a time in our RV.

6 months ago

snowbirding in AZ and now we’re in a park in CA closing out my late BIL’s affairs. this could take weeks.

Tim Slack
6 months ago

Absolutely! As F/T RVers and Workampers for 9 yrs and counting, we’ve worked at numerous locations within 7 different state park systems, at 4 Nature Conservancy preserves, for 3 state fish & wildlife depts, 3 national park non-profit partners, 2 private businesses, twice for the Ntl Park Svc, and at 5 national wildlife refuges for U.S. Fish & Wildlife. Stays varied from one month to eight, mostly in the 3-4 month range, all with FHUs provided, most of them free (except the 3 non-profits, since we were paid wages there), and several also provided propane. Not only has this been our way of giving back for all the backcountry enjoyment in our earlier years, it’s been a great way to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the country … in the world, maybe. Not to mention how it has stretched our retirement dollars. It’s been a challenge sometimes, and issues come up (vehicle repairs, receiving mail, consistent medical services) but the rewards have been unparalleled.

6 months ago

We have stayed three months or more at nine different State/National parks volunteering.

6 months ago

We were in a state historic site campground for 4 months when Covid was causing CG closures across the country. Luckily it was a wonderful place to stay and the staff was welcoming and kind.

Larry Byrd
6 months ago


Phil & Peggy
6 months ago

Yes, for the past several years. We’re full-timers and spend 4-5 months of the summer in our favorite RV park in western Colorado, and a solid 5 months of the winter in our favorite park in Tucson. What’s left over is for exploring new places, like beautiful western Montana.

Robyn Gleim
6 months ago

We stayed six months in our motorhome at a small RV park in Orting, WA while our house was being built. Worked out great & we met some super nice people while we were there!