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RV Review: 2021 Wildwood FSX 190RT Toy Hauler

By Tony Barthel
Travel trailer sales are up by about 50% according to industry sources. There are lots of new trailer owners who never had an RV before. So that also means that there are RVers who might not fit into the same categories as in the past. And, for some of those folks, something like the Forest River Wildwood FSX 190RT Toy Hauler might make a lot of sense. 

This is a relatively lightweight trailer at 4,488 pounds dry. It’s also easy on the budget with an MSRP for the base model of $31,440. But there’s a lot to like about this model, not the least of which is a very flexible floor plan. 

What it is – What it isn’t

Yes, this is a toy hauler. Sort of. 

This is not the trailer to get if you have quads or other larger toys that you need to fuel up and store. This also isn’t the trailer you get so you can sleep whole crews of people in beds on HappiJac lifts. 

Essentially this is a couple’s camper that can bring along things like bikes, kayaks, skis, even a motorcycle if that’s your thing. Or, it can have a large, flexible space for things like hobbies, crafts, a small business and that sort of thing. 

With more Americans taking work with them on the road, this kind of trailer makes a lot of sense in many cases. You can easily do things in this larger, open space that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional travel trailer. 

But there’s also a big ramp door at the back with a screen cover. That ramp door can be set with two included cables to become a huge patio out the back too. There’s even an enclosure so your pets or kids can go in and out without your worrying about them falling off the ramp door. Depending on the dog or kids. 

But this doesn’t have the high roof and wide stance or fuel station of an absolute toy hauler. Think of it more as a couples’ camper where you can bring more stuff, or just hang out on the ramp/deck. 

What’s inside the Wildwood FSX 190RT

Stepping inside you’ll be faced by a long kitchen/galley area starting with a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator. There is a solid surface counter top that literally goes from the fridge to the end of the trailer. So there is no shortage of counter space, even in a trailer of this size. 

Next to the fridge is a three-burner stove with a 17” oven with a microwave above that. Cabinets extend beyond the microwave, below which is the sink and then a countertop to the end of the trailer. 

Under the countertop at the back is a 30” electric space-heating fireplace. I’m seeing more and more of these, and they make sense. In shoulder season you can heat the camper using the electricity from the pedestal if you’re in a full-hookup site 

Opposite the galley are two sofas that can flip up against the wall for toys or whatnot. Wildwood includes six totes which can go under the sofas if they’re staying down, or which can nest in the bedroom. It really opens up the amount of enclosed storage and, being portable, you can load them in the house and bring ‘em out to the camper. Nifty. 

Huge windows in the Wildwood FSX 190RT

Behind those couches are absolutely huge windows – bigger than I’ve seen in many campers. This really brings light into the interior. But the awning outside extends almost the full length of the trailer. You can shade that large expanse of glass with that, plus with the blackout shades that are included. 

Your dining is done courtesy of a portable table whose sealed surface matches that of the other countertops. Of course, you can take it out onto that deck or just get it out of the way. Flexibility!

The bathroom is right in the middle of the trailer on the road side and is big enough, but not overly huge. 

The bedroom features a pocket bed at a smaller 60” X 74”, but it’s more accessible than some similar pocket beds. If you’re thinking that that’s a relatively small bed in a corner, you’re right. This would be a deal breaker for my wife and me. However, there is more of the bed exposed so it’s not as bad to get into and out of as some. 

There’s hanging space toward the back of the bedroom. The bedroom is separated from the main body of the trailer by a curtain – if that makes a difference in your camping situation. 

I do like the fact that, in a smaller trailer, they’ve ducted the AC throughout the rig as opposed to just having the air blowing out of a central location. 

Outside details

A few things outside on the Wildwood FSX 190RT are worth noting. One of those is that this trailer sports a higher-pressure spray port. That’s good for washing off bikes and other dirty things. Plus there’s a hot and cold outdoor shower. 

The underbelly of this trailer is heated and is enclosed with panels that can be individually removed if something goes awry under there. That’ll make any service call shorter and less expensive. 

The front enclosed storage is only on the road side and is, in essence, a compartment to get to the space under that bed. Since the bed is on the road side and doesn’t extend all the way across the trailer, the storage, too, is sort of a pocket storage. 

You can also get to this entire space by lifting the mattress. Wildwood has outfitted it with gas struts, so it’s easy to lift. 

In summary

The Wildwood FSX 190RT is light enough that it opens up the number of vehicles that can easily tow it. I love flexible space –and this one’s got it in abundance. But the corner bed, and the small size of the corner bed, would be a deal breaker for my wife and me. 

But that may not be the case for you. Being able to bring adventure gear in a trailer that’s a nice compromise in size could mean it’s a great choice for a lot of people. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Flexible space
Underbelly segments
Small corner bed


The Forest River Wildwood FSX 190RT is a couples' trailer with a lot of storage for bikes, skis, kayaks or things you might need for work or a hobby.


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