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What do you usually prefer, a pull-through or back-in campsite?


When you book a campsite, do you tend to usually look for a pull-through site or a back-in site? Do you have a preference or does it not matter to you?

Usually, though not always, back-in sites are more affordable than pull-through sites. They’re usually smaller and can be more of a hassle for some (read: new) RV drivers.

Pull-through sites are easier on the driver (new or expert) and allow more convenience of going in and out. They’re also usually larger so you’ll have more room and maybe (hopefully) more privacy.

Which do you prefer? Tell us in the poll below. Thanks!

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Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 year ago

DH is a lot better then I am in backing BUT the main problem is campsite design. Our trailer is rear entry and sometimes Our electric hookup is too far forward and our rear entry is in mud or shrubbery.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

Driving a diesel pusher and pulling a trailer make drive-thru sites a top priority.

1 year ago

Pull through at this age. Just easier to align through with clearance.

Lisa Adcox
1 year ago

Pull thru if just overnight

1 year ago

pull thru is a must for 1-3 day stay. anything longer makes no difference but if there is a choice we will always take the pull-thru

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Prefer pull through, if for no other reason than I am out of the road when I disconnect my Jeep from my rig.

1 year ago

It depends on how long I’m staying as well as the space and views I will have.

1 year ago

Pull throughs are very convenient, and nice if it’s a short stay or you come in late. We’ve found that often the back-ins have more foliage and privacy. Our current one has a lot of space and backs up to trees which completely block our view to the neighbors’ place.

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

Back-ins are usually more private, and I can manuever my TT pretty good. Only had a couple sites that were challenging over the years.

1 year ago

Back-in site for us, a bit more privacy. If we are only staying one night the pull through.

1 year ago

I always ask for pull-through, or at least the straightest one I have to back into. I was great at directing my husband how to back into any site. After his passing 4 years ago, I now occasionally travel solo. I’m not-so-good at backing – even after attending a driving course.

Dave J
1 year ago

Pull through because we double tow.

1 year ago

My husband does most of the driving so for convenience, he likes the pull thru sites better. But most of them are located interior to the campground or RV park, so generally less private and less scenic. For that reason, we both prefer back in sites and have had good luck finding large sites in most places we go with our 35 foot 5th wheel.

1 year ago

If we stay in a campground and we are planning to disconnect our tow vehicle we usually go for back in because they tend to have more privacy. Other than that it doesn’t matter.

Seann Fox
1 year ago

It really doesn’t matter to me I found I can wedge my RV into very small spaces

Nanci Dixon(@nanci-dixon)
1 year ago

If just overnighting prefer pull through. For longer term stays prefer back in. There is usually more space between sites and they are generally more secluded, particularly if backing up to trees.,

1 year ago
Reply to  Nanci Dixon

Same! I was about to write this exact response 🙂

Tom H.
1 year ago
Reply to  Nanci Dixon

You nailed it, Nanci. Same here!

1 year ago

Not to put to fine a point on this topic but it really depends on how long I will remain at that campground. If I’m only overnighting I prefer a pull-thru. This eliminates the need to unhitch the towed. If I will be spending several days I really don’t mind a back in site since the towed will be disconnected anyway.
Yes I am traveling in a MH so backing with towed attached is impossible.

George C
1 year ago

Generally more important to see the orientation of the site (afternoon shade for patio, ease of getting in and out, clear view of sky when we used to use satellite TV) than PT vs BI. Have been in plenty of pull-thrus that are too narrow and have no apron, so end up in the grass with the rear wheels. Or are 90° to narrow streets and tough to get in/out either way. And those pull-thru semi-circles generally aren’t designed for our length. I use “satellite view” or Google Earth to try to get a sense before booking.

Ron H.
1 year ago

We always unhook and usually before entering an RV park. We like back-in spaces at the periphery of the park so we don’t have traffic going by on both sides of us, a bit more privacy, and the views are usually better.

John Massengale
1 year ago

I prefer a Pull Thru that way I don’t need to unhook the jeep for over night stays.

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