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Do you like to visit offbeat roadside attractions on your RV trips?

One of the best parts about traveling by RV (in our opinion) is coming across or seeking out unique, quirky roadside attractions. Do you like to visit them on your RV trips?

You can visit Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey, the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers in North Carolina, the SPAM Museum in Minnesota, get totally creeped out in Oregon’s Enchanted Forest, or you can visit to the famous Hole N” The Rock in Utah. Have you been to any of these?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us about your favorite roadside attraction.

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jillie (@guest_150423)
2 years ago

Cannot be the weird and out of this world places. We do it all the time. Quirky? We are so there.

Skip (@guest_150369)
2 years ago

Yes. The weird and unusual and the quaint small towns. It’s the fun part of travel. The town has to have that welcome atmosphere. Been through some that were back in and push on.

Brian Burry (@guest_150365)
2 years ago

Very rarely will we stop. If it is an attraction we want to go see, that is when we will visit one. Just not interested in the world’s largest hair ball or such site.

DEL (@guest_150363)
2 years ago

My wife and I love all those quirky things, we’ve seen all the things you’ve listed above. One of our favorites was Casey Illinois with all the world record items or just large items on display we spent the entire afternoon riding our bikes around town locating them.

Roy Davis (@guest_150357)
2 years ago

We try to avoid traps, especially tourist traps For example, we’ve driven through South Dakota several times but was never tempted to stop at Wall drug.

Debbie (@guest_150350)
2 years ago

We’ve planned trips around them, using sites like Roadside America. The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk in Iowa was the last trip planned specifically around a quirky place. We were also going to Missouri to see the basket that Jesse James was carried in from his house to the mortuary but unfortunately had to head home early. It’s still on the list!

Mike Albert (@guest_150346)
2 years ago

We just got back from a cross country trip (Florida to California). We towed our Jeep with a 25′ B+. We went 8 miles out of our way to see where Bonnie and Clyde ate their last meal and the ambush museum; stopped at “The Thing” and saw the “World’s Largest Pistachio Nut”. So I guess that means yes.

Neal Davis (@guest_150334)
2 years ago

This sort of thing is appealing, but usually insufficiently so unless we see one while driving our towed vehicle. I doubt that we’ll ever own a Class B or very small A or C that would allow us to stop with our RV.

Ironically, this question comes one day after I bought a documentary on disappearing roadside attractions in California through Amazon Prime. It is entitled “500 Feet Ahead” and was created by a fellow RVer, Jason Calhoun. I can hardly wait to watch it later this week.

Last edited 2 years ago by Neal Davis
patti panuccio (@guest_150332)
2 years ago

I never pass up SOB or the Thing no matter how many times I’ve visited.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_150345)
2 years ago
Reply to  patti panuccio

Not sure what “SOB” is, but we stopped to see “The Thing” last spring. Best $10 spent in a long while. $5/ head.

Donald N Wright (@guest_150329)
2 years ago

Ah, The Corn Palace and the Potato Museum…Someday I will find an RV museum that is open.

Irv (@guest_150326)
2 years ago

We stop if we’ve planned ahead and know that they have parking for our truck and 22′ trailer.

Sherry (@guest_150321)
2 years ago

We love these places and stop all the time. We may not know where we are going to stop but still plan “stop time” into our daily drive. This is a little bit harder to do with having to have reservations for camping. I have a couple of aps that I use and we also like to stop to read roadside plaques. We feel this is like our tribute to US history. Another favorite thing is we love it when farms put out signs telling the crop they are growing in passing fields.

Dan (@guest_150314)
2 years ago

They’re irresistible even if they end up disappointing.

Wayne (@guest_150313)
2 years ago

These type stops make travel more enjoyable. I do go a bit out of the way for specific things but they have to be real unique. Headwaters of the Mississippi was a great stop in MN.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY (@guest_150311)
2 years ago

Whenever possible we do Civil War Battle Fields, any kind of museum, Narrow Gauge Railroads, Military memorial sites and others. Those are the big ones. We also stop at Roadside Markers when on Side roads, Old Hardware Stores, Old Drug Stores and such. Not enough time to do them all. Stay safe, Stay well

Donna (@guest_150304)
2 years ago

We stopped quite a few times this year, especially on Route 66 – The Blue Whale.

Paul Schwengel (@guest_150302)
2 years ago

try Tinkertown in NM, east of ABQ

John Wilkins (@guest_150300)
2 years ago

I love to stop, but the wife just wants to get where we’re going as fast as possible with no extra stops.

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