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Have you ever rented an RV?

If you’re renting an RV there’s a pretty good chance that it won’t be your dream RV. But most longtime RVers will agree that it’s a great way for you to test the waters and see if the lifestyle is good for you.

Renting an RV can also be a great way to see what size and style RV is right for you and your traveling companion(s). More on that here.

Have you ever rented an RV? If so, have you done so more than once or just one time? After you vote, please leave a comment telling us why you rented one and about your experience. If you’ve never rented one, would you like to?

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Joe & Helen (@guest_172875)
1 year ago

We have rented three times. Once was to go see New Zealand and biggest mistake was only staying two weeks. Little 17 ft RV and you dump the holding tank by removing it from the rig and dumping into the hole at Dump stations. Also driving on the opposite side of the road was new experience especially at traffic circles.
Another time was deciding to go RVing in Maine. We are both New Englanders and had lived in Maine before moving to Seattle. Rather than spend weeks of travel time we researched renting a rig in Maine and did it for two weeks. The firm did pick us up at the Airport and take us back for the trip home. The Maine emblem on our USA map often raises questions as to how we got there since none of the New England states are filled.
Just recalled a third time, we had a trip planned to Canada and a few days before a neighbor came home DUI and drove into our Minnie that was in our driveway and took out our black and gray water tanks. Insurance company agreed to pay for a rental.

Roy Davis (@guest_172648)
1 year ago

We flew into Anchorage and rented a Class C some 25 years ago. We leisurely drove up to Denali then on to Fairbanks then slowly worked our way back to Anchorage. All in we spent 10 days there. We have returned on cruises and had planned on driving there last year but Covid changed that. Shooting for next year.

Bob (@guest_172647)
1 year ago

We rented a mini-Winnie for a trip to Disney World in 1978 it was a fun trip. Plus we brought our daughter back with my wife pregnant.😇

Liz W. (@guest_172641)
1 year ago

We did. It’s a wonder we loved RVing after that! E* M**** told us everything was ready to go. Told us how the tanks emptied, how to add water and to plug her in to power. Second evening out we camped at a tiny, crowded city park. The little light gauge said the tanks were full, hum. My sweetness went out to dump the tank, hooked everything up and when she pulled the valve… everything blew to high heaven! The hose blew off and the s—t hit blew up like a baking soda and vinegar rocket in a third grade class!!! There was the nastiest mess all over everywhere! I guess E* M**** hadn’t emptied the tank from the previous campers. Sweetness was not pleased, intolerably stinky and trying to hide the evidence for a couple of hours! It was horrible! That was in 1988 and we’ve been RVing almost constantly since!

Neal Davis (@guest_172640)
1 year ago

We rented twice before purchasing an RV. The first was a 1997, or so, Fleetwood Bounder with no slides. We rented it from an individual and he gave us a brief orientation and some driving advice before turning us loose. We spent 4 or 5 days at a campground with my wife’s family (they were in their own RVs).

The second rental was from an RV dealer and was a 2005, or so, Coachmen Mirada, also with no slides. We had it for 4 or 5 days camping with my wife’s family (they were all in their own RVs). We found both experiences useful in our deliberations about our own RV future.

Ultimately we jumped into RVing with all four feet, buying a diesel pusher, and have not regretted it one bit.

Rich (@guest_172632)
1 year ago

Yep six weeks in New Zealand. What a vacation toured the entire South Island.

Glenn (@guest_172625)
1 year ago

Rented a Southwind class A in Knoxville a couple of times from U-Haul. Needed to be self contained in Cades Cove. One of those times it had a problem with the brakes. I immediately turned around and had them fix the problem. It was my first experience camping in a rig versus a tent. It was great!

Dean Yoesting (@guest_172612)
1 year ago

rented an RV in Alaska and eventually drove a new RV from Factory in Iowa to Alaska. Great experience.

Steve (@guest_172607)
1 year ago

In 2019, we decided to rent a park model in Tucson for our winter snowbirding instead of taking our fifth wheel as in previous winters. We rented a Cruise America Class C on one of those $39/night trips to Mesa for reconditioning. Glad we didn’t have to pay the normal rate for it, but it did sell us on getting a small Class C. So, last year we bought a Sprinter Class C and sold the fifth wheel.

We are “travelers”, not “campers”, and love the speed with which we can pack up and head to another location. And with 300w of solar, a generator, and a 2000w inverter, we can dry camp or boondock without even getting out of the RV. Perfect for nights spent at Flying J or a rest stop after a long day of Interstate driving. Hopefully this will be our last RV after having progressed from a travel trailer to a fifth wheel to a motorhome. Each was perfect for us at the time we bought it, but with age and experience come new definitions of “perfect”!

Gary (@guest_172593)
1 year ago

As you referenced, we rented an RV to see if we would like the experience. As it turned out, it was one of our best decisions. We are now preparing to try fulltiming.

Diane Mc (@guest_172576)
1 year ago

First experience in a motorhome. 40 yrs ago. My son was 18 months. If you knew me you would be shocked…lol. We had a great time. I had a 3 month sabbatical at my company and we took 6 weeks of it for our trip. From SJ CA up to British Columbia, across Canada to Quebec, then down to RI to visit then husband’s family & back to SJ via Denver to visit my family. Don’t recall any issues with the RV…it was a class C, 28 footer. Just wish my son was older so he would have memories.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_172559)
1 year ago

I rented a “Mini-Winnie” back in the 80’s on a whim. Went out on a weekend camping trip in northern CA. It rained almost the entire time. The mattress in the overhead where we were sleeping got soaked because the forward-facing window leaked like a sieve. Overall a bad experience. It was Cruise America that rented it from. They had a facility across the street from my job.

Bob p (@guest_172556)
1 year ago

I rented a pop up trailer in 1973 and went to CO pulling it with my 1973 Chevy Luv. Being made in Japan near sea level it smoked like a diesel in CO. We enjoyed ourselves, even though I couldn’t build a campfire at 10,000 feet. I didn’t know much about elevation and campfires then. Lol

Deborah Mason (@guest_172552)
1 year ago

My dad rented out our motorhome, through the dealer, one year. It went to Alaska & other places without us. When we got it back, the spare tire & the jack we’re long gone. He only did it that one year.

tom (@guest_172550)
1 year ago

Military Rec services had some Casitias for rent. Basic sleep in designs. Works for a short rally.
We now have a 30′ Class B+.

Irvin Kanode (@guest_172543)
1 year ago

Yes. Before buying our Travel Trailer, we rented one the same size and took it to the coast for a week. First, to see if we could live in a small space without killing each other. (married 45 years). Second, to see if we enjoyed the trip enough to buy one of our own. Third, to see how our existing truck handled the trailer.

We bought our own two months later with options and upgrades based on that week of experience.

The Lazy Q (@guest_172539)
1 year ago

Once, so my niece and her children could camp with us…our Christmas presents to her.

Bob Perata (@guest_172536)
1 year ago

Yup, during the early 1970’s.

Wayne Braxton (@guest_172532)
1 year ago

Many long years ago I rented a pop up. All went well with set up etc. Then first night it came a deluge rain storm. I got up before full daylight and stepped into water up to my calves! When I opened the door everything flowed out. Shoes, porta potty, etc. Worst thing was my then wife’s paper back book. It was expanded to 5 times it’s normal size! That was the end of peace and quiet for the week end. You would have thought it cost thousands. Well I kept camping but did not keep her. LOL. Of course that was not the only reason. She also was a hotel camper and did not like my dog. She had to go.

Fred (@guest_172531)
1 year ago

In the early 70’s, at age 27, I rented a Winnebago class A. I took my girlfriend, her 2 daughters, & towed 3 dirt bikes on a 2 week trip from Southern Michigan into the UP, then west to Wisconsin, & up around Lake Superior & back down into Michigan. It was a fabulous trip, & was the start of my lifelong love affair with rving. What followed was multiple pop ups, travel trailers, & truck campers before retiring & spending the last 12 years fulltiming in a 34ft 5th wheel to every state, including Alaska twice. Now we’re parking the 5th wheel in Alabama as a home base, & continuing our travels in a new triple slide Host truck camper. We’re still “Chasin’ Our Dream”.

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