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How many pairs of shoes do you have with you on your RV trips?


Okay, shoe lovers. It’s time for you to confess! Tell us how many pairs of shoes you bring with you when you travel in your RV. If it makes you feel better, you can include the shoes of your partner or whoever else you travel with, too.

Do you just carry one or two pairs—only what you really need? Or about five or six? 10? 15? More than 15? Wow! Well, if you have that many shoes, you’ll probably want to read Nanci Dixon’s recent article about a place you probably haven’t thought of to store shoes in your RV… It could help you out!

If you’re willing to admit the number out loud, leave a comment and tell us exactly how many pairs of shoes you have. Feel free to give your wife’s secrets away, too! Hehe.

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Denise Smith
3 months ago

Usually 4, strap on sandals, sneakers, hiking boots, and water shoes

Paul Cecil
3 months ago

I carry 4 pairs of shoes. A pair of dress shoes, a pair of walking shoes, sandals, and a pair of hiking boots. Yes I have slippers for cool weather to wear in the RV, but I don’t count them as shoes since I don’t wear them outside.

Larry Lee
3 months ago

So glad to see and participate in this poll. We have gone full-time now and are culling bit by bit. With this poll result I have some idea of what might be reasonable to take with us. If I can even come close to the average I will have freed up a bunch of space and be happy again!

Diane M
3 months ago

3 – a good pair of tennis shoes, an old pair of tennis shoes, and Crocs for wearing to the bath house.

3 months ago

I have 3 pair plus a pair slippers , unless I’m planning on working at in-laws then one more, wife takes 4 pair plus 2 pair of slippers and FF for the ride.

3 months ago

We are on a 2 month trip. Hubby has 4 pairs and I have 5…I rotate my sneakers instead of wearing the same ones every day!

3 months ago

Both of us combined including shower/beach sandals = 8

Diane Mc
3 months ago

Traveling in winter from CA to FL you need a mix of shoes….and clothes. It’s been freezing in FL and in the 80’s in Texas. Same when we go CA to IN even in May/June. Had a snowstorm in Yellowstone first part of June.

Bob p
3 months ago

You need to rephrase the question, how many pairs does you wife take? I take 2, DW has at least one pair for each outfit + a few spares, just in case! Lol

Bob p
3 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

I forgot house slippers.

Rosalie Magistro
3 months ago

15+ we are full time
I have 4 pair of cowboy boots along as does hubby,and the rest are FF’s and slides.

Jeff Craig
3 months ago

Combined – more than 15. Runners, Hiking, Shower/Flip Flops, Rig Slippers and a pair of Crocs for me. Three sets of flats, two sets each of high heel dress shoes, Rig Slippers and Runners for the wife. She also has a set of shower and Hiking shoes.

Yes, I’m constantly tripping over all her shoes.

3 months ago

2 pair cowboy boots, 1 pair shoes (unless there is a wedding along the way), 1 pair shower shoes. Wife? I don’t look or ask.

3 months ago

As Full timers we need to be prepared for most everything, even dressy events (once every other year). I entered 4-8 for me. I choose not to try to count my wife’s since the count seems to change quite often, between discards and new shoes.

John M
3 months ago

We usually have about 5 pair counting house slippers.

Ed K
3 months ago

One pair, I don’t need any more than that.

Mike Albert
3 months ago

Me…3; flip flops, sneakers, and dock shoes.
Her…her shoes need to be on birth control. Every time I turn around there seems to be more!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 months ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Does she have bunny rabbit slippers, by any chance? 😆 Have a great day, Mike. 😀 –Diane

Tony Grigg
3 months ago

I answered this question for myself, but the answer for my wife, ‘Mrs Marcos’, would be much higher.

3 months ago

I usually have 3 and my husband 5 pairs!

3 months ago

Three. Two pair of regular shoes and a pair of slip ons for around the campsite. Easy on and off to keep dirt and mud out of the trailer.Plus hard soled slippers to wear in the trailer.

Tom H.
3 months ago

I think full-time RVers skew the poll. Case in point, we bring all of our shoes as well as all of everything. Just sayin 😉😎

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