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RV Review: 2023 Keystone Springdale 293RK travel trailer

Today’s review is of the Keystone Springdale 293RK travel trailer. This is a couple’s larger camper but in Keystone’s most affordable range. Springdale is a “stick and tin” trailer line and one I’m very familiar with because we used to sell a ton of them when I was selling RVs. There’s a good reason for that beyond the fact that they’re at the lower end of the price spectrum. 

Price vs. value

There is a big difference, in my mind, between the terms “price” and “value.” You can get things cheaply, but that doesn’t make them a value. To my way of thinking, value means you get something you like that happens to be affordable. 

This equates perfectly to Costco and Walmart, in my mind. Costco sells good stuff at low prices; Walmart sells cheap stuff. At least to me. Maybe I’m biased. 

Springdale is more like Costco, and that’s why so many people like them. While they are affordable, there are a lot of value items in the build. 

One of those is called Dyna Span® flooring. Essentially, Keystone has worked with the wood supplier to provide huge sheets of plywood that are as long as the floor in this unit. Rather than multiple sheets of plywood, these are one big piece under the floor so there is a lower likelihood of an issue developing.

This is also true of solar. I’ve written before how I feel Keystone is the leader in solar since they put at least 200 watts of solar as standard equipment on everything they build. That includes this Springdale. 

There are other things that Keystone has done that make a big difference, to me. They use wiring that is constant from trailer to trailer—very unusual in the RV business. They have worked to improve airflow in the AC systems with their Blade™ air conditioning ducting. 

Something else I appreciate are the magnetic baggage door catches that also have a mechanical component to them. I know the cheap baggage door catches are common and what you would expect here. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that your baggage door catches won’t break in the first season, if not on the first trip? 

Other features in the Keystone Springdale 293RK

One of the surprises in this floor plan is in the bedroom. Of course, this features a queen-sized bed and the typical closets and night stands on either side of that. 

But there’s also a fairly sizable closet at the foot of the bed. This is much larger than I would expect. 

The bathroom, too, has a larger shower than I would expect. Also, I like that Springdale is using a shower curtain rather than glass shower doors. 

The main living space has a tremendous number of windows, much more than you might expect. Since this is really almost designed like a living room, there are windows behind the two recliners on the camp side and more behind the folding sofa and dinette on the road side. 

I also really like the freestanding table for the dinette. This would be made just a bit better if there were a provision to move it up to counter height. However, there is no shortage of counter space with a big “U”-shaped kitchen. 

Not perfect

If I make it sound like this is the perfect, affordable couple’s camper, it’s not. There is no perfect RV, of course, or I wouldn’t have a job. 

For example. I really don’t like carpet under the dinette. I’m also not a fan of floor ducts for the furnace and, naturally, this has the 16” oven. Sad, sad. 

Those are somewhat minor things in a really nice design, especially at this price point. The trailer doesn’t feel like a Walmart trailer—it’s more something akin to buying a trailer at Costco. How’s that? 

Boondocking and travel access in the Keystone Springdale 293RK

With the slide in you’re going to lose access to the fridge for the most part. Otherwise, you can get to the bathroom and bedroom easily. 

The standard 200-watt solar system might be able to compensate for the 12-volt fridge if you’re off the grid. But you’ll want at least one lithium battery to pull this off. 

In summary

For the base price of the Keystone Springdale 293RK camper you really do get a lot. But the overwhelming thing, to me, is that it doesn’t feel like a more affordable rig. While wood-framed aluminum-skinned campers are the most affordable type of unit, that doesn’t make them bad. In fact, with proper care, they can easily last as long as any other type of camper. 

Further, one of the advantages of wood-framed campers is that they are very easily repaired if there is some sort of accident. So that’s a plus. 

Overall, a decent package with huge living space at a price that’s lower than many things I’ve been seeing lately. No wonder Springdale campers sell so well. 


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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Bob M (@guest_195439)
1 year ago

I see this Springdale 293RK has that dangerous dining table. In my Jayflight 29RKS I take the bottom seat cushions off. Than turn the folded down table sideways with 1” pipe insulation on the side facing the wall and cabinet. My seat support plywood has 1” dia holes which were used to lift the plywood up. I put the end of the bungie cords in the holes on each side. The weight of table holds panel in place. I stretch and hook the bungie cord in an x pattern to the underside of the table. This holds the table in place traveling and allows me to slip around the closed slide. I can than open the fridge enough to grab something inside.

Andy Bowen (@guest_195425)
1 year ago

We have basically the exact same trailer in the Salem/Wildwood 27RK. Very happy with the floor plan; works great for a couples camper. Drinks for 8, dinner for 4. Sleeps 2;).

Steve H (@guest_195420)
1 year ago

This Springdale has some good features, but has three deal-killers for me. First, a rear fridge with a leaf-spring suspension. Don’t open a can of pop or beer too quickly unless you need to change clothes anyway!

Second, a too-short “queen” bed that no one over 5’10” can sleep in without their feet hanging over the end. Not fun on a cold night!

Three, “dungeon black” cabinets, so your weekend camping trip can be as depressing as your work week. Do all RV decorators have black cabinets in their homes?

Susan F (@guest_195412)
1 year ago

No access to the fridge is not a deal breaker for us. We take a cooler for picnic lunches when we travel, so we prepare a quick lunch and put it in the cooler on travel days. It is a bit tight, but we can sit at the dining table to eat even with the super slide in.

Drew (@guest_195405)
1 year ago

My daughter has the 2006 293RK and except for the colors and fabric it’s identical.

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