Sunday, May 28, 2023


When dining out, which is most important — taste of the food or how healthy it is?

Some people love dining out at restaurants. For some, it can be a real challenge if they have dietary restrictions or prefer only eating healthy.

When you go out to eat, which is more important to you, the taste of the food or how healthy it is? When you go out to eat do you tend to stick to salads or other healthy options like seafood or grilled meats, or do you eat whatever the heck ya feel like?

If you have something you usually always order at restaurants (fish ‘n’ chips? burgers? pasta?), share it with us in the comments below the poll. Make us hungry!


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James LaGasse
16 days ago

I look for taste, we don’t eat out that often so if we eat an unhealthy meal every time we do it just isn’t enough to make much difference in our health.

16 days ago

TASTE! If I want ‘healthy’ I’ll eat a salad at home!

17 days ago

If it tastes good and keeps me from passing out, it is healthy.

17 days ago

My wife’s parents ate everything we’re told will kill you and they both lived in to their mid 90’s. They ate in moderation, cooked their own meals and were active.

Bob Weinfurt
17 days ago

Healthy food can also taste good.

17 days ago

Here is an idea for your Reader Poll:
Do you make your bed each morning when you are on the road?
-Every morning
-What is this “make your bed” you speak of?

Diane McGovern
17 days ago
Reply to  Mark

Hi, Mark. Good idea. In fact, we ran that poll in a newsletter last September. Here’s a link to it: Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

17 days ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

Hi Diane. Thanks for the link. Interesting, not the results I would have expected. Happy camping. -Mark
PS: We make our beds each day. -mjn

Diane McGovern
17 days ago
Reply to  Mark

You’re welcome, Mark. Interesting that you make your beds each day. When you included this category: “What is this ‘make your bed’ you speak of?” I thought maybe that was the one you would choose.😅 Take care. 😀 –Diane at

Bill Byerly
17 days ago

It’s all about the taste !

Neal Davis
17 days ago

The foremost thing is whether I think it will upset my stomach. Once that has been settled in the food’s favor, then taste may be slightly ahead of healthfulness. If something is decidedly unheathful, then I likely will not eat it, regardless of how it tastes. However, we rarely eat out, so I rarely face this conundrum.

Last edited 17 days ago by Neal Davis
17 days ago

Taste. It’s only a half dozen times a year. Being a diabetic and heart diease its quantity of intake.

17 days ago

As a diabetic I need to be diligent about what I eat. I do “cheat” now and then but what’s a guy to do. Of course taste is important but health matters more.

Jim Fellows
17 days ago

Knotty Pine in Wampsville NY has a great prime rib sandwich. When we go there taste is #1. If they are out of prime rib then healthy would be considered.

17 days ago

Depends really along the dining companions.

Ed K
17 days ago

If I have to pay for it, it had better taste great. We eat out maybe a half dozen times a year, so we don’t worry about the health aspect.

Dan Kruger
17 days ago
Reply to  Ed K

When you order it you already know if it will be healthy for you….each person should know what they should or shouldn’t have enjoy….

17 days ago

Don’t eat out hardly ever, too expensive and the food and service aren’t normally worth it!!

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