Judge issues gag order on Padre Island murder comments


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

More charges, jail moves, and a gag order were new developments in a case related to the deaths of two RVers in Texas. James and Michelle Butler were killed sometime in October on Padre Island, their bodies left in a shallow grave, and their truck and trailer stolen. While no one has been charged with their murder, two people have been charged with the theft of their pickup, and both appeared in the news during this last week.

Adam Curtis Williams, of Utah, is now facing new charges, in addition to the felony theft charges filed against him in the Butler case. Williams is facing seven charges, three of which are sex-related, all from Cache County, Utah. The former charges include rape, sodomy, and sex abuse; the others include aggravated assault, assault by prisoner, interference with arresting officer, unlawful purchase by interdicted person and intoxication. His present bail is set at $1 million.

L to R, Williams and Noverr booking photos

Williams’ accomplice in the theft of the Butlers’ pickup truck, 32-year-old Amanda Noverr, was originally booked into jail November 8 at Kleberg County Jail in Texas on a theft charge. However, she has since been transferred to the San Patricio County Jail, about 40 miles away from the Kleberg County lockup for what authorities describe as “security and safety reasons.”

Neither have been charged directly with the murders of the Butlers, nor will the authorities comment on whether they are suspects in that foul play. However, last Wednesday, the Sheriff’s department said they could no longer comment on the cases as a judge had issued a gag order.


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The truck was found which leads to the theft charge. The next questions is the location of the trailer. That is one of the keys to proving the murder and linking these folks to it. at this point they could argue they got the truck from some guy… still curious


I am glad that they are keeping things quiet. Why, because they are building their case to get these people convicted. Hopefully if they are convicted they don’t spend years on appeals.
My heart is with the Butlers, their families and their cats. Being an animal person and travels with animals, I know how much they loved their fur babies.

M. Will

I do hope that these are the two who committed this senseless crime and am not glad at all that it did happen. At least it was in Texas and they do have a death penalty and they do use it!


Yeah….Hopefully Chuck will follow it to the right conclusion….lethal injection


It sounds like the couple met up with this couple and it became a trust issue. Watch Mind Hunter on Net Flex. You will see how these perps can really lull you into a sense of complacency. Scary but true. They did it. Only a matter of time before one slips up. This is why they separated the two. So that no one can get to the other.


This is one story that needs to be followed on RV Travel. Hopefully to its conclusion!