Thursday, February 2, 2023


For self-quarantining couples: How are you getting along?

Oh, boy, we hope we get a lot of positive responses to this question, because we sure would not want to hear that a lot of our readers, stuck with one other person day after day, are not getting along. That would be especially true if they are self-quarantining in an RV, where space is limited and it can be challenging to find space for a little “alone time.”

But we’ll ask anyway. How are you and your partner doing? Are you enjoying each other’s company, or are you at each other’s throats? It’s not always easy getting along with a spouse or other partner in normal times. But, as we all know, these are not normal times.

Okay, now our regular reminder: the poll may take a few moments to load, so stand by.

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Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

We take the motorhome out to one of our favorite eateries once a week or so, get their take-out, and eat in our own portable dining room. Really helps break up the isolation doldrums.

2 years ago

I’m single, owned by a senior-citizen feline, and live full-time in my 5th wheel in an RV park that can only be described as a Magical Forest. Yes, I’m one of those, but my fiver is only 4 years old and I am meticulous about taking care of her and my “yard.”

So far not much has changed. I live in a rural environment, and I’m not used to going into town more than once every 7-10 days anyway. My friends and family stay in touch by Skype, text, phone, etc., so socialization hasn’t been an issue. I’m enjoying re-watching my Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and MASH dvds. And, I take my normal morning and evening walk around the park and up into the surrounding forest. I feel very fortunate to be living where I do.

The park owner has closed it to all except the folks already here, and I know that puts many in an awful bind. We’re a small private park (20 spaces) with 5 of the spaces occupied by retirees from Utah, North Dakota, Alabama, Tennessee, and Idaho; normally they stay 6-7 months. They come every year, and would be starting to pack up to return home in about a month. I pray that can happen the soonest possible for them. In the meanwhile, we look out for each other — at a distance — and, so far everyone’s doing well.

“One day at a time,” my Dad used to say. It’s never been more relevant than now. Be safe, everyone, and be kind!

Mitzi Agnew Giles
2 years ago

We both love to read and garden, and 4 “inside-outside” kitties who were dumped and 1 outside kittie who was dumped and his partner, born under our hedge to his now-deceased momma who was dumped.and they need as much attention as toddlers. Our children and their families are in major cities and we worry about them (what parent doesn’t?) If it wasn’t the virus it would be my idea of heaven EXCEPT for staying in Florida thru the summer. I do not tolerate heat- it triggers my asthma. I have been wanting to travel more but DH has a very hard time with not bringing in a paycheck- his grandmother was too old when FDR put the Social Security in place. He has been near paralyzed with fear about this even tho we are doing all right financially. I retired just before age 62 for chronic pain issues. He has been able to adjust more to not working so that is good. Hopefully he will be able to relax a little more and we can travel more than 1 month in the summer and 2-3 long weekends in the rest of the year.

2 years ago

We’re doing well. He is working from home 3 times a week, which cramps my alone time a bit – but overall – it’s nice to have him around. I do enjoy my random alone time, though.

Bobby Semon
2 years ago

My wife and I have worked out of the house for years, I am a family entertainer and have my office in the house and my wife is a full time Avon Representative and also has an office in the house.

2 years ago

Wife and I are doing fine. I am retired. She has been working remotely for 3+ weeks. I can always go to my office and close the door or go outside to my shop. Our 2 acres has more than enough room. is part of my escape.

Roger Marble
2 years ago

Just a little stress

Judith Parker
2 years ago

We’re been pretty much joined at the hip since we retired and began full-time RVing 8 years ago. And even before retirement, we liked each other’s company better than anyone else’s, so that helps.
I’ve been scanning old photos from tent camping trips when the kids were little, and reminiscing over those fun times helps us maintain an even keel during this stressful one.
We’re not having a problem with social distancing, but I really need a haircut – I’m ready to try it myself, except then I remember my one attempt when I was 5, so I put the scissors down!
Be safe and stay positive.

Dennis Jones
2 years ago
Reply to  Judith Parker

my wife has been cutting my hair from youtube video for years

2 years ago
Reply to  Judith Parker

With your delightful attitude, I’m thinking you could adjust and do better than most in just about any negative situation. I feel the same way about life, and at almost-73, that attitude has made my journey so much smoother than it could have been. I hope everyone comes through this pandemic with the least amount of stress and grief possible. And, remember, never ever cut your own hair before watching a youtube tutorial!! Best of luck 🙂

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Lyn

Ha! I used to cut my own hair long before Bill Gates was even born (i.e., long before computers, YouTube, etc.). 😆 —Diane at

2 years ago

Just fine. We are new to this life but having a good time If I had to be with anyone right now, I’m glad it’s him.

Lorin T
2 years ago

My husband normally works at a police Dept, in charge of the technology Dept. Because we both are immune compromised, the PD insisted he work from home FT. We are the lucky ones, quarantined with a paycheck. Because he’s not coming home stressed and totally distracted by his phone and because I’m not stressed going to Drs appts, we are not I tired and irritable. We are getting along beautifully. Honestly, we are enjoying the quarantine part. He’s still working but gets more done so finishes earlier. We order groceries online and avoid our normal living area with 600+ cases in our county alone by staying on our farm 3 hrs away. There are 5 cases in the county.

2 years ago

The only thing that has changed in our lives together in the last 60 years is that our daughter is now doing our grocery shopping for us – she insists. We normally go out to eat once a month and so far have missed 3 months. Missing out on 3 or 4, or 5 meals out of 720 is no big deal. During “forever”, my wife goes to her sewing room and I go to my shop. Our 3/4 acre gives us all of the outside that we need. We get along just fine.
Oh, we have had dogs all of our lives and, except when traveling, not once have we walked a dog – our dogs walk themselves. People walking dogs sort of amuses / amazes me. I guess we have been fortunate in that we have always had a bit of land. I was brought up as a farm kid. (I digress.)
Bottom line – God brought us together (wife and me) and He will get us thru this TOGETHER. He hasn’t failed us yet. When I look back, and look at others, we have pretty much lived an Ozzy and Harriet / Father Knows Best / Leave it to Beaver life. It makes me wonder, if kids today were brought up with Ozzy and Harriet and Walter Cronkite, instead of blood and guts programming and the fake internet news, would the world be just a bit more sane?
The virus has, momentarily, made the world a bit scary – but it is WE who have made it a crazy place.
No – I have not run out of toilet paper – yet. BUT, (or butt), in fact, was brought up using an out-house and did use the Sears catalog. Things really are not that bad.
Don’t get me wrong – I mourn for those that I knew and for all the others that have gone too soon.
Stop watching the news and smell the flowers – Spring is upon us.

Lorin T
2 years ago
Reply to  KellyR

Amen! We are in the same boat. What God brought together, not even will a deadly virus threat destroy. We are also praying for all those affected, First responders and families unable to come together.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

Since we are both retired and live on a farm, quarantining isn’t much different than the way we were before. No problems.

2 years ago

We are doing just fine, my wife is working from home and not having an hour commute each way has lowered her stress somewhat even though she is nonstop with work. She is even spoiling me with great food and bakery. During her work hours I either go outside or stay in my man cave as not to interrupt her. I’m retired and waiting for her day to join me. I think this is good training for when she retires. We will make it👍

mike james
2 years ago

We are fortunate to be working from home and healthy but our very pregnant daughter is moving in with us later this week, until baby arrives. Her husband had been isolating himself from them as he is still sore working. We will probably drop her off at the hospital and say see ya good luck. What a time we are living in!!!

Lydia Bishop
2 years ago

We are privacy loving introverts and with the exception of NO INCOME thanks to (insert expletive of your choice here) Governor Jay Inslee declaring my husband’s line of work non -essential we our doing fine on our five acres three miles east of Snohomish. We’ve had no clashes, fights or disagreements, our dog loves having his “dogfather” home all the time. Life goes on. We just wish we could be out at Rasar State Park right now.

By late March we are ready for a sanity break and head up to Rasar Park for a two or three night decompression time. I do photography and my husband paints or works on new songs on his camping guitar. We all know what was happening In March. The world was shutting down.

2 years ago

There are days we fight (not physically!) and our one dog goes into his “hidey hole” (he is afraid of loud noises) under my desk and there are days we get along very well. The dogs and I go for a 30-min walk in the fields every morning and I geocache ( so I try to do that every day. The local Wal-Mart has a “20% occupancy” rule and the United has a “250 person at a time” rule. We’ve been together for 30 years and I’m too old to break and train another one so I guess we’ll stay together thru this.

Grace Wilfong
2 years ago

My husband and I are used to traveling together for up to a month at a time. That means 24-hour close contact. We usually do fine. So right now, we are in a sticks and bricks house with LOTS more space. Although we can’t go anywhere, we can walk in our neighborhood, garden, and work on our hobbies. And we are not on top of each other in the house. I may be up stairs making face masks and he is down in the basement building his model airplanes. We call people to see how they are doing so get some social interaction that way. I feel like our traveling with the trailer has prepared us to be together during this time.

Two Buck Chuck
2 years ago

Three years on the road full time which is a drop in the lake for some of you. Anyway, opportunity presented itself and we leased an apartment until the Covid 19 danger has diminished. Our coach has been serviced and cleaned within an inch of it’s life. I literally have run out of RV projects. What’s up with that?

Two Buck Chuck
2 years ago
Reply to  Two Buck Chuck

I forgot to add, that we cannot buy paper products anywhere in Tucson. We are getting help from friends back in Fayetteville, AR. for that. They sent us a “care” package of TP this week. Great friends! I guess they didn’t want to see us “wiped out” from trying to find TP.

Tim & Beth Thrift
2 years ago

We’ve been retired for 8 years and are living the dream in our little spot of heaven, mountaintop in western NC. This quarantine has provided time for reading, naps, listening to and recording our old 33 lps, taking rides to nearby towns, riding our Rad e-bikes, and planning and eating great meals! We consider ourselves extremely blessed to have all three of our children and five grandchildren doing well, even in this difficult time. Can’t wait to get back to some wonderful camping, but until then, we are happy!

2 years ago

we’ve been retired for 15-yrs now and spend most of our time together. since the outbreak we’re spending almost all of our time together. we just celebrated our 50th yr of marriage (52 years if you count high school) and are quite content.

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