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Did you ever go on a blind date?


By Chuck Woodbury
Did you ever go on a blind date? I did. It was back in high school. It was probably my sophomore year. I was more afraid of girls than a black bear.

The girl was a year older than me. She was very attractive. It was a double date. My friend and his girlfriend sat up front in the car. I sat in back with the pretty girl. I doubt very much I said an intelligent thing all the way to the theater. My friend had told me she loved baseball, so I had that to fall back on. I decided to save it for later.

IN THE THEATER, we sat side by side, of course. Back then, there was always a double feature — two movies, not just one like today. If you were on a date, for guys, the first movie was when you were to afraid to put your arm around the girl. That would come with the second movie. When you could finally mount enough courage, you would pretend to yawn, raising your arms high above your head and then bring one back down on the back of your date’s seat. Then you would gradually work your hand forward onto her arm. Once you got it there, you would be afraid to move it, so your arm would go to sleep, and soon totally numb. There would no feeling at all, but you could not move it because how would you ever get it back there after that great first effort.

So, the first movie ended. Many people went to the lobby to get candy or popcorn. My blind date and I remained. “How about those Dodgers?” I finally said. I was living in L.A. at the time. She looked at me with a blank stare. She either said nothing or she said, “I don’t like baseball.”

Somehow, I got through the night. She and I never met again. I think that was my last blind date.

What about you? Did you ever go on a blind date? Please take our poll. If you did go on such a date, please tell us about it in the comments.

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Angela Jacobs
2 years ago

25 years ago. my hubby and I met on a blind date. 5 kids and 4 grandchildren later we are still very much in love. We have only separated for emergency reasons such as a hospital stay.

Rory R
2 years ago

I never went on a blind date, I was always careful not to let anyone setup a date for me, but I did date a young lady who was blind in my freshman year of college. We stayed together for 2 years before she transferred to a smaller college. She was one of the most positive individuals I have ever met….

Jim Collins
2 years ago

Yes but she wasn’t blind!

2 years ago

32years ago.we married 30 years this past may

Suzanne Griffin
2 years ago

Went on a blind date back in 1967 and been married to the guy for 52 years!!!

2 years ago

Went on a blind date more than 13 years ago at age 51! We’ve been married 12 years 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Netta

Went on a blind date many years ago on April 1. Got married six years later, also on April 1 I think it will work out. Grandma is in the other end of the house watching TV right now.

2 years ago

Yes a blind date 50 years ago this month. Been married for going on 46 years. The best move I ever made. Went out for 4 years before getting married, wanted to finish school.
She’s been my squeeze all these years.

Joel H
2 years ago

Yes we married and last month we celebrated our 52nd anniversary.

D Dusek
2 years ago

Married her too

Steve Comstock
2 years ago

And, I married her!

2 years ago

Sure did. Took her to see “Viva Las Vegas”, that tells our age. I still tease her husband that I’m patiently awaiting my second date? Great folks.

Penny P
2 years ago

Blind date December 1978, 8 months later we got married, that was 41 years ago this September

2 years ago

While in the Navy a good friend took me to his hometown for the weekend where I met his very nice cousin. We went out dancing for the evening and had a nice evening. We wrote letters back n forth for years and after about 5 years we started dating and year later got married. Just celebrated 41 yrs together.

paul sanchez
2 years ago

Most of the girls I dated were blind so they couldn’t really see me

2 years ago

Don`t remember ever being on a blind date. Picked up a few girls when I was out by myself and a few others at parties, but was never set up for a meeting. I did pick up my loving wife of 39 years at an auto parts store.

2 years ago

A friend asked me to go out with his bosses’s daughter. First thing I saw was a big smile. We’ve now been married for 37 years.

2 years ago

My girlfriend set me up with a friend of her boyfriend. I told her I didn’t want a short fat guy. He was a short fat guy. Nice guy, but I found out quickly enough he wasn’t to be trusted. We talked marriage a little bit, but eventually the thought died as I realized he was not my intellectual equal (I suspected it right away) and not my “type” anyway. We just kind of fell apart. So glad I passed on that one!

2 years ago

It’s been weeks since I’ve been able to participate in these polls. I used to answer every one but some change in the system now has the Google Ad insert blocking the poll. It doesn’t matter how long I wait the poll never appears. I’m on an android phone using the built in browser. I tried using the android version of Microsoft Edge browser and still Google Ad blocked. Very frustrating.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

I do it on the computer and never have a problem. I suspect it’s because you are using a phone.

Diane Mc
2 years ago

Long ago, my hairdresser hired a woman to do facials. She & her family immigrated from Russia (when whoever was in power let Jewish people leave). She eventually started her own business. We became good friends, still to this day. Fast forward a number of years, her son works for a man, who my friend thinks the world of. I meet him because of her. Nothing. 2 yrs later, 1996, she tries again by inviting us to an afternoon party & seating us together. Been together ever since. My best friend.

2 years ago

the first date with the girl who would become my wife (52-years ago!) wasn’t really a blind date…but kinda. a few minutes after i picked her up and we were heading to the movie her hands flew up to her face and she shouted…”My eye! My eye popped out!”.

well. i was simultaneously worried, horrified and….curious. i hadn’t noticed that she had a glass eye and wondered what it looked like. i pulled over and after a few seconds she found her ‘eye’. her contact lens had popped out and firtunately landed on her blouse.