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Have you ever spent the night in your RV in a free casino parking lot?

Many casinos across the United States offer free overnight parking. Some even have RV resorts and campgrounds on-site, while others offer just the bare minimum. Have you ever spent the night in your RV in a free casino lot?

In case you missed it, check out Nanci Dixon’s “Casino Camping” column. The column looks at readers’ favorite casino campgrounds, best perks, amenities, restaurants and more at casinos across the country. Read ’em all here.

If you’re stopping at a casino or are a casino camping newbie, check out these books:

American Casino Guide provides not only information on casinos, it has a gambling primer on slots, video poker, blackjack, craps and other popular casino games as well as RV, hotel and restaurant information.

Casino Camping: Guide to RV-Friendly Casinos is also a great guide and provides a lot of information, particularly for RVers.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Jeff Craig (@guest_117695)
2 years ago

Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR is one we stay at often. When we head south on I5, we stop there and stay in the free lot on our first night out, eating and playing some slots. We tend to stay at the paid resort on the way back for hookups as we usually need to dump the tanks and take on water by that leg of the trip. (though $60- is a bit pricey for a pump and dump, their resort is spectacular!)

I Roberts (@guest_117686)
2 years ago

I have stayed in a van. Several years ago my husband and I flew into Las Vegas on a red eye flight. It was a three day weekend and had our rental car reserved for the next day, for a 10 day trip. I thought we would just stay in little motel by the airport. When we arrived all hotels were full. Some kind of big convention for the weekend. We tried to get a rental car and leave that night out of town. No rental cars available. As I was in line and the rental car desk was letting people know they only had vans left. I thought problem solved. I rented a van, we drove it to one of the casinos, gambled a little, had a couple of drinks and spent the night by the elevator, so the rest rooms were close. And the van was very comfortable. The next morning we got up brushed our teeth, changed our clothes, a wonderful breakfast and drove back to the airport to retrieve our rental car and we were on are way to the Grand Canyon.

Magiccat (@guest_117678)
2 years ago

Casinos are our go to overnight spots when traveling long distances from A to B. We use the American Casino guide to find them. Almost always a safe, free (unless we use available RV facilities) spot in their parking lots. Make sure to call/check in with security as a courtesy. Not to mention they generally give us around $20 bucks if you sign up for a players card for gaming or sometimes towards food. Can’t beat that.

Grant Graves (@guest_117674)
2 years ago

If it had been an option I would have said “not yet”. I’ve stayed in paid casino RV parks. I don’t do any gaming, but I do eat and some casinos have great food. I would have said I don’t gamble but I own a motorhome so by definition I am a gambler.

Bonnie (@guest_117671)
2 years ago

We’d do it more but patronizing the casino as a thank you for allowing us to save is impossible because of the smoke inside

Rock & Tina (@guest_117661)
2 years ago

We’ve spent the night in many casino parking lots. We highly recommend it. Just make sure you call ahead and talk to security to see what their policy is. Many allow you to put your slideouts out and run your genny as necessary. We don’t gamble but always hit one of the casino restaurants or buffet.

Roy Davis (@guest_117649)
2 years ago

I know several people who won’t stay at any casinos because of what they are. We love staying at casinos and we’re not gamblers. Some of the best food we’ve ever had on the road was at casinos and very reasonably priced.

Norval Chan (@guest_117647)
2 years ago

We have stayed at numerous casinos throughout the US. Many have full service RV facilities that are very nice and are great for extended stays. Some offer just a parking area without any facilities. They are convenient for overnight stays and offer the convenience of restaurants and of course, gambling. The casinos with RV parks and those without any RV facilities were always well patrolled and safe. Both are much nicer than Walmarts, truck stops and other “free” parking lots.

L. J. (@guest_117643)
2 years ago

Have stayed in numerous Casino parking/RV lots over the years. None have been free, however. Usually some kind of small fee, which we gladly paid. 😉

Jerry Parkinson (@guest_117642)
2 years ago

The Casinos sure beat Wally World. A lot of them are totally free, some have a very small fee, and a lot of them have a full hookup RV Resort. They all have a place to eat or get snacks. We don’t gamble but we always try to eat or buy a souvenir.

bjensen6 (@guest_117639)
2 years ago

Good times. Stayed in several in Michigan that had electric for free. Most fun time was one in Arizona where we parked next to the grass with the windows open. At 3 AM the sprinklers came on and most everything was soaked by the time we got the windows closed. Live and learn. 🙂

Howard Schiller (@guest_117617)
2 years ago

We enjoy the occasional casino stay so we can partake in their buffets and doing a little slot play.

Mike F (@guest_117614)
2 years ago

I have enjoyed staying in Casino Parking areas. They often have shuttles to their dining and casino areas and their security is good. That being said, I ALWAYS patronize their facilities and let them know how much I appreciate their good will.

Robert Love (@guest_117611)
2 years ago

Gave a talk at a national bug meeting in Las V once, stayed in my PU camper 2 nights; lost $0.75 pocket change at a slot! Ate my own food. Total cost. Not so far in my 5er.

Neal Davis (@guest_117586)
2 years ago

We are not opposed to staying at casinos, we just have not traveled where they are. Have seen many videos of those who stayed at casino campgrounds and they appear attractive.

Bill (@guest_117578)
2 years ago

We paid to camp at Pechanga in Temecula, CA, but the casino/hotel facilities were included. We used the pool and spa sauna and steam room facilities every day. Nice long showers with fancy bath goodies and fresh fruit, snacks, and drinks. Probably should have sat at a slot and gotten some free drinks, too.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_117593)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Very cool, Bill . . .

GeorgeB (@guest_117621)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Stayed there several times and it is a excellent, clean, spacious park. I’m not a gambler, so no need for the casino, although there is a fine dining restaurant inside.

Tom (@guest_117624)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Stayed there several times. While visiting grandkids, very very nice RV park.

Grant Graves (@guest_117673)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

I like Pechanga as well. Have also stayed in Pala just down the road a bit from Pechanga.

Marty (@guest_117561)
2 years ago

Haven’t yet but very willing to. DH is retired Tribal police and security with cameras and staff is very high in the parking lots which is good for peace of mind.

Roger Christianson (@guest_117553)
2 years ago

Have spent a night or two in a casino parking lot. Water and electric was provided, however, the space was not free. I remember it being like $25.

Steve (@guest_117528)
2 years ago

Have not – YET. They sound like a good overnight option!

Brenda (@guest_117537)
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

They really are! We have a truck camper. After sitting through a long day of driving, we enjoy staying at a casino so that we can stretch our legs before an evening sitting in our camper.

Rich (@guest_117526)
2 years ago

never a free casino lot back in the day but lots of camp wally, flying j and other truck stop lots. not so much any more.

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