Wednesday, February 1, 2023


For readers 65 and older: Do you need to work for income to make ends meet?

This poll is for readers 65 years and older. We know many of you work as you travel, but we don’t really know if it’s by choice or necessity. Work camping is a big deal these days, whether serving as a host at a campground or RV park for free rent and maybe a little money, or working the holiday season at an Amazon warehouse.

If you work, why? And please leave a comment about your circumstances. If you work by choice, not necessity, is it just something to do, or … why?

Again, a reminder. If you have a slow internet connection, it may take a few moments for the poll to load.



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John Harpel
1 year ago

strictly speaking, we could get by on SS, but we workamp so we can enjoy eating out regularly and buying whimsical things when we want.

Tom Macfarlane
1 year ago

I worked long enough, and for the Postal Service. Happily retired and never looking back.

1 year ago

No, we live off our pensions and investment income, but it’s only been 2 years. So you never know, we might just have to go back to work one day to keep us in the lifestyle we love (or move in with the kids).

Chester Gardner
1 year ago

Worked at a golf course for 3 years as a ranger/starte/front desk for something to do , after retiring at 64, but quit after they wanted me to work weekends. Didn’t need the money, it was enjoyable and free golf. Enjoying my retirement now.

Gary F Broughton
1 year ago

Don’t work. 74 and enjoying life.
Have a good retirement. But after I retired we worked in Jackson Hole for about 18 summers in a campground.

Bob P
1 year ago

49 years was enough for me, if I can’t make it now I may as well quit life. Although it was difficult to slow down and settle in, we are adjusting. And with this wonder

Sandy Barker
1 year ago

Retiring in 3 weeks! Woo Hoo! Hubby retiring in August. We hit the road full-time the end of September! We both have great pensions and investments to be able to live comfortably in retirement without working. Ready to join this wonderful community and enjoy the journey! Hope to see all of you on the road. 😀 

1 year ago

Not currently working for pay – although I did do some consulting until recently. We didn’t need the money but the extra bump was nice. Now I volunteer. I like to keep my mind active and learn new things. Would not do anything that interfered with our travel plans.

1 year ago

Health insurance.

1 year ago

Retired with sufficient retirement funds to maintain our RV travels and lifestyle without working.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

The same for us. We were lucky to have great pensions and generous 401Ks.

1 year ago

Would like to but physically cant so we make do with my money wizard wife and we enjoy

1 year ago

No need to work. We have all we need and then some. Life is good!

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 year ago

DH just went back to work 2x month, used to work 2x week. I planned to work till 65 but health was poor. I went part time at 61. Retired at 64. At 61 I had to access my 403B plan to pay for health insurance. Then we ran out of Cobra time and had to go into debt for medical issues. When Obama Care came in our health problems got worse. We travelled a little bit in 2014, and 2016, on Amtrak and staying in AYHI hostels. I bought my camper in 2016,with a small inheritance. It’s beginning to seem like DH is hospitalized in even years. I am hospitalized in odd years. Our retirement savings are gone- we are living on SS we both accessed at age 62. My 403B cashed out in 2020. There is no alternative to putting the health care not covered by Medicare and Medicare replacement on credit cards. There are no drs who do compassionate charging unless you go thru the health department, and they will verify all your income sources- Florida requires assets under $3,000 and monthly income less than ours.

Dave M Magnuson
1 year ago

With a small retirement, SS, IRAs and Medicare – our finances up to this point are sufficient. We’re in our young 70’s and looking forward to many more years of an active lifestyle.

Retired Firefighter Tom
1 year ago

Fortunately my retirement income is sufficient that I can enjoy the RV lifestyle and travel.

1 year ago

Don’t need to work. I planned for retirement in 1973. Investments paid off as planned. Some folks, “live to work, and some of us, work or live”.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 year ago

We need jobs but having to be realistic, I CAN”T work, physical condition isn’t even up for a 4 hr shift as a Walmart greeter. I’ve exhausted my 403b pension, DH most of his, since our health was too bad even before we were 62 and had to dip into principal, not just earnings.

Micheal Whelan
1 year ago

Since retiring we have been too busy to consider work other than around the house. Yes it would be fun to do a job that we could meet new people but we both see doing that as taking a job from those that need it. It feels good just to “work” on projects that have needed doing for the last 50 years while we were at work.

1 year ago

Just retired. Have my military retirement and my state retirement both medical benefits and SS starting and the wife starts with her SS in less 6 months. We should be good to go. I look forward to part time work and enjoy grand kids and travel taking them along when possible.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

Retired a few years ago. I’ll soon be 65. Don’t have to work unless I decide to take out a big loan to buy something. As of now, everything is paid for.

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