Saturday, January 29, 2022


Do you envision yourself living full-time in an RV someday?

Is your dream to live in an RV full-time — every day of the year? Or are you already doing it?

Nobody really knows how many people are already enjoying the full-time life, but everyone agrees that the ranks of them is growing. Estimates range from hundreds of thousands to one million families are already living a mobile life.

What about you? Do you dream of full-timing one day, or are you already doing it? Or you content with simply RVing part-time?

Remember, it can take a few moments for the poll to load, so please stand by. And, as always, your comments are welcome.



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Leslie Smith
8 months ago


Gary Phillips
8 months ago

My wife and I full time for 16 years, we loved everyday of it. Our “front yard” had a different view every time we moved. You couldn’t do that if you had a brick and stick home. You have the same view .we enjoyed meeting new friends all over this great country. Some who are life long friends.
We’re no longer traveling but living near people whom lived the same lifestyle. And have lots to talk about our travels.
I will say, the full time lifestyle isn’t for everyone. So enjoy your GOLDEN years that you enjoy.

8 months ago

We already do!
Happy RVing and hope to see you down the road!

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Bob P
8 months ago

The last 20 years I worked at GM that was my goal, when the time finally arrived my late wife said there was no way she was going to live in our 5th wheel. Now 22 years later she is gone and I’m happily married to a wonderful lady who was receptive to that idea except part time full time as she doesn’t want to be away from her family for months at a time. So now we are snowbirds who leave the cold weather behind for several months then come home and I mow the lawn once a week. Lol

Richard Chabrajez
8 months ago

I wait and wait. The poll seldom, if ever loads  🤔 

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
8 months ago

Sorry, Richard. Here’s a possible explanation from Jessica, one of our IT folks: “Sometimes script blockers and ad blockers interfere with our polls since they are from a 3rd party site. If you have one of these try and turn it off and see if that fixes the issue.” I hope that helps. Have a great day! 😀 —Diane

8 months ago

No. 6 months out of the year is working fine. Right now is north east to south or west. I thinking full time is a lot of work and health is not 100 percent. Plus the wife could not go that long without seeing her grand babies. So live in one of son’s apartments as home base and mailing.

Gene Bjerke
8 months ago

When my wife died I could not afford payments on both the house and the MH, so I decided sell the house and live in the RV. Luckily, I made a connection with an old friend who already had a house (and who wanted to do a lot of traveling). It seemed like fate. I also quickly realized I probably wouldn’t do that well full-timing. So we have been together now almost eleven years and it has worked out well.

8 months ago

I think I’ll always want some sort of “home base” but I do like knowing that we could go full time if we wanted to or needed to.

Leona Dunn
8 months ago

We sold everything and did it for 11 years. We crisscross this great country and Canada many times. Settled back into a house 17 years ago, but kept some type of RV until last year. I still read RV FORUMS, why just habit I guess. I’m glad to not be in the mess of trying to find a place to stay.

Roy Davis
8 months ago

I often refer to us as “most timers” because we can being RVing up to 10 months a year. We can do that because our son lives at and maintains our home base. I built a huge building so I can work on the motorhome that my son uses to work on cars when we’re gone. As one full timer put it, “I longed for adventure and freedom to roam then Covid hit and I longed for a place to call home,”

Last edited 8 months ago by Roy Davis
8 months ago

We’re working our plan now in order to go full time in October 2022. Just got our dream rig that suits our needs perfectly.

Jim Prideaux
8 months ago

Had planned on it but then my kids started having grandkids. Wandering far and wide did not hold the same appeal as playing with the grand children. Living in an RV made no sense if I would be a parked close to family most of the time. 

Bob P
8 months ago
Reply to  Jim Prideaux

Your kids were smart, if we had known grandkids were so much fun we would’ve had grandkids instead of kids. Lol

Neal Davis
8 months ago

Our first RV was a 43′ motorhome, mostly because we planned to live in it full-time while we had a house built. The house was built in 8 months. We then happily moved into the house, secure in the knowledge that we would never be more than extended travelers. We are not made for full-timing. Further, we look forward to downsizing to a smaller motorhome now that our full-timing days are past.

Jeff Craig
8 months ago

Can not wait to retire in a decade or so, getting a new diesel pusher and hitting the road for at least 10 years. We will keep out sticks-and-bricks as a base camp, but we will be following the NASCAR circuit for the first few years, and hitting all the National Parks.

Bob P
8 months ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Better not get a big diesel pusher if you plan on National Parks, size is a big factor in them.

Thom R
8 months ago

I want to keep the home base. We can skip the crowds during the summer. Grow some veggies and do some canning. Do some maintenance on the RV where I have plenty of tools and equipment and have a BIG drain pan! Most RV parks will not let you do maintenance, especially oil changes. I was once laying under the coach doing a minor procedure and Golf Cart Guy stopped to make sure I wasn’t going to cause a major Haz-Mat situation. I assured him all would be fine.

8 months ago

We will begin fulltiming in about a month. After early retirement due to a recent cancer diagnosis (successfully treated for now), generous early retirement healthcare incentive, and the fact that now is the time to sell a house in San Diego, we decided it was time. We want to find a much downsized home base in the next year or two, but in the meantime will enjoy this change in lifestyle in our very nice fifth wheel 🙂

Thom Corwin
8 months ago

We love the adventure of getting out to the wide open spaces. Each trip is a new adventure and lasting memory maker. Full timing might take the luster off getting away from it all just a bit. Although we look forward longingly to every trip, returning home is a welcome respite from the crowded campgrounds and highways.

Tommy Molnar
8 months ago
Reply to  Thom Corwin

Thom, your comment totally describes my wife and my thinking. The only difference is that we don’t often spend much time in crowded campgrounds. We do a lot of boondocking.

8 months ago

We do a lot of traveling in our two RVs but I believe I will always want a home base somewhere.

Barry T
8 months ago

We fulltimed for 10 years, but…10 years was enough. We sold everything and bought a new 40′ DP and hit the road.  Our travels were somewhat limited with us both being military reservists and mobilized a few times. My wife’s aging parents put a bit of a damper on our travels. Thankfully, we were able to stay at the Escapees park in Knoxville, TN…Racoon Valley. We fulltimed from 2001 to 2011. We have since downsized and enjoy our 31′ Phoenix Cruiser.

8 months ago

11 years of fulltiming & counting. We plan to continue this lifestyle until we’re forced into nursing care. As Escapees members we will be able to avail ourselves of their assisted living section when we feel the time is right, in their Rainbow’s End rv park in Livingston, TX, where there is a nurse on hand, meals are provided, transportation to medical appts, rv interior cleaning, laundry picked up & returned, community center with activities, etc; just like residing in an assisted living facility, except you continue to live in your own rv. And you’re free to still take off with or without your rv as you please. This is a great program for long term rvers who don’t want to have to re-adjust to living in a house or apartment again in their declining years.