Sunday, October 2, 2022


Let’s talk about poop!

By Terri Nighswonger

Let’s be honest here, poop isn’t generally a topic we hear discussed around the campfire unless maybe you need advice on your backed-up black tank. But, if you’re like me and you have a pet, you pick it up multiple times a day. Well, you’re supposed to pick it up multiple times a day.

My purpose here isn’t to gross anyone out, but did you know:

  • Dog poop is not fertilizer and does not provide any benefit to the soil.
  • Dog poop is third on the list of contributors to contaminated water.
  • Dog poop washes into water supplies and kills wildlife.
  • Dog poop contains parasites, bacteria and viruses.

When I moved into the park where I currently live, I was appalled and grossed out by the “piles” that were everywhere. I’m sure readers can relate to the wayward dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets. Where I live, there is a fair amount of green space but it was particularly concentrated in an area near my trailer. Yuck!

For the first week or so, I managed to avoid stepping in it, but I really didn’t complain or say anything to the manager. I probably should have. I just ranted at my husband every time I came back in after I walked the dog. It was February and I didn’t see too many people out and about. I did notice later that the manager’s dog seemed to be a large contributor of some of that gross stuff. He runs loose when his owner is around…well, dogs off-leash is fodder for another discussion.

I also observed one of my neighbors, an older gentleman, who came through and cleaned it all up one afternoon. I was kind of humbled by that. All I wanted to do was whine and he was doing something about it. After that, I noticed him regularly picking it up and I thanked him. He had an old dog that recently died so I’m not sure if he will keep up the job. It might be my turn to take over.

The point is this: Every pet is their owner’s responsibility. No doubt, most of you RV pet owners can relate. The ones that can’t are probably part of the problem.

Do your part and just pick up that poop!



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1 year ago

Ever heard of Pooprints? I live at an RV park in the summer and there used to be dog crap everywhere.

They started a this thing called pooprints (I love the name!) and it literally solved the problem over night. Basically every dog gets dna tested and then if they don’t pick up the campground can see who didn’t pick up and fine them a sh*t ton. (Pun intended)

I Have three dogs and am so happy I’m not the only one picking up anymore!😄😄

2 years ago

One of the Boy Scout slogans I try to live up to when camping is “leave it cleaner than you found it”. Though I won’t go so far as to try to clean up the whole park, I do, generally, work my site and the surrounding areas. I don’t comfortably bend over a lot these days, so the tools of my action are a bucket with handle or a plastic grocery bag and a “picker”. Pickers come in several configurations, and for the ability to clean up after dogs, ones with suction cup type ends on them work best. I won’t directly mention where to get them because of the anti spam filter, but HF are the initials. These pickers also work pretty well on cigarette butts, gum wrappers, bread bag closers, etc….. Pickers come in many configurations and lengths. I have several types. Some for indoors, like the one leaning next to my recliner.

2 years ago

We pick up after our dog. It is just so easy to do. You can get a container that clips to your leash with plastic bags. I also save the plastic bags from buying produce. They are free and work quite well. We just carry them in our pockets.

2 years ago

I agree, dog owners who refuse to pickup after their dogs are a big problem. I haven’t come across it a lot camping, thank God. But often in my yard at my home base. It’s so annoying. And my neighborhood everyone has at least a decent size yard. But many “walk their dog” so they don’t have to deal with picking up the poop.

Janet Herrell
2 years ago

We do not have pets and that is the biggest gripe that I have , vvt that the pet owners walk their dogs but do not pick up after them.

2 years ago

Amen! I don’t care what you do in your yard at home, but do NOT make me have to deal with your droppings. Ultimately they are YOURS, not your dog’s, as you are responsible for them. Think of it that way and it puts the right spin on things.

2 years ago

you own the pet, you own the poop. PICK IT UP !!!

2 years ago

deeper facts if your scared of viruses…..a gram of feces can contain more than 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 parasite eggs. 

(Read that again.)

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

Thanks for that info, Chuck. (Not.) Trying to eat my brunch as I “moderate” this morning’s comments. 😯 Happy Fourth, and stay healthy. 😀 —Diane at

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