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Preventing a leaking slide out motor from causing roof damage

This process describes the repair where, under certain temperature conditions, the slide cable system gearbox may leak oil/grease on the slide roof membrane. The following describes how to install a drip pan to prevent damage to the roof membrane, and how to make basic repairs, if necessary.

If a leaking slide out motor has affected the roof membrane, use one of the following three options:

  • Option 1 is to clean the membrane to eliminate any further bubbling.
  • Option 2 is to remove the affected bubble in the membrane and cover the affected area with roof membrane tape using a short piece of tape to cover the damage.
  • Option 3 is to remove the affected bubble in the membrane and apply roof tape along the complete roof edge.
Oil/grease leak on the slide roof membrane surface.

Locate the motor gearbox installed in the unit. Remove the two bottom screws and leave the center screw attached. Attach drip tray with the two screws that you removed in the previous step.

Example of the BAL Drip Tray.

Options for fixing a leaking slide out motor

Option 1

If the bubble is small, use a non-abrasive and solvent-free cleaner like Simple Green, Dawn Dish Soap, or Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean the membrane.

Option 2

Add a drip pan to the existing leaking gearbox.

Option 2

Option 3

Clean the surface that the tape is to be applied to by wiping away any oil, dirt, moisture, or other contaminants the width of the roof tape. Cut a piece of roof tape long enough to cover the full length of the slide roof. The roof tape should slightly overlap the existing roof tape.

Option 3

This is intended to be used by trained RV technicians with the knowledge, tools and equipment to do the job properly and safely, not “do-it-yourselfers”. Not every unit is the same. If you attempt to do repairs yourself, please be safe and make sure that if you have any questions please contact your manufacturer tech support for help.

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Dustin Simpson
Dustin Simpson
I have worn many hats in the RV industry through the years. From an RV Technician, Warranty Administrator, Parts Administrator, Parts Manager, Service Manager and now Business Owner. I have even been deemed an RV Expert by the California court system, working on behalf of the customers, dealers, and manufacturers. My repair facility has been servicing customers at the same location since 2003. What sets us apart from the dealerships is we are here to fix and maintain what you have, and not sell you a new one. Whether you own a million-dollar unit or an entry level, my message to you will be the same, it needs to be maintained.


  1. I have noticed a small wrinkle in the (Accuslide) slide-out roof. Didn’t think much about it as the roofing was intact. At the end of last winter season as I was inspecting the slide-out roofs before retraction, I noticed this wrinkle now had a small split. I retracted the roof figuring it was protected until we reopen the slide-out next fall. I’ve purchased Eternabond tape and have lap sealant. Should be an easy fix. However, your post Dustin is likely why the roof is damaged in the first place! I will be using a step stool and mirror to look at the motor gear box. I will also raise the wiper after extension to see if I have damage at the inner side of the roof.


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