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Trashy Quartzsite “ghetto” just keeps on growing

From the Facebook page Quartzsite Happenings with The Adventures of Finius the Skinniest.
A couple months back as I was driving to the claim, a coyote, running across a wash, caught my eye because of the large white garbage bag in his mouth. A little farther down the road I see this. It is within spitting distance from town in a ‘DAY USE ONLY’ area.

I took pictures, only because I knew they’d leave all that trash. Yesterday, I drove by and the trailer was gone…but the trash stayed. There are at least 15 campers and tents in this one ‘day use only area’ alone and one even has a deck attached. One thing they all have in common is there is trash all around them. There are absolutely no facilities whatsoever out here and each one looks like this.

THIS STARTED HERE LAST YEAR and has grown. I used to see a lady walking her dog every morning on this BLM road, but not anymore. It is now not so friendly.

BLM is definitely not the best stewards of our land. After enough people complain or someone gets hurt they’ll move them out, but all the trash will stay. I know the story the agencies use… too much land/roads to cover and not enough manpower; but, it’s awful funny I always see stuff like this and they don’t. Seems like there is always money for new trucks but not manual labor. This is a disgrace!

Places like this are so bad for nature and people. You can see Quartzsite in the background of this picture. With that being said, there are absolutely no facilities here and all that trash draws the wildlife here then to town – and the coyotes in town get shot and all because of this.

I’ve dealt with BLM and met some really good ones and ones not so much. Sadly, BLM has had to have driven past this; it’s been like this for over a year. The only power I have is through you, social media. If this gets shared enough BLM will have no choice but to do their job. I believe it’s BLM’s job to also clean up the trash that is left behind – they are stewards of our land. It is a health hazard and could be very dangerous for someone that’s not a professional as you have no idea what’s in the bags. And now there’s so much garbage that it looks like dump trucks will be needed. Please help me by sharing this. I think it’s the only way we can stop this.

Thank you so much, and the wildlife thanks you, too.

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Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodburyhttps://rvtravel.com
I'm the founder and publisher of RVtravel.com. I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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dncook (@guest_95704)
3 years ago

Sorry, but nothing can be done about trashy people except complain about it , dedicate tax structure to clean it up, make it off limits or dont go there? Occasionally there is a pep rally to clean it up but that always proves to be a non- sustainable tactic. FINE THEM! You punish most people by getting into their pockets, what are you going to take from these people? Socks with holes in them? A pocket full of cigarette butts? Maybe you could take their un-used tooth brush….”tooth brush not teeth brush! ” These people don’t think twice about leaving garbage behind because THEY DONT CARE! The fact that you see garbage and trash at the beach, in the park, on the trails, at rest stops, at picnic areas, at docks and piers, is because they are open to people for free. This is part of your “free pass”. Example you pay to camp on Chisos Basin CG in Big Bend. This fee pays for host’s and cans.. NO TRASH anywhere, Is it right, NO, but? Free use is always an invitation for abuse!

Kris (@guest_64731)
3 years ago

According to the original poster this isn’t even Quartzite. You need to better check your facts before you start adding your own spin.

RV Staff
3 years ago
Reply to  Kris

But the original poster also said, “You can see Quartzsite in the background of this picture.” So it’s pretty darn close. And since Quartzsite is more than 36 square miles, this location may be within the Quartzsite city limits. But you’re splitting hairs here, Kris. —Diane at RVtravel.com

Darrel (@guest_64622)
3 years ago

Get your political hate crap off this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darrel (@guest_64620)
3 years ago

Soon many areas of BLM lands will be closed to camping permanently due to low lifes trashing it out.

Scott R. Ellis (@guest_64424)
3 years ago

Why are you still (on Friday, 2/7) still plugging this? It fundamentally misunderstands the BLM’s limitations in these situation and the roots of those limitations. If you want more enforcement, you have to pay for it. Period.

Brian S. Holmes (@guest_64414)
3 years ago

and what side makes the mess, it`s called accountability, sport

Save the Desert (@guest_63447)
3 years ago

Since when should BLM provide trash pickup? Why shouldn’t the vendors and city foot this bill? They are the ones inviting and profiting.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_64407)
3 years ago

The city is miles away from the day use area (at least Plamosa Rd) and isn’t responsible for garbage pickup, nor are the vendors. I guess it could be said that the Hi Jolly day use area is “Spitting Distance” from town. It is used a lot more than Plamosa Rd (which is why WE go to Plamosa Rd).

Tommy Molnar (@guest_64409)
3 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Sorry, I didn’t mean “day use”. I meant the two week stay areas.

Gray (@guest_62925)
3 years ago

This is NOT a new problem; it is simply people being people.

There are two kinds of people: those who drop cigarette butts in the urinal; and those who must pick them out. (And the third kind, the majority of us, who either don’t care or who stand beside the urinal looking in and demanding that somebody do something about all those soggy cigarette butts.)

So some people will continue to dump trash on the public lands or any other place that’s handy. They’ve done this for as long as I can remember. And people stand around and complain and yell at the County Sheriff to go arrest them people who dumped the old refrigerator at the turnout on the county road. And he doesn’t, because he doesn’t know who did it, and he’s short of deputies to go chasing around, looking. And the county commissioners order the road crew to go post yet another “No Dumping” sign.

And there’s a few precious souls who quietly put on their gloves and go with their pickup trucks to load up the trash and haul it to the dump. Just because they feel the need to make a positive change in their surroundings.

And yelling at the BLM bitterly and endlessly will result in only one thing: gates and chains shutting the area down to ALL users, while the Director implements a study for access fees, travel permits, and enforcement budgets. And publishes another Federal Register Notice shutting down all camping except in official, seasonal, registration and fee-based campgrounds.

So: be a dumper, a do-nothing complainer, or a quiet doer. Which is it?

Augie (@guest_63143)
3 years ago
Reply to  Gray

There is a place on 95 just outside of quartzsite it is a public dump where you can go and dump your trash for free we just dumped our trash a few days ago they’re so more signage should be placed around quartzsite And on BLM to notify people that there is a public trash dump right on 95 just north of quartzite

Tommy Molnar (@guest_64410)
3 years ago
Reply to  Augie

Usually when you check in with the volunteer 2-week permit writer when you enter the short term stay areas you are informed of where the free dumping site is and what days they are open. There is no excuse for not hauling your trash there.

Tom Edelman (@guest_62677)
3 years ago

1 – 3 % of RV’s demand all things go there way. They say: Why don’t they do this… or that for me. If they won’t I’ll do this and/or that to them and/or desecrater the lands someway. I’ve witnessed too many that break codes of good conduct and good old RV’rs common sense. Most of these abusers , I use the term loosely, “people” camp the Free areas and use or try to use any available services of paid campers and turn around and … they actually {bleeped} and/or lie at a host or paid campers of not considering their particular issues and/or demands. This all has consequences against 97 -99% of us respectable (BLM), minded campers. More rules are applied to our BLM regions because of these perpetual problematic campers. Simple perks are/might be taken away . Upgrades are less to be considered and/or reviewed. BLM personal are less luckily to pursue the many complaints from good abiding paid seasonal campers.
Then there are some other types of abusers. Hunters trashes our BLM land by making certain areas target ranges. Firing there weapons at glass or metal containers leaves piles of trash that is a eyesores. Others use the sites as dumps discarding old bed mattresses, tires to what have they to get rid of. Some come on the BLM lands to steal. Our generators, propane tanks and other personal camping items are stolen ruining anyone’s camping experience.
I’m older now. My future camping days are numbered. I’ve enjoyed 35 years of crisscrossing these North American lands and meeting so many great people along the way. As in all good things times change or are a’changing. I wish everyone nothing but Happy Trails and Great camping experiences.

Lynda (@guest_62664)
3 years ago

Not everything is PRESIDENT TRUMPS fault!! Please…..

Lynda (@guest_62662)
3 years ago

Yes they do!!!!

Jim (@guest_62644)
3 years ago

Your right!
The trash at Quartzsite is a travesty!!!
It’s not just the BLM it’s the whole town!
There is no place for campers to dump our trash!!!!
Last year the BLM has a huge dumpster at the campground hosts site on Dome Rock Road and it was nearly full by the time we deposited our trash. This year NO dumpster!
So it’s a trip to the towns transfer station two miles north of town and it’s only open Sunday through Wednesday 7:30 am – 2:30pm.
And of course NO ONE in town or at any of the venders seems to know it exists since they too are like us, out of towners who are here for just a few weeks.
The town and the various vender venues ought to be required by the city of Quartzsite to have large trash receptacles for the people who buy from them and bring the venders to Quartzsite in the first in the first place. They could could easily make the venders or the land owners add trash receptacles.

Lynda (@guest_62661)
3 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Not fair to ask vendors to supply trash cans.. they pay a lot to stay there. Our world is out of control!!

J.P.M. (@guest_62641)
3 years ago

Sorry, but it’s NOT President Trump’s fault! BLM has enforcement authority and they have their orders. It’s their job to enforce the law, and clearly they are not.

RV Staff
3 years ago

That was done by “Finius the Skinniest” on his FB page, where this post came from. (Maybe it was a stolen plate anyway. Just sayin’.) —Diane at RVtravel.com

DPHooper (@guest_62428)
3 years ago

Actually it’s the RVers job to clean up the trash and take it with them.
Leave No Trace.
BLM should not have to clean it up, but should enforce “leave no trace”.

Lunda (@guest_62663)
3 years ago
Reply to  DPHooper

Those people aren’t RVers!! They are trailer trash!!

Sink Jaxon (@guest_63090)
3 years ago
Reply to  DPHooper

I agree, personal responsibility…

Alvin (@guest_62408)
3 years ago

I’ve witnessed Trump, being accused of a lot of stuff but this one takes the cake!

Will (@guest_62307)
3 years ago

Lighten up Francis.

Tumbleweed (@guest_62285)
3 years ago

Trashy sites abounded long before Trump took office. Get a grip!

CandaceCB (@guest_62280)
3 years ago

We make a point of leaving our campsite clean, even cleaning up after the previous camper. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Why are you blocking their license plate number?

rollin (@guest_62225)
3 years ago

I think we should use beyond the pale litterbugs for target practice…….

Even if it makes more to clean up.

It’s revolting.

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