Saturday, October 1, 2022


Ram seeks customers’ consulting in making new electric truck

Consumers won’t exactly build the first Ram 1500 battery electric vehicle (BEV), but the truck manufacturer is seeking input from customers on its pending 2024 pickup.

Ram has debuted It gives customers an inside look and the opportunity to provide their real-world input as its electric trucks are developed.

The CGI image of the pending 2024 Ram electric pickup
The CGI image of the pending 2024 Ram electric pickup.

The Ram Revolution insider program will provide consumers with unique content and a closer connection with the Ram brand and its electric-vehicle (EV) philosophy.

Another component of the truck’s marketing is the New Ram Real Talk Tour. It’s a series of yearlong conversations with truck owners to better understand what an electric pickup truck must do to meet their needs.

The truck maker is hoping to deliver fully electrified trucks in the majority of its segments by 2025 and throughout its lineup by no later than 2030.

As part of today’s Ram Revolution announcement, the brand showcased images of a concept vehicle that is being developed with customer input to inspire the design of the upcoming Ram 1500 BEV. In addition, the Ram brand launched a new video manifesto, “Spark.”

The Ram Truck brand launched as a stand-alone division in 2009. Its lineup includes the Ram 1500, 2500/3500 Heavy Duty, 3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab, ProMaster and ProMaster City.


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Bob M
7 months ago

I feel both Dodge and Chevy should also make a hybrid truck, not plug in. With backup assist. Not everyone wants a electric vehicle. I just traded my Silverado for a F150 Hybrid. Loved the Silverado, But wanted the F150 hybrid for better fuel economy and the backup assist. Too soon to tell if I like the F150 Hybrid.

Tommy Molnar
7 months ago

Frankly, I think this government push for electric vehicles will eventually die off. I’m of the belief that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will at some point be recognized as the REAL vehicles of the future. They will be basically electric too, but the electricity will be generated by the hydrogen fuel cells. Our feeble electric grid can barely keep our cities afloat. Imagine how things will get when more and more people want 440 volt charging stations at their houses, or the massive charging stations required to charge up those ridiculous ‘big rigs’ Elon and his ilk are proposing. Just sayin’.

Remember those CFL bulbs they foisted on us. Can you find them anymore?

Last edited 7 months ago by Tommy Molnar

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