Thursday, December 8, 2022


Reader Letter: New RVing slogan needed


I think RVers needing a new slogan to replace the no-longer-true “where you want, when you want.” Maybe you should run a contest to see who can come up with the best (or funniest) one.

If you do, may I have the honor of submitting the first two?

• Plan where you’ll be, or get rid of your RV.
• All parks full, once the exception, now the rule.”
—Jim Swickard

Dear Jim,

Here are mine:

• Go where you want, when you want, and then stay at Walmart.
• Go where you want, then when you can’t find space in a decent RV park get a room at Motel 6, which will cost the same.
* * *
I’d love to hear from other readers. Send to .

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Peggy Heseltine
2 years ago

Although we are not full timers, we have traveled extensively around the U.S. from California to Key West and Bar Harbor, ME. We only make reservations on the weekends, when many families would likely be traveling too, and on holidays for the same reason. We never had a problem finding decent RV parks to stay in. There are so many out there, that, unless you absolutely have to have all the amenities and want to spend a lot of money, you should never have to stay in a WalMart parking lot. We never have and really don’t think we ever will. KOAs and some Good Sam parks are for the most part becoming spendy with not a lot to offer. Some of the best parks have been smaller, local, and super friendly. We don’t need a swimming pool every day but most of the parks have them. I think people need to look harder and not be too picky when traveling the country. The idea that you HAVE to make reservations or you’re out of luck, is not realistic. We usually drive a maximum of 250-350 miles a day, and if we see something interesting before we reach that max, we’ll stop. A lot of the times if you get off the road before 4, there are plenty of spaces. If you wait too long, it may not be the best space in the park, but there is usually one available. Just be flexible.

2 years ago

We are fulltimers and spend at least half the year volunteering/camp hosting at state parks. So far we’ve hosted in Texas, Wyoming , and Maryland. We’re currently hosting in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Next summer we’re heading to South Carolina. When you host, you get a full service site, includes utilities. It’s a great way to travel and give something back, as well.

2 years ago

Judging from other’s comments, there are a lot of unhappy campers out there. After 10 years of true fulltiming, we are not experiencing the problems others are complaining about. We still go where we want & when we want. We change locations frequently & usually on a whim. We rarely ever make reservations, & the few times we do, it’s only about 1-2 weeks ahead.
Probably a big reason we don’t experience the problems others are complaining about, is because we are set up for extended boondocking in our 5er with large water/waste capacities & plenty of solar/generator power. This truly allows us to go where we want, when we want. Many of our most memorable experiences have been while boondocking. Our motto (posted on our truck & 34ft fifth wheel) is “Chasin’ our dream fulltime” & it’s still true today.
My suggestion would be to set up your rigs for boondocking. It might change your whole perspective on rving.
I will grant that people who only want to travel to the most popular tourist spots during the peak travel season have experienced more problems recently, if they’re not able or willing to be flexible.

2 years ago
Reply to  Fred

I’ll agree… I’ve had trouble getting into popular national parks or powered sites at generator-nazi campgrounds, but more reasonable trouble at generator allowed or non-water sites. Still several weeks lead but not 18months.

True boondocking sites are rarer in the east …but would be my perfect solution! I too am set up with enough battery generator inverter and increasing solar…just hard to find places allowed to use them, and avoid people who don’t want to SEE a generator too quiet to hear.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

It does spook me to find a motel room for less than the cost of a campsite.

2 years ago

Sorry to say that after reading all these horror stories and Chuck’s talk about the “changes”, over the years, we to gave up the ghost of RVing and settled for a beach cottage, where just like “CHEERS”, everyone knows our name, no reservation needed and the dump station is built in. Hallelujah !

2 years ago

No Place, No Space So Keep Rolling On!!
Not with over 78 Million people camping just last year. And 4 Million of them being Full-Timers. That was the statistics I was reading two weeks ago. And a growth of 1.4 Million a year for the last 5-10 years. And with only around a little over 13,000 campgrounds Public & Private here in the U.S.

2 years ago

“Fulfill your wanderlust…with reservation.”

2 years ago

Class B owner: Go where you want when you want. Park almost anywhere except commercial campgrounds. It’s the journey that counts.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger

Right on! Class B is the way to go, and the more self-sufficient you can make it, the better.

2 years ago

Local campground, where your neighbors will leave their light blindingly on for you.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

“All the noise, half the voltage, no dumpsite.”

Wolfe, don’t think I can top this one. I’ll have to think on this for a few hours – and come back later.

2 years ago

Go one of three places, in 12-18 months. You still won’t have a powered site.

Reach out and touch your neighbors — just open your awning!

All the noise, half the voltage, no dumpsite.

Go where you want (*2 choices) whenever you want (*any of 4 separate days). Have fun with your family (*as long as they aren’t kids) and enjoy the amenities (a green pool) in our luxury clubhouse (*shack). Boondockers welcome (generator hours: 11AM-11:15AM). Get back to nature (*sandwiched into a parking lot)!!!