Wednesday, February 8, 2023


RV Life in a Coronavirus World: “Our plans gone in an instant”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have asked readers to tell us how they are adapting to life these days. Here is one story:

Three-year plan….postponed! We have planned our retirement trip for three years, and in an instant, it’s all postponed indefinitely and our brand-new motorhome sits in storage! Thankfully we purchased a park model in Mesa, Arizona, just two months ago. We weren’t sure why God led us to buy it at the time, but we understand now!

We’re currently in this RV resort that was beaming with activities just two weeks ago, but is now a ghost town.

We’ve been riding our Lectric eBikes every couple of days for exercise and to get outdoors. On the other days, I cook meals and take them to a neighbor who we heard about – he’s on hospice care at home and has no family here to care for him. Every other day we bring two meals to him, along with fruit and vegetables. This has given us a purpose and it’s our pleasure to help another human being in need. Someone who knows him told us our meals are the only home-cooked meals he’s had in a very long time – he normally lives on frozen ready-made meals or canned food.

God bless you, our country, the world.

— Cynthia Perrin

Your essays wanted

Here is your assignment (should you choose to accept it): Write an essay no longer than 500 words on this subject: “How I have adapted to a life in self-isolation.” Tell us what you do with your time, how you keep active physically and/or mentally, how you communicate with friends and family and other ways you occupy your time. Have you taken up a new hobby? Started writing a novel? We can’t pay for these articles right now, but you could earn a place on our staff if you impress us with your creativity. Submit your article here. Please include a photo of yourself or of something that helps illustrate your essay. We’ll post many, if not most of these every day in our RV Daily Tips Newsletter. If you’re not subscribed, sign up here.



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Gregory Brott
2 years ago

If I may ask….how do you (or anyone on this blog link) like your Lectric eBikes? Thanks in advance, stay safe, healthy and praying we’ll get through this together!

Richard Chabrajez
2 years ago
Reply to  Gregory Brott

Very happy with them. If you use them as a “scooter” (going fast and not pedaling) they will drain in about half an hour but, if you pedal, the charge lasts longer than we do!
Re-charge generally 1.5 hours. The fact that they fold down means we can lay them in our toy hauler for travel without tie downs.

2 years ago

Thank you for what your doing to help, and I know this helps you too! We always feel better if we know that our live are of value.

We are planning to go to Pennsylvania the middle of May, of course these are tentative now. I was talking to my brother about this and how we just didn’t know what was going to happen. Suddenly I realized this is always the case. We make plans and expect them to happen. However, things are never certain.

With this virus what we do know is something that we don’t usually think about, and that’s that we can’t ever be sure what’s coming next!

We have to take this like I did in the Army, if we wake up in the morning, we made through another day, If we make it through enough days, we’ll make it though a week, If we make it through enough weeks we’ll make it through a year! One day at a time. What is it the Bible says? Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will have enough worries of it’s own.

Thanks and stay safe, healthy and praying, we’ll get through this!!!

She Wren
2 years ago

You are really showing God’s love.

2 years ago

Wonderful, you two are a blessing to GOD’s theory of bounty,”what one gives to another in an act of love and compassion is returned by twice the amount given.” 🙏

2 years ago

God Bless you both. A home cooked meal always makes me feel better so I can only imagine how grateful he is for that.

2 years ago

Blessed are the ones who find their purpose in life.

Gloria Sluder
2 years ago

God Bless you for your loving care .

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