Take a look inside this incredible retro RV!


We’ll bet you a brand-new Airstream that you’ve never seen anything as neat as this before!

Arno van der Naald (in Belgium) posted these photos of his RV on the We love Old Campers and Motorhomes Facebook page. He writes, “Here an impression of my 71 Van Hool. It used to be a city bus in Brussels, Belgium. Built it 5 years ago.” He explains to a commenter that it does indeed run and drive.

One Facebook commenter points out that the RV looks like a retro ’50s diner. It does!


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4 months ago

He has got to be single.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
4 months ago
Reply to  Dennis

Hi, Dennis. According to his FB page, he’s “in a relationship.” 😀 —Diane

4 months ago

Yikes, my astigmatism!!!!

Tommy Molnar
4 months ago

Nice, but cluttered, in my opinion.

Helen Fisher
4 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

yep, pretty cool though.

4 months ago

What a vision!