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RV review: Lance 2075 travel trailer

By Tony Barthel
Love at first sight – that’s what so many songs have been written about and it’s exactly what I felt when I first laid eyes on the Lance 2075 travel trailer. In fact, I was so enamored with this beauty I started shopping tow vehicles capable of hauling it to my favorite campsites. 

But it’s not like I need a behemoth to haul it. At just 4450 UVW (6200 lbs GVW), this is actually a fairly light trailer, and at a total length of 24 feet and 9 inches, it’s also not that big. But it’s not the size, per se, but what you do with it, and Lance has absolutely made incredible use of this trailer. 

First of all, I should say that I prefer things to be simpler in my own world. While I certainly appreciate all sorts of wonderful features that make modern RVs what they are today, my personal preference is to not have things like slide rooms or other complications. For me I often stealth camp in places on my way to other places where I then bring out the lawn chairs and flamingo lights and such.

Lance 2075 floor planSo, part of the attraction, to me, is no slide room. But inside, this is still a spacious camper and the bedroom is incredible, featuring a windshield that sort of wraps up the front of the trailer which then flows into a second window on the roof of the bedroom. To further light up your life, there are large windows on either side of the bed and Lance uses a European-style composite window that tilts out so you also get a lot of airflow. 

Of course, there are shades and screens for all these windows – but my imagination took me to a place where I could look up and see a canopy of Redwood trees without leaving the bed. 

Another thing I sincerely appreciated is that there is no ultra-confusing audio system – just a single Furion Bluetooth speaker that works with the devices we all inevitably have with us. If I never have to fight the miserable interface of an iRV audio system again it’ll be too soon. 

At the very rear of this trailer was a dinette upholstered in a material that was not, I repeat NOT, brown. I hope you were sitting down for that. If you were sitting in the dinette you would notice the sliding table top and the storage for the wine bottles along with more of those European-style windows all around. 

Okay, so you can buy this with brown upholstery but that blue upholstery that I saw just floated my boat. Again, love at first sight. 

That rear-most window opens up, as do the others, but the significance of that rear window is that you can work with the individual at the outside rear kitchen to pass through spices or ingredients. 

Yep, Lance put an optional outdoor kitchen across the rear of this trailer with a two-burner stove, a chilled drawer and even a sink. Above that is an optional power awning that compliments the main power awning along the side of the trailer. But, as they say on late-night TV, there’s more. When the kitchen slides into the trailer Lance has made enough space to hold lawn chairs or other things back here too. 

Between the rear bumper and the body of the coach is a compartment designed to hold not only the sewer hose but also the various attachments for that hose. 

On the side below the body of the trailer is another compartment, and the compartments in the actual body of the trailer include one that is vented so you can stow a generator and fuel. The batteries, too, have their own vented compartments in the body of the coach – rather than being easily stolen from the tongue of the trailer – with a compartment on either side with a sliding drawer to hold a battery. 

Oh, and on the subject of sliding drawers, the main storage compartment at the front of the trailer has a sliding drawer to hold your stuff but then a rail on top to hold a plastic folding table. 

Lance 2075 interior

Lance provides a long list of standard and optional features in all their models and the 2075 is no exception. I think if I were checking boxes on the options list, I would include the second 190-watt solar panel, the dual lithium batteries, that rear awning, the rear “tailgate” package which is the outdoor kitchen, and probably a few other goodies. 

And therein is the downside of a Lance. They have a well-deserved reputation as being well-made RVs and are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, which means your lowly RV reviewer has got to write a bunch more reviews before one of these will show up in the driveway. 

And on the subject of downsides, I do like my things to be simpler and Lance has moved over to a digital control panel to operate awnings, lights and things of that sort. Yes, you can Bluetooth connect that to the phone but give me simple push buttons instead. 

Lance 2075 specifications

Unless you can borrow the user interface folks from Apple for a while, I have yet to see any of these control panels that are anything but convoluted and confusing. I can find a button in the dark but I’d rather be camping than fiddle through a series of menus to simply turn on a light. 

All in all, you have probably guessed by my gushing that I absolutely love this trailer. With so many thoughtful touches like the compartments for a generator and batteries, the table top that slides around so we gravitationally-challenged folks can sit there too, and an interior color choice that isn’t only brown, I’m already saving my pennies. And you can bet that I’m going to go park it under some beautiful California Redwoods and spend a good chunk of my day looking up through the skylight at those trees while enjoying the bed. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with my own research and represent the most accurate information and opinion at the time of writing. Your experience is always encouraged.

Tony Barthel
Tony Barthel
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


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Warren G
1 year ago

Good looking trailer and I like the full size queen bed and very comfortable looking dinette/lounge area. I didn’t see any clothes storage in the bedroom other than the twin wardrobes for hanging. Our biggest concern is no counter prep space. The tank sizes are great.

Fave Yuhas
1 year ago

How does one write a review of a travel trailer without towing it?

2 years ago

According to the table in your article, the Lance GVW is 6,200#, not 4,450#. That makes it too heavy to tow with any mid-size pickup and most SUVs. Also, the table length says 20’3″, not 24′. Is the trailer you reviewed actually the same one in your table?

2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

He states 4450 lbs. UVW, 6200 lbs. GVW. 24′ 9″ is the total length, 20′ 3″ would be interior floor length.

2 years ago

No mention of a refrigerator!!! Love all the counter tops!

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

This is an interesting trailer. I need to email Chuck about it. I wish you had towed it so we would know about the handling and fuel mileage drop.

Bob M
2 years ago

This camper is beautiful, I fell in love with it at the Hershey RV show. But by the time you order some of the options like the outdoor kitchen. It is over $60k. A little steep for me. Wish it was more reasonably priced.

2 years ago

I have done everything I can to cover the windows in our bedroom. I like to sleep in and the sunlight wakes me up in an instant. I do like all the windows around the dinette though.

Brenda G.
2 years ago

I purchased a pre-owned, like-new, 2017 Lance 1475 ….thankfully, w/o a slide! Also, because I travel alone with only a small dog, am extremely pleased it has 2 upholstered chairs with a small adjustable multi-purpose table instead of a space gulping dining booth. I had never heard of a Lance product but was “sold” the moment I learned of its minimal tow weight; Azdel exterior; automatic retractable awning; outdoor stereo speakers; dry bath; and, sizable two-door refrigerator. I am most thankful to the prior owners for taking such good care of my “Lancelot” while in their care and making it possible for me to buy an almost-new trailer for almost half the price of a new one!

2 years ago

I would have like to have seen a couple more photos, but looks like a nice trailer.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago
Reply to  Tim

go to and see all you want! 🙂

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