Are Harry and Meghan moving to North America to become RVers?


By Jason Montigel
Are Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, dropping out of the Royal family to take up RVing in North America? They’d jump right to the top of most famous RVers.

Now that they’ve cut purse strings with the Royal family, how will they make a living? Monetizing their celebrity through brand partnerships, sponsorship deals and social media seems most likely. They wouldn’t have a problem, we think, getting Thor, Forest River or another major RV manufacturer to spend a fortune to send them around the USA publicizing one of their products.

Actually, according to, two RV dealers have already used the photo above in their advertising:

Lee’s Family Trailer Sales & Service wrote: “This nice, young couple from England certainly knows where to shop when it comes to buying a camper! It was great meeting you Meghan and Harry, enjoy your new home on wheels!”

The Home Farm Holiday Park (in the U.K.) wrote: “We have just sold our first seasonal touring pitch of 2020 to a lovely couple who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle! You too can grab a seasonal pitch and live like a royal!”

Before marrying Harry, Meghan ran the lifestyle/fashion blog The Tig, which gave her one foot in the world of influencers (the name given to people who create and often monetize original content on social media).

Last April, @SussexRoyal broke Instagram’s record for the fastest one million followers (less than six hours). Now it has 11 million and is the couple’s platform of choice for personal announcements.

So what about it? Are Harry and Meghan giving up a royal life for an RV life?

Nope, they’re not. This is just another example of someone with Photoshop skills faking a photo. Harry and Meghan have shown no interest in becoming RVers. We doubt that they’d really want to travel around Canada and the United States talking with the news media.

Thanks to for alerting to this fake news, spread like wildfire by the worst purveyors of fake news ever created, social media users.


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Thank God its fake. Otherwise, there goes the neighborhood


Who cares? Why even bring it up in the newsletter?


Who cares, WHO CARES! As a Canadian, I can only hope we don’t trip over ourselves adding these two to the 200,000 lost soles the Liberal government brought in here from outside the country the third quarter of 2019, most of whom will initially live off those who actually work and pay for stuff. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

Silas Longshot

Instantly spotted as fake as Meg has way better figure that that lass…..


So sick of hearing about these two. Thanks for putting it all into a humerus perspective.


The entry door for the trailer is on the wrong side for England.
Why must there be all that fake news?

Sink Jaxon

They would never be caught dead in a camper like that…maybe the Newell/Porsche!

Kenneth L Johnston

Did anyone really fall for that picture?


She doesn’t look very happy !!!

Patrick Granahan

I doubt that we will see any member of the “Royal Family” parked at any campground.
Fact is “Royals” feel the are better than us common folks…we are after all just common
Peasants who work for our living !


You right! Can you imagine Meghan putting on Rubber Gloves and emptying the Black Tank?? LMAO!

Billy Bob Thorton

Maybe the Queen will go RVing.

Donald N Wright

I guess you can tow an Airstream with a Rolls Royce…