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A new RV for under $6,000? Not a pop-up—It’s a KLEOX!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Prices for new RVs are jumping faster than a kangaroo. If you’re trying to buy your “first” RV, it’s no doubt discouraging. But if your tastes are simple, you can buy a new, hard-side RV for under $6,000. It’s a KLEOX—a teardrop trailer that scales in at less than 500 pounds. But be prepared—if it’s KLEOX, it’s bound to be simple!

Out of tent walls and into security

Crafted in Germany, KLEOX takes entry-level RVing to about the simplest level possible. The company isn’t trying to duke it out with the likes of Thor but, rather, carve out a niche with folks who want to get out of tent walls and into something a bit more secure. This is definitely not glamping, and you won’t find bells and whistles.

If it’s a KLEOX, just what do you get? Like the timeless teardrop, you get a rear-end lift gate. But instead of finding a kitchen or storage area that you might find with other teardrops, the lift gate is the entry door. The entry to a rig with a floor space of 82” x 49”. Sound a wee-bit small? KLEOX says you can comfortably sleep two inside that space—but bring your own mattress—that’s NOT included in the sale. Head space is 43”—hip-hop dancing will be limited to what you can do on your knees.

Courtesy KLEOX

Helping to make the transition from tent camping, if it’s a KLEOX there is a special tent-like feature. Leave the entry door of your teardrop up and open, and you can use a zip-up entry flap, reminiscent of a tent door. Light and fresh air come right on in.

Tiny teardrop advantages

So what advantage is there to this tiny teardrop? Aside from the low-cost entry point, there may be a great appeal to electric vehicle owners. Built from fiberglass, the 463-pound unit should provide little resistance and not steal too much of the range from EV owners. The entire rig runs a smidge over 10 feet in length. If added weight isn’t a major issue, the cargo carrying capacity is said to be 1,100 pounds.

Interested? You may need to jump through a few hoops to lay your hands on one of these little shelters on wheels. It’s KLEOX’s conundrum. Built in Germany. And at the present time, sold in Germany. You’ll end up working through the matter of getting your new teardrop exported back to the states.

Here’s a link to the KLEOX website, through Google’s German to English translator.



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Donald N Wright
6 months ago

What a cute little trailer. Take along a couple of popup tents for additional space.

Roger V
6 months ago

So basically a cargo trailer with windows?

Bob p
6 months ago
Reply to  Roger V

A small cargo trailer!

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