Sunday, October 2, 2022


RV includes built-in flame thrower

By Chuck Woodbury
I have been an RVer for nearly half a century. I have seen many things. I have never seen a recreational vehicle with a built-in flame thrower. If I live to be 150 (highly unlikely), I will never see another one.

The RV’s longhorn-skull hood ornament breathes fire, as you can plainly see in the photo. Personally, I see no value in it except, perhaps, to cook roadkill on a back road. I would definitely not push the “engage fire” button on a freshly oiled highway for fear of frying every vehicle and living creature behind me.

I am a mild-mannered man who is not easily provoked to react in an angry fashion. But the image of engaging this fire-breathing truck camper to scare away kids who cut through my campsite did come to mind. Hold your letters as I am ashamed of myself for even thinking such a thing. So no need to tell me.

THE TRUCK ITSELF is a 1968 Chevy C20 Longhorn. Close to 2,000 of them were built to appeal to ranchers. We found the RV on the website, where it is being auctioned. The current bid is $30,200. Hurry if you want it. The auction ends in 5 days.

The speedometer on this incredibly bizarre vehicle records up to 100 miles per hour. I can only imagine how heads would turn if it were going flat out with fire belching from its hood. I would travel many miles to be there if this were to happen.

I just thought of another idea: If the RV were positioned just right, it could come in handy lighting campfires.

What do you think? How might you put this flame-throwing RV to good use? Please leave a comment. Be creative. No idea is too outrageous! (just be nice).



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Donald N Wright
7 months ago

I live in the Dallas-fort Worth area, and traffic has gotten much worse with all the damp yankees moving down here to complain. This flame throwers would be very helpful on 635 LBJ highway at “rush hour”. As RVTravel is in Washington State, where one thousand Californians an hour try to move there, perhaps you need this truck more than we do.

Uncle Swags
7 months ago

I live in NJ in the heart of yankee-land. I get to use it first!

7 months ago

Reminds me of one time when we had unhooked and then driven the toad to a local WM. I went into the store and my husband stayed in the car. He told me when I got back about 2 young men asked what the black metal things were on the front of the car were for. My husband, who loved to joke, told them they were gernade launchers. They walked off studying the car their whole way to their truck!

John Koenig
7 months ago

Just what California (or other super dry location) needs. As Bugs Bunny has been known to say: “What a maroon”.

rollin mckim
7 months ago

You would need about 3 flame outlets on each side and front and back, with controls for each side to allow only using the flame where you need it.

It would come in terribly handy if you get stuck going through a large blue city during one of those sponsored riots, where it’s either BURN OR BE BURNED.

Gordy B
7 months ago

Looks like a possible solution to unexplained wild fires out west! Maybe as you said, a way to start campfires (especially on rainy days).

7 months ago

Nothing like making it easier to start fires. Bet there’s a few federal charges in their future.

7 months ago

Stupid never falls far from the tree. ” Oh, lookie, another way to bully society, set a national forest on fire and maim someone who did not affirm my behavior.”
Get the picture?

Don S
7 months ago

This is one of those”Watch this, here hold my beer” things

7 months ago

Good for motivating to slow drivers!

P. Laws
7 months ago

Awesome vehicle for Burning Man!

7 months ago

Another idiot with more money than brains!

Cindy Walker
7 months ago

Maybe alert the driver that just cut you off that you are there, and contrary to their popular belief cannot stop on a dime?

Dan Kruger
7 months ago

Heat some lunch in tinfoil for a fast meal…..otherwise STUPID…..

Gene Bjerke
7 months ago

This would be more useful on the back for people who follow too closely. In the day, some hot-rodders rigged their exhaust pipes to do something like this.

Dave J
7 months ago

Flame thrower, eh? Well if it were mounted behind and off to a side (side swichable) one could use it for backfiring (aka starting defensive backfires). Might be a lot faster than a drip torch.

The Lazy Q
7 months ago

Perfect to help them lousy drivers move along.

7 months ago

Clean up the RV parking spot?

Jesse Crouse
7 months ago

Dukes of Hazzard to the extreme or Smokey and the Bandit 2.Must have been drinking some of his own moonshine when he thought this one up. Oop’s that would have taken a brain in the first place. Can you guess where I am goin g with this?

7 months ago

Welcome wagon for Russian invaders.

7 months ago

LOL Only use I see is starting campfires. I guess clearing protesters would serve as a purpose.

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