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RV gadget review: Lippert folding wagon

One of the more common sights as I sat in the booth in Quartzsite recently was folks rolling by with folding wagons of all kinds. While a few folks were toting the cool stuff they bought, a lot more had their dogs in the wagons and were taking them for a pull. I asked to see a number of these up close and found that the quality of them varies. A lot. 

Vowing to get one of these, I came home and browsed the Lippert store. Yes, the same folks who likely made the chassis on your travel trailer and who bought Furrion also have a whole bunch of RV accessories. The reason I waited is I wanted to see how well the Lippert product compared to what I saw in Quartzsite. 

Now that I’m back home, I went to my Santa Claus, er, UPS store and picked up the folding wagon I got from Lippert. 

No assembly of the folding wagon required

First of all, there’s no assembly required. The wagon comes already packaged and folded in the box. I just had to get my wife to hold one end while I pulled our latest gadget out of the other. 

While I, like so many other kids, had the American Flyer wagon as a young lad, these newer wagons are so much more convenient in so many ways. As RVers we always want to minimize the amount of space we need for anything in the baggage compartments. These wagons fold up small enough that I think ours is going to have permanent residence in the back seat of our pickup truck. 

Unfolding the wagon was a cinch. The wagon actually has sort of a bag that it resides in when folded. There’s a handle at the top so you can carry it around in it’s folded state. 

No Tom Foolery here—you just take off the cover and unfold the wagon. Unlike one of those tents that claims to be easy, this actually is. And no fingers will get pinched in the process. 

Once unfolded, the wagon is rated to hold 150 pounds. The four wheels are very large caster-style wheels. The rear wheels are fixed and the front wheels are able to turn. There’s a handle that snaps up against the wagon and also extends. So hauling this around is easy. 

Materials and build are really good

Overall, the materials and build are really good—as I expected. I’ve gotten things before from the Lippert store including a whole new awning for my travel trailer after a tree jumped out at me while I was driving. I have yet to be disappointed in the quality of anything I’ve gotten from the Lippert store. This wagon was no exception. 

In fact, the material was better than in a lot of the wagons I asked to see at Quartzsite for comparison. 

Lots of times you get something out of a box or bag and then attempt to fold it back into where it came from. That’s when the flaw shows up. But this wagon very easily folded back up and I was able to get the bag around it and snap it shut. Easy. 

I survived my American Flyer … and my adventurous childhood

Incidentally, I had written that I had an American Flyer wagon as a kid. There was one thing that wagon could do that this one can’t. You could take the pull handle, fold it backwards and ride that American Flyer down a hill. 

In fact, this was almost my demise as I was doing just that. I was going downhill at a ridiculous rate of speed when, halfway down the hill, I realized that I had no brakes. I was heading for a major road in my town that featured not only cars but city buses as well. Who knows how fast I was going? But my choice was to use a wall on the hill that rose out of the sidewalk as my way of stopping. 

That was my first trip to the ER, but certainly not my last. I was one of those kids who had to try any stupid thing that came to mind. So, if the lesson is that you learn from your mistakes, I must be a pretty smart guy. 

I guess I feel pretty smart now in that I waited and got something from a source that has already proven to have good stuff. While I don’t have a dog to tote around in the wagon any longer, I did eye our cat as a potential rider. But I thought it would be better to use this for toting around our nifty new chairs and other things from the campground to wherever we choose to use them. 


Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. I use a wagon similar to this wagon to transport water when we are in a state park. My wagon holds 2 five gallon water containers that I fill up at the water source and use a hand pump to transfer the water into the fresh water tank on the camper. No lifting needed, can filter the water right at the water source while the containers are in the wagon.

  2. I’ve had a folding wagon for years and never leave it at home. I use it for hauling firewood, my heavy cooler, and everything imaginable. It really comes in handy when visiting a friends campsite, I can bring my chair, a few beverages, a lap blanket and anything else I might need without making numerous trips back & forth. I also use it at home for gardening, hauling heavy bags of chicken feed and other chores around the house!

  3. Tony, I use mine to tote two 5 gallon water containers from the water source to the camper and have a hand pump system to fill the fresh water tank, no more lifting water when dry camping

  4. I bought one several years ago with bright pink flamingos on it from HSN or QVC. Handle extends and turns the wheels. Use it all the time around the campground and at home.

  5. My American Flyer saga ended when my Dad was swapping out his Rocket 88 engine from our Oldsmobile. Once he dropped that big V8 in my little red wagon, it was over!

  6. Tony, I can’t tell if this wagon has the feature I love about mine. The pull bar actually turns the front wheels rather than relying on the rotation of the front wheels to make turns

    • I got mine from Walmart 3 yrs ago and use it a lot. hauling laundry, trash, site/project clean up, rock, sand, tree trimmings and even my grandson a time or 2. It has held up well with no issues.

  7. Looking at your picture, its almost identical to the one I got at Costco. I wanted large, wide tires for taking over sand and grass, an extendable handle so its comfortable for us to take turns when I get tired, and strong enough to carry two bundles of firewood back to the campsite. I think we’re both happy.

    • I also have one with wide rubber soft tires to go over sand and rocks easier. I prefer these features over the skinny plastic wheels. Just my opinion and my experiences!

    • I was going to mention this. I got one at Costco as well. During the winter I use it to haul firewood from our stacks out back. During the summer, wifey uses it to do gardening. Great little well-built unit.


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