RV has rooftop swimming pool


It’s true, this travel trailer has a rooftop swimming pool. For those RVers who refuse to swim in lakes or rivers or, heaven forbid, public pools, here’s the solution. We assume the pool would be emptied before heading down the road.

Rooftop RV swimming pool
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But wait, here’s the rest of the story.

This one-of-a-kind recreation vehicle is the creation of French artist Benedetto Bufalino, who plays with the perception of everyday objects by altering their original function.

His best known projects include a sedan-turned-jacuzzi, a police car converted into a chicken coop and a cardboard faux-ferrari.

mobile phone booth

Oh, yes, we can’t forget to mention his truly mobile phone, well, actually a mobile phone booth.

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Bob p

I’m sorry to have to say this but that looks like a millennial design, it looks like it would be nice with very little thought as to the consequences. Just the fact that it’s on a single axle trailer is a dead giveaway as to the intelligence level of the “artist”. At least use common sense, oops that’s something they don’t have, and use a platform big enough to support it.


Watch out for the weight police!

Edward Price

The devil is in the details. Lets say 6′ wide by 14 feet long by 3 feet deep is 252 cubic feet, which is 1,885 gallons, and that weighs 14,000 pounds. Notice the 2′ by 2′ pads under each of four jackstands? The force on each jackstand is about 3,500 pounds, about the same as an individual wheel weight on a typical 34′ Class A coach. And lets add about 750 pounds per jackstand for the trailer weight itself. Even those big pads are sinking into the grass. If you can pump 6 gallons per minute to that 10′ head, then it will take you a bit more than 5 hours to fill that pool. That sure isn’t river water that they put in that pool, so does the trailer have on-board filtration? Hmm, it would be a great trailer fire extinguisher.


Just guessing on the dimensions, the water alone would exceed 10 tons. That might just crush the roof of most rv’s

martlin c chambers

I think they are over the GVWR don’t you?


Wow joke or not when RV manufacturers can’t even do a good job right now of keeping rain water out of leaking through our brand new RV’s I can’t even begin to image the nightmares with this idea coming to fruition….just don’t let THOR get their hands on this for a future design LOL ??


It says click to enlarge. It doesn’t.