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New RV magazine ignores older RVers

After decades of publication, the two most popular American RV magazines, Trailer Life and Motorhome, were discontinued last year. Subscribers received a new, replacement periodical titled RV.

The new magazine, from Camping World and CEO Marcus Lemonis, is pretty — lots of photos and a snappy layout. But the content is aimed squarely at RVers in their 30s and 40s. The May issue only features a few photos of RVers older than 50.

RV advertisements are mostly for travel trailers, Class B and C motorhomes and truck campers. Many articles are about using RVs for outdoor adventure.

Some features will appeal to all RVers, especially reviews of products and some travel articles.

There are plenty of plugs for Camping World and ads from businesses that likely do business with Camping World.

I suspect, however, that baby boomer RVers and others just a bit younger will feel somewhat left out when paging through the magazine, despite the fact that these seasoned RV travelers have spent a lot more time in their RVs than younger, novice RVers, who, on average, spend little more than a couple weeks a year in their rigs.

A newsstand copy is $6.99, and a one-year subscription $19.97.

Have you read the new RV magazine? What do you think of it?




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Unhappy reader
4 months ago

The old magazines Motorhome and Trailer Life had lots of DIY and technical articles that helped me keep my unit going and allowed me to save money etc. The new RV magazine is just a bunch of recipes and other lifestyle stuff that is worthless. If I wanted cooking recipes and wine pairings I would subscribe to a food magazine. Bring back the old Motorhome Magazine

1 year ago

I had enjoyed reading Trailer Life because it was a way for me to connect with RVers in-between trips. I don’t feel that in this magazine at all.I just read the latest issue in 20 minutes.

1 year ago

I have not read or seen it. I never liked their old magazines. They seemed focused on high end RVers. (like the AARP magazine is aimed at people with money). I enjoyed the Escapees magazine because it seems to be aimed at more the average RVer.

1 year ago

Not bad and not great. Basically a Camping World catalog. The article on outdoor cooking was pretty good this month. I liked the reviews on the old Motorhome mag the best as a little more objectivity.

The Escapees mag blows this out of the water in my opinion.

Ronald C Mcclain
1 year ago

Terrible magazine for this 74 yo RV’er. Complete opposite of Motorhome Magazine!

Paul S Goldberg30 amp
1 year ago

I dropped my subscription to Motorhome after 20 years because I found nothing to read in it. Therefore I have “missed’ the transition to RV, gratefully after reading the reviews here. I love this newsletter, Escapees magazine, and Family RVing (or whatever they call it now).

Peter H Smith
1 year ago

I did not renew. Waste of time reading it.

Mark Christian
1 year ago

I keep getting issues in my mailbox months after my last issue in my subscription was delivered. I’m very disappointed in the new RV magazine. If you’re trying to win me over, it’s not working. Out of 4 issues, I read maybe one article out of the last one I received. Just turned 60 & I always looked forward to setting out by the campfire & reading the old Trailer Life, now I tear off my address label, shred it & the useless mag hits the trash can fast.

James Ellerman
1 year ago

I wanted to continue Motorhome Magazine after 16 years of subscribing. When I contacted to get a refund on unsent issues I was told there would be no refunds only RV Magazine in the future. As soon as it arrives I take a quick peek and rip my name off and it goes in the recycle bin. I will let my GS expire as well when my renewal comes up in Oct. since they won’t refund either.

Mary Martin
1 year ago

We noticed the same thing immediately. Such a disappointment. We loved Trailer Life and Motorhome Life and were subscribers for well over 30 years. Not anymore.

1 year ago

We had over 1 year left on our subscription to Trailer Life. We were never offered any kind of credit or special on the new magazine. We liked Trailer Life a LOT better!

1 year ago

I think the new magazine is a major improvement over the thin gruel that Motorhome had become. Yes, it appeals to younger people – face it folks, us baby boomers are not the future of the RV industry. And yes, there isn’t as much advertising, and what there is seems to be only products sold by Camping World. But, how many articles do you need on how to winterize your RV? I enjoy seeing the “adventure” articles, I may still do some of those things, and if I want pictures of people over 50 I have the AARP magazine.

John Klein
1 year ago

I am going to discontinue our subscription. Trailer Life could absorb for me for several educational hours. It took me 5 mins to thumb thru the last issue of RV Magazine. I would suggest they devote several issues to RV campground etiquette. It’s all about sales.

As soon as folks realize they have to go back to work, there is going to be a million RV’s of all kinds on the market for sale. And this magazine will have lost their loyal readers.

1 year ago

We are most likely to not renew. Not finding it interesting.

Karen S.
1 year ago

Gosh, I must be the only 65 year old that likes RV Magazine! To me, Motorhome Magazine was more about presenting new motorhome models. I thought Motorhome Magazine was “tired” in the articles buried with a lot of advertisement, so I cancelled my subscription.

I like the articles in RV Magazine about how to repair things, new projects to do, and new-to- me places to go. It has a more fresh approach. Though it does have new model feature articles, there is more of a balance overall. Not a Marcus fan by any sort for a number of reasons, #1 slowly dismantling the Good Sam Club and everything it once stood for.

We just retired, and quite frankly want to know about things that may not be new to some “seasoned” RV’ers. Or places to go that a few older RV’s have no interest like staying at a Harvest Host – one of our favorite experiences. And venturing out to tour the canyons. We have owned our Class A for 3-1/2 years. Just now having the chance to go explore and try new things.

1 year ago

OLD people buy subscriptions. Young people want it free on the internet.

Lemonis is correct to target younger buyers as that is who Camping Worlds RV sales are built upon. The old people got da money but the young people SPEND their money.

Unless this publication is free to younger buyer’s or a free subscription is part of the sales process at Camping World I suggest “RV” the magazine will have a tough road to success. You can’t target a magazine to younger buyers and expect them to pay for it all the while expecting the old farts to subscribe to your magazine when their is little content that will peak their interest.

Time will tell!

Diane M
1 year ago
Reply to  bull

I hate it when younger people call us “old farts.” Bull, maybe you should read more subscriptions. Maybe then you would be able to spell buyers, there, and pique correctly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Diane M

jumped off the page at me as well!

W Timme
1 year ago

That’s just BS. They must be kicking your tail

Cap'n Tom
1 year ago

I think Marcus will be disappointed as he sees his subscription numbers tumble. I’ve been subscribing to Motorhome magazine for years – long before I ever actually got my first rig. I usually read it cover to cover and found it all interesting. Like most here, the new RV magazine (like CW’s “Magalog” they’re sending every month) just seems like another ad for CW and related companies.
I find his decision interesting, as print media is really struggling. Taking two into one and losing subscribers faster than you can gain them is a great way to go bankrupt. I give the magazine two years before it disappears.

1 year ago

Just a blanket comment. ALL of the comments on this timely issue were excellent. Applause…Applause.

1 year ago

RV full time is a commitment. Younger, working Rvers are already burning out. No room for toys, lack of privacy and costly repairs. A fad is a fad. Been on the road 14 years. We’re loving it with no end in sight. We summer work camp $$$ to keep busy and alert. Retired on pensions, social security is a bonus. We miss Trailer Life. The business is ripe for a new magazine and editor. Represent all or none.

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