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RV Review: 2021 Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

By Tony Barthel
Yesterday we looked at the biggest truck camper in the Lance line. How does it compare to the smallest travel trailer from the same brand, the Lance 1475? I thought I’d take a look and compare.

The Lance 1475 is one of the only travel trailers that I know of where there is an optional slide room, first of all. That alone makes it unique.

Small trailers are usually those with the fewest features, especially those that really make a qualitative difference. That’s not true in this model. In fact, it’s as well equipped as any other Lance, just in a smaller package. There’s a standard awning with wind sensor, high-quality tilt-out windows that incorporate a day/night shade and a screen and, most of all, Lance’s insulation package designating this as a four-season camper.

Interestingly (to me, anyway) this trailer is almost 1,500 pounds lighter than yesterday’s reviewed Lance 1172 truck camper. That camper is also about six inches longer in overall length. But for perspective, it’s important to consider that a travel trailer has about three feet of length in its tongue. So, this is about a 16-foot overall body, whereas the truck camper is considerably longer.

However, the truck camper, of course, has a big chunk taken out in the space that accommodates the cab of the pickup truck.

Single axle safety?

For those who care, this is one of only two single-axle trailers in the Lance line, the other being the 1575. I know some folks lose their mind over single-axle trailers. But, really, there’s only a single axle under your pickup camper and only one axle under the rear of many 28,000-pound motorhomes. In fact, I’ve towed a single-axle trailer all over the western U.S. with literally no issues. But I do maintain my tires and the rest of the systems in the trailer.

What’s inside the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

I remember the first time I stepped into one of these and saw the two captain’s chairs on the camp side. I love this seating configuration. It’s just so much better than a dinette – in my personal opinion. Based on the number of dinettes in the world, I may be unusual. And that wouldn’t be a first by any stretch of the imagination.

These two chairs occupy a space below a big window on the camp side and there’s a table on a Lagun arm that sits between them. It works well in a space this size. In addition to this little table, there’s also a Lagun table that fits on the wall between the bed and the chairs so you can use this with the chair or use it in bed. It’s pretty slick. I’ve become a huge fan of these tables.

If you do choose the model with the slide room, it’s here on the camp side. There’s a couch that takes the place of these captain’s chairs. Having a couch instead of captain’s chairs also means that you add more sleeping space, if that’s something you want to do. If that annoying sibling says they want to come camping with you, then maybe don’t get the slide room after all.

East-west queen-sized bed in the Lance 1475

The bed in this trailer is a true queen-sized bed and is a pillow top mattress. However, it’s facing “east-west” so whoever is sleeping at the very front of the trailer is going to have to crawl over the person sleeping inward. This can be a great thing, or not, depending on who’s crawling over whom.

Seriously, though, there are windows on all three sides of the bed. All of them open a full 90° and incorporate day-night shades as well as screens. At the right time of year this can be a great place to catch a breeze while catching some Zs.

Over on the road side is a raised counter top section, under which is the hanging closet. If you don’t bring clothes that hang because you’re camping, you could also put drawers in here or just use this for whatever.

The amount of counter space in a trailer that’s this small is impressive. Also, you can keep the sink cover as well as the stove cover in place for maximum counter space. Speaking of that stove, there’s a 22-inch oven below it and an optional convection microwave overhead.

The bathroom at the back is a corner bath with a radius shower. It’s decent enough in size, especially considering how small and light this trailer is.

The back wall of this trailer has a slide-out pantry with metal hanging baskets and, last but not least, the refrigerator. That puts the reefer right at the back door so it’s an easy reach to get another cold beer – despite what your spouse says. Not that I have any experience with this discussion…

Outside matters

As much as the inside is slick, there are a few things outside that really make a difference. One of those is a drawer option in the front pass-through storage. This lets you access it from either side and gives you access to whatever’s in the middle. Of course, that would be the thing you’d otherwise want and not be able to reach.

Because the awning is armless, that means Lance was able to stretch it almost the entire length of the trailer, which makes quite a difference. 

In summary

With as light as the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer is, I could see it opening up the world of camping to a lot of folks who might otherwise be put off by the size of some trailers. There are, of course, many other trailers this small and light – but this one is just so well done. Plus, let’s face it, Lance is known for their build quality. They’re certainly not the cheapest option, but they have a very solid reputation.

Another thing Lance is known for (which I always thought was odd since they’re built in Southern California) is their ability to camp in four seasons. The company is very specific about this ability in all its models.


These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Jake (@guest_121277)
2 years ago

Finally hit my hot spot as being a widower male senior traveler this seems to be the ticket for me as I will evaluate the model 1575 ..great for me..Thanks so much as I am retired Naval Air veteran and stay mostly at military installations as super safe and gated suits my comfort as they usually have nice facilities lounges and bathing..Thanks so much as I am currently camperless..(new word)..sold my large truck camper but kept the truck so ready for the road once I find a single axle like Lance..Staying on base lodges & Inns is too much lugging & unpacking having another trailer is far more privacy overall as staying with adult daughters isn’t working overall..Once military always military whether one mentions it or not it’s in your soul..will be 80 yo this year..

Tommy Molnar (@guest_121195)
2 years ago

I like that the windows actually open up and allow flow through breezes instead of barely opening at the bottom. I also like that the LED awning lights shine back at the trailer instead of being mounted on the side of the trailer and annoying anyone within eyesight of you. I like the stairs that fold back up under the trailer instead of standing up inside of the trailer when not in use.

But, it’s too small for me.

“I know some folks lose their mind over single-axle trailers”. That would be me . . . 😎 

Brenda G (@guest_121194)
2 years ago

I purchased a previously-owned 2017 Lance 1475 that has every available option that was offered that year. The interior is almost the same as the 2021 which proves “when you have perfection, there’s no need for changes”. My “must-haves” were a nice size, double-door refrig/freezer; a dry bath; and, a/c……everything else included was just “icing on the cake”! Being a solo traveler, I especially enjoy the swivel/rocker chairs; push button awning; outside shower; and electric or propane hot water and refrigerator.
And BEST of all, I bought it for less than half of what the original owners paid just a mere 10 months prior.

Judy S (@guest_121467)
2 years ago
Reply to  Brenda G

Brenda G, Gasp! You got a great buy!

Bob M (@guest_121162)
2 years ago

I like it, but wouldn’t buy because of the east west bed and small tank capacity.

L Bertran (@guest_121131)
2 years ago

This review incorrectly states the 1475 is the only single axle TT in the Lance line. The Lance 1575 is also a single axle TT. I know because I’m sitting in my Lance 1575 right now. I do agree with the reviewer about how these small Lance campers are packed with quality features including the energy efficient Truma Combi water heater and furnace that can run on either shore power or propane.

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