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RV Review: 2022 Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 240RBS travel trailer


Today’s RV review is of the 2022 Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 240RBS. Essentially, this is a relatively affordable smaller travel trailer that, to me, seems to be an upgrade from some of the trailers in this price category. 

Let’s face it. If you’ve been reading this column for a while or you have been out there shopping for RVs, you know they are getting expensive. It used to be there were a lot of choices that were more at the entry level whose MSRP was somewhere in the mid $20,000 range. Now the starting MSRP of a lot of “affordable” trailers is in line with this one in the low $40,000 range. 

That is a gigantic jump, but a huge change in perception, too. Fortunately, dealers are dealing once again. While every dealership is different, I looked around and did see this trailer with an asking price in the mid-$20,000 range. 

Many of these RVs, particularly the more affordable ones, tend to be financed for a long period of time. For example, one of the credit unions we used when I was selling RVs is currently advertising ten-year loans at a rate of 5.24 percent. If you have tier one credit, this would result in a payment of approximately $165 a month. That’s still not bad. 

What do you get in the Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 240RBS

In this price category, a lot of times the trailers you get feel like they’re at the bottom of the price structure. I have to give Jayco a lot of credit with this model—it really doesn’t scream “affordable” at all. 

There are two interiors, and you can choose RV brown as one of those. But there’s also a modern farmhouse interior that I thought felt rather upscale. The two-tone treatment has some of the cabinetry in a darker brown and other in a sort of cream color that had a bit of distressed decor look to it. I thought it made the trailer feel much more upscale than the price indicated. 

Further, there were material things about this trailer that were more upscale than the price indicated. Jayco has been using Goodyear Endurance travel trailer tires for some time now, including on these more affordable units. 

The company also has something called JaySMART™ lighting. That’s where the side marker lights and one of the top marker lights flash with the turn signals. I’ve written before that should be a requirement. I think it’s a genuine safety bonus feature. 

Jayco also has one of the better warranties in the travel trailer world with a two-year warranty overall and three-year structural warranty. This is good, too. 

Another thing that’s unusual is that Jayco is using the same flooring throughout the trailer, including in the slide room. There are still plenty of trailers, including some at a much higher price point than this one, that use carpeting in various places including the slide room. Not here. 


One of the highlights of any travel trailer floor plan that has a rear bath is that that bath spans the entire width of the rear of the camper. The advantage of this is that there’s plenty of space in this room to accomplish everything you came here to do. Heck, you could even change your clothes in here. 

There’s also a fairly large shower, which is a plus. Further, the interior ceiling height in this model is 6’9”. So that translates into a taller shower as well. Nice. 


On the opposite end of the trailer is the bedroom, and it has a door. However, the bed is a camp queen at just 74 inches in length. Oh, well.

The hanging closets in this are different in that there is a full hanging closet on one side of the bed and a partitioned shelf unit on the other. While this might seem odd, in the case of how my wife and I have partitioned our closets, this is exactly what we have done. She accomplished this by using a hanging shelf unit.

Kitchen in the Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 240RBS

Jayco is still offering the choice of a 12-volt compressor refrigerator or a propane-electric RV refrigerator. I know there are absolutely some of you who prefer the RV fridge. I always like it when there’s a choice.

This has a decent amount of counter space, considering the size of the trailer. Ir has an “L”-shaped counter top that features a reasonably good-sized stainless steel sink. Of course, as you might expect, one area where Jayco cheaped out on this is the worthless 16-inch oven. Sigh.


As long as we’re here, a few other complaints I have include another of the ones that plague RVs. That’s the worthless vent fan in the bathroom.

Surprisingly, this trailer has a ducted air conditioning system. That is another surprising touch at this price point. That means there are air conditioning ducts throughout the trailer instead of there being a direct dump unit.

The reason this is in the complaint department, per se, is that the AC uses the Dometic thermostat. I can’t tell you how many of these lousy thermostats I replaced under warranty. I haven’t seen them in a while and hoped they had gone the way of the dodo. Nope. If this is the trailer for you, know that you are very likely going to have to replace this much sooner than you might imagine.

I’m also not a big fan of floor-ducted heating. However, it’s not the biggest issue in the world. I would suggest just covering the ducts with a magnet sheet designed for this purpose when they’re not being used in the summer. This will keep the gunk out of them so you don’t get “that smell” when you first fire up the furnace come fall.

The front of the Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 240RBS is a corrugated material. I wish it weren’t. A smoother surface would cut through the wind more easily. I suspect that a lot of the people who would look at this trailer are hoping to tow with something that isn’t exceptionally capable. Having a smoother front would make it tow more easily. This is something you’ll see in things like Cherokee and Wildwood wood-framed (stick-and-tin) trailers.

Boondocking and travel access

This trailer has two gray tanks which combine to offer 78 gallons of storage. That’s a lot. If you’re camped in a place that doesn’t have full hookups such as a state or national park, that could make a huge difference.

This is how I camp frequently, as I like the setting and they’re also less expensive. I bring in fresh water in collapsible bags and fill my own trailer with the antifreeze inlet. (I can change the valving such that it sucks the water into the fresh tank.) Having this much gray storage would change how long I could camp without resorting to my portable gray tank.

As for travel access, you can’t get to the bedroom in the Jayco Jay Flight SLX8 240RBS, but the rest of the rig is accessible with the slide in.

In summary

For the price point of this trailer, compared to many other offerings, this has a much more pleasant feel than most. There are a lot of Jayco-specific features, too, that make this one to put on your shopping list if you’re looking for an affordable couple’s camper. 

The added safety features inherent in Jayco’s JaySMART™ lighting is a further bonus, as is the warranty. Overall it’s a good value—which isn’t something that’s all that common nowadays. 

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4 months ago

I saw a jayco floor plan over a year ago and fell in love with it. Now that we are thinking of going a second year with a seasonal site we decided to check out the floor plan and a jeep grand cherokee will tow this. So we are going with it and think that this design at about 25 feet is perfect. This one is still too big for us. We will keep our old one for recreational towing but the bigger one will be perfect for our seasonal site. As for price? We are finding them reasonable on the east coast and at a price we can afford. Good luck searching.

Bob M
4 months ago

Those floor registers may not be metal. I bought the magnetic covers for my Jayflight and they don’t stick. Not sure if they’re plastic or alum. With two gray tanks, if one goes over the axles the pipe may retain some water until you go down hill. Then when you open the sewer drain gray water rushes out. I put one of those caps on that has a hose fitting to slowly drain the water.

Steve H
4 months ago

Just an FYI from personal experience. The weight of this Jayco may be handled by most half-ton trucks and a few big SUVs, but the weight should not be the only consideration. Most vehicle owner’s manuals will also contain a “square feet of surface area” number for a trailer. With the corrugated surface on the front of this trailer and its shape, the drag coefficient (friction) when towed will be relatively high. Even if some mid-size and half-ton trucks claim to be able to tow more than this trailer’s GVWR of 6,750#, they may NOT be able to handle the wind resistance of this trailer at highway speeds!

4 months ago
Reply to  Steve H

Good comment and hopefully Jayco is listening. The corrugated front definitely impacts how it tows at highway speeds. Smooth fiberglass would be better and Jayco already has many fiberglass models. It would seem easy for them do.

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