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Ask Dave: There’s a crack in my RV’s shower floor. How do I fix it?


Dear Dave,
There is a stress crack in a piece of my RV’s molded shower floor where the bench seat meets the floor. I put tub caulking on it, but it still opens up. Can it be repaired? —Diana, 2018 Cameo Crossroads

Dear Diana,
Typically, the plastic starts out as a large hard sheet that is heated in an oven and then placed over a wooden mold with holes in it. It’s then vacuum-formed as the one-piece shower surround.

When it cools, it becomes a hard plastic and cannot be sealed with tub caulking since it is a flexible/soft sealant. The crack will allow the two sides to move back and forth and the caulking will just pull away. Since the crack is where the shower pan meets the bench, it is obviously in a curved and a stressed area.

Products that help with RV shower floor cracking

There are several products on the market that you can use such as Permatex, J-B Weld, or a new one I came across recently called Easy ABS Repair Kit. Most of the ABS repair products are a resin or patch and most are only available in black. We used the J-B Weld on one project as it dried an off-white color and can be sanded and painted. You can get it at Amazon here.

How to apply

Start by drilling a small hole at each end of the crack so the crack will not migrate further. We spread the product out an inch or more wider than the crack, sanded, and did another layer the next day. Then we painted with Zinsser 123 as it adheres great to plastic. The white match was not perfect; however, it was close enough. We probably could have color-matched it but did not want to get that picky as it was an older coach.

If the crack is larger and moves, you might need to use a patch, as there are several that can be contoured to the design of the curve you have. It might not look as good as you would like, but would work.

Another option would be white Eternabond tape. This stuff sticks to everything and lasts forever! Again, it would look like a band-aid, but it would hold, I believe.

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Bob M
4 months ago

Back years ago I dropped a wrench on my shower floor working on the shower head. First you have to figure out what material it is than you should be able to buy the kit to repair the shower. Temporarily I sealed the crack with gorilla tape. It’s a clear tape like shipping tape, but is waterproof. It worked great till I got the repair kit.

4 months ago

You can also get that JB Weld Plastic Weld at O’Reilly auto parts and avoid Amazon.

Jim Schrankel
4 months ago

I might suggest using expanding foam beneath the shower pan as it’s probably not supported properly in the first place, causing the initial problem.

4 months ago

I have had great luck with JB Water Weld. You need to ruff up the area real good. Go about 1/2 inch around damaged area. Then sand it smooth. It dries a light grey. Stuff even cures if it is wet

4 months ago

Eternabond worked for us albeit the white color is now gone and just the adhesive now remains (gray)

4 months ago

There are products such as Plastex, Plast-aid and Plastipair. They use a solvent and plastic powder that actually melts into the plastic and bonds. Not just a surface repair like epoxy.
Motorcyclists use it to repair plastic parts on the bikes.

Bob p
4 months ago

She could also try waterproof epoxy, some of them dry clear, just use enough to give plenty of area for good adhesion. This fixed a cracked condensate tray on my A/C.

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