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RV Review: 2022 Wildwood FSX 169RSK travel trailer – Wow!

It’s not often that I see a floor plan for an RV and get excited enough that I can’t wait to share it with you all. But that’s exactly what happened when I saw Josh Winters’ video on the Wildwood FSX 169RSK travel trailer. Incidentally, this is exactly the same trailer as the Salem FSX 169RSK.

What makes this so exciting? It’s essentially a smaller travel trailer that checks a lot of boxes with a few downsides, as with any RV. But what makes this special is that it’s a relatively small, light, narrow-body trailer that has a bedroom slide and real seating for up to four adults. 

Highlights of the Wildwood FSX 169RSK

I think one of the key features of this is the fact that the back of the trailer sports a bed slide on the road side. This allows for a bedroom that’s completely separated from both the main living space and even the bathroom by a proper door. 

In that bedroom there are more cabinets and closets than you’d think would be in here. So there’s really a surprising amount of storage in the bedroom for a trailer of this size. Yet, there’s also a table top and even a space for a TV in there. It’s pretty impressive. 

One of the ways they can pull this whole thing off is with a camp queen bed. I know that some of you are quite opposed to those, but there is a way around this that Josh showed off in the video. If you get a cushion that fits between the headboard and the mattress, when you open the slide room you can fit that cushion in and now you’ve extended the size of the bed. But this still offers the ability for the slide to go in. 

The bathroom divides the RV in half

I also like RVs where the bathroom effectively divides the RV in half. That’s because this gives you a door from the bedroom to the bathroom as well as a door between the main living space and the bathroom. 

If you’re on the same sleep schedule as my wife and I, this really works well. She’s a night owl and I’m an early riser. Having two doors to block light and sound can be helpful. But I also know a lot of you have taken the time to write in and say you don’t like this arrangement. 

There’s no one answer to any RV question, and I also really appreciate that some of you take the time to write in. Thank you!

The bathroom, too, is really spacious, with a shower on one side and sink and toilet on the other. I do wish they had angled the toilet, but it’s still not a bad situation. It’s just that it could be better. 

Living area in the Wildwood FSX 169RSK

But what is a big surprise is the living area. You’d think with as spacious as this bedroom is, the kitchen would suffer, but it absolutely doesn’t. 

There’s an “L”-shaped kitchen counter with a large round sink that actually has decent counter space. This is one of the growing number of RVs I’m seeing with the two-burner stove top—which really does make sense in an RV. 

Unfortunately, the microwave isn’t a convection model. That is the biggest drawback, to me, of the kitchen. But there is a lot of drawer and cabinet space. Again, a surprising amount. 

Multi-purpose table

The front of this trailer has a “U”-shaped dinette with a table mounted on a leg that’s attached to the bottom of the dinette. This table swivels around so even your larger campers can get into all the seating spaces. 

But you can also use the table in different positions—which is another plus. 

Further, at night, you can put the table down and use the cushions to form a bed. It’s actually a relatively large bed that spans the entire width of the trailer. Further, Wildwood stitched two of the cushions together so they don’t end up on the floor in the middle of the night. This is such a simple touch that can be one less thing that’s bothersome over time. This is the kind of attention to detail that I like to see. 

On that same subject, Wildwood’s standard operating procedure is to enclose the underbelly on their trailers. However, it’s done in sections such that if you have an issue somewhere in the middle of the trailer, its easy enough to remove a single panel and effect a repair. Again, a very simple thing but one that will be appreciated over time. 

I like this audio system

I am absolutely no fan of many of the audio systems that come with RVs, and this one is a huge exception. Typically I bring a Bluetooth portable speaker with me. But this one comes with one right out of the gate. So there’s no radio, per se, but there is the speaker. That is my preference. 

There’s also a Suburban flat-top griddle that comes with this. It slides in and out of a shelf on the side. This does take some of the front storage space. However, if you don’t like this, a few moments with a screw gun can make the change you desire. I have this griddle and do like it, though. 

Boondocking and travel access

Surprisingly, this is fully accessible even with that rear bedroom slide in. With the slide in this becomes an RV east-west bed, but so what? It’s still fully usable. Otherwise all the rest of this is usable. 

Observations on the Wildwood FSX 169RSK

This sort of fits with the boondocking section but there is capacity to hold 43 gallons of fresh water aboard this trailer. The one challenge is that this is a smaller, single-axle trailer. That means your cargo carrying capacity is a bit limited at 931 pounds.

Since this is a travel trailer and you don’t have to account for passenger weights in the trailer when towing, that’s certainly achievable. But there’s also the appeal of all those cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, so you will want to be aware of what’s going in.

It’s surprising how quickly you can load this much weight in an RV. I always encourage all RVers to have your rigs weighed once they’re loaded. It’s a cheap safety thing to so at a CAT scale, which are located wherever trucks congregate generally.

The other thing is the table in the dinette, which is mounted to the front of the forward section of the dinette. I can see someone using the table to lift themselves out of the dinette and yanking that table right off of there.

One last thing. This trailer doesn’t have a ducted air conditioner. I suspect that the bedroom isn’t going to get as much cool air as one would want on some hot, humid nights. I know Josh reported that Wildwood felt differently, but my Spidey Sense suspects that you’ll be a bit sweaty back there on some of those Southern nights.

In summary

Boy, do I like this floor plan—it’s a new one for Wildwood and Salem. But it really, really makes sense to have a smaller, easily towable trailer that is pretty affordable yet offers a lot of usability. 

This is another floor plan you’re going to see others copying—if I know my friends in the RV industry. It makes so much sense and, if someone did this in a wee bit larger model with two axles, you’d have a runaway success. In my humble opinion, of course. 

This is a great package

But even as it is, there are so many details that Wildwood/Salem have gotten right on this trailer that it’s really a great package. 

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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. In the photo it looks like there’s no side tables/space for phone/glasses/book next to the bed. Heck, not even sure I could get out of that bed. Deal breaker for us.

  2. Interesting enough floorplan that I looked at the 360-degree, 3-D view on the Wildwood website. Both the bathroom and bedroom vent fans are those tiny 4″ ones that make noise, but don’t create any airflow. So 1 non-ducted AC + 2 useless fans = 1 very uncomfortable bedroom. And in a dry camping, slide-in configuration (Flying J RV parking space, Interstate rest area truck/RV parking spaces, etc.) with no 120v power, therefore no AC, the windows in the slide provide no ventilation at all. Bottom line: Wildwood saved $200 on useful, high-speed14″ vent fans so they spend $200 on an outdoor grill.

    Yep, that’s the RV industry–give the customers what they think they want, not what they really need!

    • Doggone I totally neglected to mention these cheap fans. I agree – they’re worthless.

      Though I wonder when you’re buying hundreds at any one time what the actual cost is? They make such a big difference in your experience.

      That’s almost as bad as the 16″ ovens which reinforces your point about RV decision makers with checklists and no time camping.

  3. Does seem like a nice floor plan. Dinette would be nicer if it had a front windshield. Would want a oven, duel axels and fiberglass exterior. With the lighter weight, it would be cheaper to tow.

    • Yep, the one floorplan where a front windshield would be very beneficial, they don’t have one. I think they only put them in floorplans where they are above the head of the bed, so you can freeze in bed from the cold draft flowing down the glass! RV designers never had physics–warm air rises, cold air sinks.

  4. Love the Wildwood FSX. I have the 16RBK but I am very interested in the 2022 161QK…..Would like to see that review.


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