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RV Review: 2022 Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB – two bathrooms!

Today’s review is of the Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB, a large two-bedroom fifth wheel with two full baths. Not only are there two full bathrooms in this trailer, but the rear bath occupies the whole width of the rig and even has its own door.

I think if you’ve been following these reviews long enough you’re going to develop a taste for which brands of RVs I think are leading the pack in certain ways. But that doesn’t mean other brands don’t offer something of value, or even some significant features or packaging that really make them stand out. 


Forest River’s Wildwood and Salem brands are basically the same products but with different stickers. This is done so that the company can still maintain dealership territories but then add another dealership if it makes sense in the area. 

For example, the dealership I worked at sold Flagstaff RVs. We were technically within the dealership protected area of Rockwood. But with the Flagstaff brand, we could offer the same products. And, in typical RV dealer fashion, our new-found competition told customers that the Flagstaff brand was a lesser cousin to Rockwood. Nope. Same trailers. Different stickers. 

There are a number of things that I really like about this brand. That includes that big second bathroom that spans the entire width of the rear of the coach. It features a bathtub, toilet and sink along with a decent amount of storage space. This is nicer than a lot of bathrooms in a lot of RVs already, but it’s only the second bathroom in this rig. 

Freedom space in the Wildwood Heritage Glen

Off the bathroom is a room that I can best describe as a multipurpose room. It is technically a bedroom and there’s a tri-fold couch, a flip-up bunk and then a second bunk. But the couch is nothing more than three attached nicer cushions. It is only in here by gravity, so you could very easily take it out. 

What can you then do with that space? An office. A craft room. Whatever you like. Or, use the bunks and let your littles run amok. They have their own bathroom and space. 

The main living space is pretty typical for a bunk model fifth wheel. As usual, there’s that worthless 16” oven which makes zero sense in a rig designed for larger groups. 

More pluses in the Wildwood Heritage Glen

There is a lot of cabinet and closet space in this kitchen, though, as well as a decent-sized RV refrigerator. 

A big plus is that there are no furnace vents in the floor. That makes a tremendous amount of sense in a bunk model. Or any model, for that matter. 

I like that this company uses stairs that allow you to put shoes underneath, and there’s also a seat right at the entry door. Further, there are shoe cubbies by the electric fireplace as well. Hooray for accommodating humans, who might often be found having shoes. 

Now, whoever made this good decision should go talk to whoever buys the ovens. 

Boondocking and Travel Access

If you were expecting that this large rig has poor travel access, shockingly, it’s great! You can fully access anything you’d need in the kitchen and, of course, the upstairs bathroom and bedroom. 

Further, since the back bathroom has its own door, that’s accessible too. The only exception is the second bedroom. Other than that, you’re totally good. 

This isn’t a rig where the focus is on off-grid travel and solar. So the solar panel is just 100 watt, more of a battery tender, really. You can always add solar to any rig, but not from the factory order form. 

In summary

I really like a lot of details of this rig. But I find that the windows on the camp side are absolutely minimal. There isn’t even a window in the door. No bueno. 

Also, the main dump valves are under the slide room. You’ll have to get one of those contortionists to operate your dump valves or even connect the hoses. Bleh. 

Even more pluses

And there are two complete dump points on this rig: one for the back and one for the front. But, on a big plus, the second black tank also has a tank flush provision—so that’s a big bonus. Oftentimes the second tank doesn’t have a flush system. 

Overall, the Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB is an interesting rig with lots of flexibility and great bathrooms. 


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Tony comes to RVtravel.com having worked at an RV dealership and been a lifelong RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

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Two full bathrooms
Flexible second room/bedroom
Road access
Few camp-side windows


Forest River's Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB is a larger fifth wheel with two complete bathrooms but a second room that could be a bedroom, office or craft room.
Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. I have this rig. For me and my two large dogs. I find no issues. I am not a great cook so who cares about the oven. There is air fryers and crock pots, microwave. Sure showers are taken but it’s just me and I found bags with liners that absorb liquids to use in toliet so it’s simple and easy and no dumping blk tank. Tons of R.V. ppl do this. It’s about thinking outside the box with a few things in r.v. life. Ppl that complain and complain are just weekend campers anyways. Plus, hook up the hoses and do it all THEN let out the dang slide! Not.that.hard. ppl

  2. I am always disappointed by the puny freshwater tanks in these extra-large rigs. Their relatively small size encourages full freshwater tank highway driving. I consider this to be playing with the fire of an unbalanced, sloshing center of gravity. These rigs are intended for nothing more than comfort based RV parks, resorts or full hookups camp grounds. These are the only ways so many campers are going to be able to shower in two full baths for more than one day.

  3. I wonder how much fun it is to empty two black tanks and two grey tanks. Especially the ones under the slide.
    Also, if you are hauling 10 people, that pretty much means two passenger hauling vehicles.

  4. This fifth wheel reminds me of a toy hauler with a rear bedroom and bath replacing the garage. Sure, you can sleep ten hopefully small people, but they can’t all sit around the dinner table. And how is the cook going to feed that many with that tiny, no counter-space, 16″ oven kitchen even if everyone is eating outside at the picnic table? And where are pots, pans, and dishes for 10 going to be stacked before being washed?

    And another example of a TV at a right angle to the sofa. Do RV designers have TVs at right angles to all the seating in their homes? I bet the answer is “no way”!

    You didn’t mention that solid, strut-supported roof over the outside kitchen, Tony! Maybe that’s where all the cooking for 10 gets done.


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Forest River's Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB is a larger fifth wheel with two complete bathrooms but a second room that could be a bedroom, office or craft room. RV Review: 2022 Wildwood Heritage Glen 356QB – two bathrooms!

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