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RV Review: 2022 Wolf Pack 27Pack10 Toy Hauler


I get a lot of requests for RV reviews. Some are for specific models, others are just for types of RVs. Today’s inspiration comes from a reader who asked about a toy hauler that doesn’t feel like a big empty garage inside. 

Unfortunately, many toy haulers have exactly this sensation – big garages. Part of that stems from the fact that they have to accommodate larger vehicles inside so there’s less room for cosmetic/warm touches. But I also think some toy hauler manufacturers could do a better job of not feeling like the interior of your local auto repair shop. 

Other factors are the toys themselves. Some folks want to bring side-by-sides which require a large space. Others are bringing smaller things like kayaks or bicycles. In that case, you don’t need to prioritize the “garage” section of the toy hauler as much. 

All those words are pointing to a new 2022 Forest River Wolf Pack 27Pack10 Toy Hauler. Depending on what your toys are, what your life circumstance is and what you’re hoping to tow with, this might be one of the most logical floor plans I’ve come across and one that would serve so many purposes. 

Forget the toys

Yeah, yeah. The Wolf Pack 27Pack10 is technically a toy hauler. In fact it’s absolutely a toy hauler. But let’s forget the toys for just a moment. I know I’ve written this before but read me out. (You can’t hear me out unless you’re using speech to text!)

While most toy haulers have just a big open garage in the back, this is unusual in that it has the bathroom over on the road side taking some of the space from the toy bay. But that means the toy bay can serve as a whole separate room with access to a large rear patio deck. 

You could make that toy bay in the Wolf Pack into an office or a hobby room. But this space is more separated than typically in a toy hauler. 

Inside the toy bay are two double bunks that are mounted on HappiJac bed lifts. You can lower just the bottom bunk or lower both bunks and, honestly, real adults can sleep in these. So if you’re camping with another couple or your children or grandchildren are no longer in grade school, this would work very well for that, too. 

It’s really a great floor plan if you’re not going to use it as a toy hauler, but rather something else. 

What about the toys

Let’s say you like things as advertised and want to bring toys in your Wolf Pack toy hauler after all. The garage in this unit will actually accept those. It measures 10’ long by 56” wide and 76” tall. That is enough for some toys like motorcycles, bicycles, kayaks and that sort of thing. You could stuff all the kids’ bikes back there and several other riding things and be fine. With a 3,362-pound cargo carrying capacity you could literally bring along anything Harley Davidson makes and still have plenty of capacity to share. 

The rest of the interior

I had mentioned that the bathroom takes the space along the road side of this trailer at the back. That is normally all reserved for space, but this is very different. As such it’s sort of a hallway bathroom and the toilet faces the outside wall. 

Another nice thing about this Wolf Pack toy hauler is that it’s taller. So that means the bathroom ceiling is taller as well. If you have taller travelers, this trailer is also well suited for them. That includes the main bed, which we’ll get to in just a few words. 

Well, I’m never a man of few words. 

One thing we passed but didn’t notice yet is the very large pantry at the entrance to this trailer, which is at the back. That pantry is surprisingly deep and features fixed shelves at the back. But this could also be storage if you’re using the toy garage as an office. 

The entire Cherokee and Wolf Pack family do not include any TVs. However, there is a spot for one. It’s on the camp side wall above the space-heating fireplace. I like the fake rock wallpaper they use – it’s a nice look. 

The galley in the Wolf Pack

Next up we have a fridge which presents us with our first big choice, all-electric featuring a 12-volt compressor or gas-electric. If you choose all-electric that comes with what Wolf Pack calls a “juice pack.” That is a tiny 50-watt solar panel on the roof along with a charge controller. You can get a second 50-watt panel. However, if you go this route, unless you’re never boondocking, you’re going to want much more sun-soaking ability up there. Fifty watts is almost a joke. 

Then there’s the three-burner stove with a small 17” oven, above which is a microwave. There’s a nice “L”-shaped counter with a lot of usable space which ends in a farmhouse sink. Over the whole thing are cabinets, and there are drawers down below. You might be more than fine with this storage for food and food prep. That goes back to using the large pantry for your office or craft room. 

There’s a large super slide over on the road side which has a sofa and dinette as standard. But you can choose theater seats instead of the sofa. Cherokee and Wolf Pack have very long drawers that go under the dinette seats. I always thought that was a terrific use of convenient space. 

The boudoir in the Wolf Pack toy hauler

I’m getting fancy on you here. But the bedroom in this is a step up, of sorts, in that it features a 67” x 74” “sorta king” mattress. Well, Wolf Pack calls it the Wolf Pack King Bed. Since this toy hauler is 102” wide there’s still space on either side of the bed to walk and there’s a closet on each side as well. 

Both sides also get a 120-volt household power outlet along with a 12-volt USB power outlet. Lastly there are cabinets over the bed for a bit more storage. 

Complaint department

There are only a few complaints about this rig, but they’re worth their own paragraph. 

First of all, can we finally admit that the plastic baggage door catches are worthless junk and forever banish those to the corn field? 

Secondly, there is hot and cold water outside in the form of a shower. That’s good, but it’s over on the road side. Meanwhile, this unit has an outdoor kitchen with an ice maker, small refrigerator, two-burner stove and “dog bowl” sink (no drain). There is a spray port over here that uses an included coiled hose. But I’d rather see the shower with hot and cold water over here so you could use that with the sink. 

At least Wolf Pack put a second spray port over by the black tank dump. Oh, and speaking of that, there is a second gray tank dump for the kitchen holding tank. How many of us would probably spend $20 at the hardware store and just plumb these two tanks together after the first camping trip? 

Lastly, the wires for the HappiJac bed and the electric stabilizers really would look better inside a very inexpensive cable wrap. 

In summary

If you’re working on the road, have smaller toys, have larger folks who might join you camping, or just like this floor plan, I can see why it’s making such a splash right now. 

My thanks to Josh Winters from Haylett RV for use of the photos.

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Flexible floor plan
Ceiling height
Untidy wiring
Cheap baggage door stays
Cold water only by camp kitchen


The Wolf Pack 27Pack10 is an oddly named travel trailer that makes a great office, bunk house, craft room and more with a spacious interior and large tank sizes that could be great for boondocking.


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Ron Cook
1 year ago

How do you access the main bedroom when the slide is in (eg. In the driveway when packing your gear; at a rest area for a quick nap; etc.?

10 months ago
Reply to  Ron Cook

You don’t!

Scott Ellis
1 year ago

There are a number of “50-inch-legal” side-by-sides available that would fit in there just fine.

1 year ago

I looked seriously at this unit before I bought my Keystone Carbon 348 because, while I did not need it for “toys”, I needed the garage space for utility purposes – storage, cat litter boxes, etc. This RV was perfect except for 2 things – I believe it does not have a generator prep and it has carpet. WHY do RV companies who sell these units to recreational-minded people with kids (think mud) think that carpet is in any way desirable? It boggles the mind. There is a lot of carpet in those pictures. I looked at the 2021 models and among the Wolf Packs, I believe this was the only one without generator prep.

Steve Murray
1 year ago

My Wife calls them Boy Haulers.
Make’m look Modern and Nice and the Ladies will go for it..
Too much Brown and needs a Bigger Kitchen…

The Wolf Pack 27Pack10 is an oddly named travel trailer that makes a great office, bunk house, craft room and more with a spacious interior and large tank sizes that could be great for boondocking. RV Review: 2022 Wolf Pack 27Pack10 Toy Hauler

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