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RV Review: Keystone Arcadia 3250RL fifth wheel

Just over a year ago Keystone introduced a whole new line of fifth wheels and travel trailers under the Arcadia brand. These mainstream rigs offer a lot of new features along with some of the cornerstone features that are part of what sets Keystone apart. Recently Mike and Jennifer Wendland, who produce RV content, now have one of those and have it semi-permanently parked on a piece of property they own. 

As with all brands of RVs, there are a variety of floor plans in the Arcadia line. We’ve looked at the Arcadia travel trailer in the past and also looked at what Keystone revealed in their initial launch of this rig. 

The floor plan that most intrigues me in the Arcadia fifth wheel line is the Keystone Arcadia 3250RL, a unique floor plan, indeed. 

I was so intrigued by the Arcadia line  that I scheduled a tour last year of the plant. I was intrigued by what I saw. 

Highlights of the Arcadia 3250RL

There’s a lot that sets this floor plan apart, as well as with the Arcadia line, in general. I always suggest one looks at the structure before the finish just because that’s what’s going to be a factor in holding up over time.

Structurally there is a new chassis called NGC2™ (Next-Generation Crawlspace Chassis). The Arcadia frame drops the cross members 3” below the two 10” I-beams that run the length of the frame. The result? A cavity that runs the length and width of the coach—like the crawlspace foundation of a home. On the road-side, the Arcadia cross members are convex (like the bottom of a boat) to both make room for tanks and add tension to keep the protective corrugated panels smooth and sound.

SpaceSaver upper deck and front cap

Arcadia uses a SpaceSaver™ upper deck design which replaces a series of 2” x 6” beams with one 6” x 6” header beam. This allows for a flush-floor walk-in closet. But they didn’t stop there… By reducing the pitch of the front cap and raising the height of the cap’s “nose” (the most forward point), Arcadia owners are treated to a spacious en suite walk-in with shelving, a full-length hanging rod, and hookups for either side-by-side or stackable washer and dryer.

Now the interior of the Arcadia 3250RL

The thing I most gravitated toward in this particular floor plan is a big “L”–shaped couch at the rear of the unit. This just makes so much sense as it’s a space that can serve so many purposes. 

It is obviously a couch, but can also be a day bed. Or you can put a table here and multiple people can play games or enjoy a meal. This is a great use of space. 

Another thing I am loving about the Arcadia family are the Roman blinds. While roller blinds work just fine, these just seem to have a nicer, higher-quality feel to them. In fact, these might be my favorite blinds in an RV. The reasons for this include the fact that they are both really easy to move up and down, but also they have thermal properties. They help keep inside temperatures in and outside temperatures out. 

Lots of storage

There’s also a lot of storage in here, including cabinets above the “L”-shaped couch on the interior side and rear of this trailer. There’s also a good amount of storage behind the TV and drawers all over the kitchen. 

I also like that Keystone put a chalkboard surface on part of the pantry. This might seem like a small deal, but it can save a life. What we do when we get to any campground is write the address, office phone number and site number on a dry erase board in our camper. If there is an emergency, this is very easy to reference. Getting first responders to the scene even a few moments earlier can make all the difference in the results. 

Other nice things about this interior are the flush floor slides and complete lack of carpet—hooray!

Keystone features

In addition to just the features of this brand from Keystone, there are also things that the company is doing that have set it apart. I have highlighted some of those in the past. 

One of these is their Blade Pure™ air conditioning system. This system uses a residential-style air conditioning filter to actually filter the air. That is a feature almost no other RV has, and certainly not one in this price category. Further, Keystone has a patented air handling system that the company claims delivers up to 20% more air. Cool. 

As someone who handled warranties, I also like that Keystone has a unified wiring system so a red wire in one unit does the same as it would in all the units. This might seem obvious, but it’s not common in the RV industry. Doing the unified wiring makes diagnosing an issue much easier. But paying attention to it in the first place makes it less likely to be a problem.

Boondocking and travel access in the Arcadia 3250RL

This unique rear couch also helps account for the fact that the whole RV is usable with the slides in—another bonus. The upstairs wardrobe slide does come up against the queen-sized bed, but that’s not a big deal and doesn’t make it unusable.

All Keystone products come with at least 200 watts of solar, and this one is available with up to 600 watts of solar. With that much solar, you also get a 3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter. Further, Keystone is working with its dealer network to make lithium batteries available to customers through a partnership with Dragonfly. You might also know their retail brand, Battle Born.

In summary

There’s a lot to like about this floor plan and this brand of Keystones. I am not a fan of in-floor furnace ducts. But I also know that they’re a factor of the fully heated and enclosed underbelly. That doesn’t mean I have to like them, though. 

Let’s talk about marketing

Also, let’s talk about marketing a bit. There is so much misunderstanding about towing and trailering already, and I just don’t like that Keystone calls these their “Half-Ton” series. 

You can tell people to do their research and know before they tow and provide as much information as possible. But there are bound to be dealers out there who tell buyers that it’s perfectly fine to tow this with their half-ton trucks. I can hear the conversation now, “Look, it says so right on the fifth wheel.” 

Sure, you might have the unicorn half-ton truck that can safely haul this, but you’re going to have an exceptional vehicle. I would love to see the RV industry as well as pickup sellers actually provide real information to consumers instead of the confusing malarky that is being spread now. 

I really like the Arcadia 3250RL

Otherwise, though, I really like this unit and a lot of the keystone features in this brand from Keystone RV. 

One thing—there aren’t many photos of this unit. 

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If you’re RV shopping here are some tips on RV shopping from a former RV salesperson – me!

Tony comes to having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has an RV podcast with his wife, Peggy. 

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Annette Quinn
3 months ago

we have had an arcadia 3660 for 9 months and love it. top three were montana, solitude and this one which won hands down. no major problems and so easy to tow with a f350 diesel.

4 months ago

I recall being at my favourite dealer for some minor service. The sales guy came in to say to the service manager, “We just sold that “xx”. Hook it up for the buyer, OK?” Service manager’s response, “Nope. Truck’s not big enough.”

Steve H
4 months ago

My 3/4-ton Ram diesel crew-cab 4×4 could NOT tow this Arcadia fifth wheel! Not enough payload for the passengers, gear in the cab, the fifth wheel hitch in the bed, and the loaded pin weight of this trailer. The only person who actually needs the UVW and dry pin weight is the delivery driver who hauls it from the factory to the dealer. Otherwise it’s just deliberate industry-wide obfuscation.

One other “pro” for this Arcadia is the white (?) cabinetry. No more prison gray or dungeon black. Hooray!

Bob p
4 months ago

It looks good, my second 5th wheel was a 32’ Carrilite by Carriage and I thought it was the perfect size. Plenty of room inside and very easy to tow, that was in ‘99. Daughter and SIL had a 42’ 5th wheel and it seemed overly big, which it was, theirs had 4 slides where mine had 1, but mine weighed 10,215 lbs loaded where theirs weighed almost 16;000 lbs.

Bob p
4 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

As you said this is not a 1/2T capable tow truck. Truck manufacturers may not be lying about towing capacity, they’re just not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They’re giving the tow rating on a contractors special standard cab with standard equipment, not the fully loaded crew cabs that 95% buy. Do Your Research!!

Bob M
4 months ago

I looked at one of these at the Syracuse, NY RV show. It was nice, small bedroom slide is a Syhwintek slide. It’s also on the high side and would be nice if it was lighter. Dining table chairs didn’t seem to sturdy. Probably wouldn’t hold up long.

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