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RV Review: The top Thor Class C: Thor Quantum Sprinter


If you haven’t visited our new forums yet, you might find them a great place to share thoughts and ideas. That’s where RV Travel reader Richard G. asked if we might point the spotlight at Thor and see what the Thor Quantum Sprinter is all about. 

Thor Quantum®

Living at the top of Thor’s Class C motorhome offerings, the Quantum® series encompasses a number of floor plans and models from bunkhouse models to smaller campers for couples. Surprisingly, Thor still offers customers a choice of Ford, Chevrolet or Mercedes-Benz chassis. But since Richard specifically asked about the Quantum Sprinter MB24, let’s take a look at that model. 

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Quantum Sprinter is offered in two floor plans on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. If you’re not nuts (as I am) and follow the RV industry, you might not know that all RV manufacturers who deal with the Sprinter chassis from Mercedes-Benz are having big issues right now getting their hands on these. 

Companies like Amazon are gobbling the vans up left and right. So many Class C motorhomes are built on this chassis, plus, like many things in the RV space, supplies are short. Add to that a temporary halt of Sprinter sales by the government due to some emissions questions, and you can bet you’re going to be waiting for a long time for anything on a Sprinter chassis. 

One of the reasons a lot of companies like to build on the Sprinter chassis is that there’s that big, beautiful three-pointed star in the grill and that screams prestige. Mercedes-Benz is actually a huge manufacturer of trucks around the globe, but here in the U.S. we perceive them as luxury vehicles. As such, you can outfit a Sprinter chassis with most of the advanced digital safety nannies we’ve come to expect in passenger vehicles. 

Thor takes things one step further and sends the chassis over to MORryde. MORryde does some massaging on them as well as truing, and then they’re shipped over to Thor for motorhomization. That’s my own word. 


As long as I’m making up words, there’s another one for you. 

What Thor does to convert this from a cab and chassis to a motorhome is build an aluminum cage structure. That is vacuum bonded to the outer and inner material on the floor, ceiling and walls. As part of that, there’s a 5-inch header over the slide room. The slide room walls are cut from the same sheet of fiberglass as the rest of the walls are made from. That means fading over time is consistent between the slide room and the rest of the exterior. 

This isn’t unusual, but they brought it up so I thought I’d share it with you. 

Major cutouts are framed and welded

I do like that all of the major cutouts such as windows and cargo bay doors are framed and welded, as well. This isn’t always done. 

The company offers a few choices in exterior decor of this fiberglass, including the typical colored fiberglass with stickers. But you can also get the full body paint. 

Speaking of those baggage compartments, they’re made from a rotocast plastic. What this does for you is that it’s essentially a waterproof material that’s pretty strong. It’s likely what your kayak is made of, so you literally could put ice in the compartment and chill your beverages, at least in the compartments that have a drain. 

Inside the cabin of the Quantum Sprinter, the cabinets are of high quality with hidden hinges and soft-close doors. The bunk over the cab is rated for 800 pounds. It has a windshield at the front with a power-operated shade. 

In the galley there’s a decent-sized stainless steel under-mount sink with a split cover. There’s a three-burner propane cooktop and the microwave is mounted under that. You might expect the propane oven there, but nope – it’s a nuker.

Booth dinette easily converts from table to bed

Across from that is a four-person booth dinette with drawers underneath. This can serve as another bed if you choose. This is one of those “Dream Dinettes” where it’s a single step to convert from a table to a bed – which is nice. The table is mounted on the wall of the coach – so no knee-knocking poles. 

What I like about the MB24 is that you get a sofa by day but then a Murphy bed for night. Depending on how many people are coming with you, you could stealthdock in this unit by leaving the road-side slide room in and sleeping either in that overhead bunk or in the booth dinette. 

But when you’re camping with the slide out, which would be most of the time, of course, then there’s a 60” X 75” Murphy bed that drops down. 

I also like that this smaller motorhome has a bath across almost the entire rear of the coach. So you really do have a nice-sized space for showers and doing all that voodoo that you do in the potty room. 

What’s not

I’m not sure how the Murphy bed operates on this Quantum Sprinter, but from the one glimpse I got, I believe the mattress is a folding/bendy model. Since I can’t absolutely confirm that before this goes live, I’ll leave this here as it is.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to dislike about this rig. 

In summary

I can see why these are so popular. When you look at all of the usable features and space in this rig and then consider that you can simply occupy a parking space while you step into the grocery store to stock up, these really make sense. While they are larger than some pickups in overall size, they’re not much more so. So they’re also really drivable. Plus that Mercedes-Benz 3.0L V6 diesel actually provides decent fuel mileage. 

The big question, if I were in the market for this type of rig, is whether I would buy this or the Leisure Travel Vans Unity with the rear lounge, assuming I could even get one of those within the next two years. The bathroom in this is better, but the Unity just has such a great layout otherwise. What would you do? 

Thor has good information on the Quantum Sprinter

One thing I have to give to Thor, they have good information on this including a thorough walk-through video. 

I would love to read your comments and suggestions over on our new forums, where you can weigh in and start or join a discussion about all things RV. Here’s a link to my RV Reviews Forum.

Tony comes to RVTravel having worked at an RV dealership and been a life long RV enthusiast. He also has written the syndicated Curbside column about cars. You can find his writing here and at StressLessCamping where he also has a podcast about the RV life with his wife. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Couch plus dinette
Bathroom size
Outside storage bay construction
Murphy bed


Thor's Quantum Sprinter is one of many smaller Class C motorhomes on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis that balances size and drivability with functionality as an RV.


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Bob Palin
11 months ago

Other than that, there’s not a lot to dislike about this rig. “

$129,000 (before you start getting it on the road) – that’s a lot to dislike about this rig.

Ron Yanuszewski
11 months ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

Of course a smaller version is available in a plain van for $100,000 more so there’s that.

11 months ago

I’d recommend staying away from anything on these chassis. The reputation for dependability is questionable at best, not to mention they are almost at max weight from the factory no matter who’s making them. Besides, service is hard to find- especially when Freightliner and Sprinter have so many recalls- it’s ridiculous. Get a nice class c on a Ford chassis….more room and better floorplans+ service almost anywhere. Get educated and have fun!

11 months ago

Tony, have you ever tested the Murphy bed sofas in any of the Sprinter motorhomes. We have, and it doesn’t make any difference whether the coach is a Thor, Winnebago, or Tiffin, they are all very uncomfortable. The backs are so vertical and cushions so firm that there is no way I could watch an entire football game while sitting on any of them. We much prefer the theater seats with footrests in our Winnebago Navion/View 24V.

A question though, how can Thor sell their top-of-the-line Sprinter Class C with a list price $50,000 less than that of a comparable Winnebago View? There must be some difference in manufacturing methods, quality of materials/features, or something else of major importance to explain the fact that the View/Navion twins are still Winnebago’s best-selling motorhomes!

Scott R. Ellis
11 months ago

Well, fine. But if you’re looking at going this route, do yourself a favor and also consider slide-in truck campers. Similar exterior dimensions, ballpark same overall cost (yes, truck included, especially if you don’t require brand new), bed you can just crawl into without having to build it first, better towing capabilities, and a truck you can use for other things when it’s not hauling the camper.

Tommy Molnar
11 months ago

I wonder why there is only a window on one side of the cab-over bunk. I would love to have the abillity to open two windows up there for cross ventilation. On the other hand, I would not be sleeping up there anyway, so I guess that’s a moot point. But, just sayin’.

Joe Goldstein
11 months ago

It’d sure be nice if you’d give the Carrying Capacity of any unit you review because that will give the readers a relative idea of what they can bring along. Many of the manufacturers like to keep adding features, but with the M-B, for example, total weight of the coach, travellers, food, fuel, water, waste, etc., can only be 11,030 pounds.

Thor's Quantum Sprinter is one of many smaller Class C motorhomes on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis that balances size and drivability with functionality as an RV. RV Review: The top Thor Class C: Thor Quantum Sprinter

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