Friday, January 28, 2022


Take a drive in this hilarious RV (turn your corners slowly!)

two story rvYou would not want to drive this two-story rig down any highway with even a slight breeze (especially a crosswind), as you will see in the video segment below from a British comedy show.

The hosts drive three homebuilt RVs 215 miles across the English countryside and the results are hilarious. Stopping for petrol is definitely more challenging than the average RVer experiences.

This two-story rig is not the silliest. The “assemble after you arrive at the campsite” creation is equally bizarre. It would likely fare worse in a windstorm (even a slight one) than the two-story concoction.

We bet you would not want to spend the night in this two-story rig’s bed, which one host demonstrates. Watching this video will brighten your day!

Click below to play.


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1 month ago

I’m surprised the tall and junk ones elected to endanger the lives of other drivers to make this video. I suggest the police look them up and keep them under observation for a few days. If allowed to go on, they may endanger the lives of others again. The worst kind of Darwin award contestants.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ray

I suggest you grow a sense of humor and watch a few of those old Top Gear shows. They are hilarious and unsuccessfully copied many times.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

This was from the old UK Top Gear show. I loved those guys. It was a TV show, and that’s why they do “stupid stuff”. Otherwise, who would watch it?

Bob p
1 month ago

Those idiots were stupid, I know how much side pressure is applied to the side of our 23’ TT when a semi passes us and that guy driving a car with that tall of a body on it. I’m surprised it didn’t overturn when that straight truck passed him. You can’t fix stupid.

ln em
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob p

those “stupid” guys are ACTING that way. it’s part of the theme of the Top Gear tv show. didn’t say if those guys actually built those or if they were test driving already built units.
so, lighten up and enjoy the show

1 month ago

Video was hilarious! I may need to add a (mural) library to my travel trailer.