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RV Shrink: How can RV TVs be in such bad positions?


Dear RV Shrink:
We just bought a new RV with three TVs. We didn’t order it that way, it was just standard on the model we wanted. It is amazing to me, with so many idiot tubes, that none of them are in a convenient place to comfortably watch.

I think manufacturers must hire engineers with a sick sense of humor. They designed the seats to face at an angle to the TV in the front area of the coach, on a sidewall in the bedroom, and one is outdoors so all my neighbors can watch me watch TV. I bet they would love that.

Between computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs in stupid places, I’m frustrated. My husband says I am making a mountain out of a molehill, but he complains about a stiff neck every time we watch the nightly news. I may need therapy – are you taking new patients? —Cranky in Congress, AZ

Dear Cranky:
I’m not really a doctor – I just play one on once a week. But I think I can help you.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about how televisions are engineered into RVs. Actually, I have issues with many things manufacturers have engineered in RVs. I wonder how many RV architects actually live in or even use one.

It is a bit easier today to rearrange your entertainment system. The days of placing giant TV sets up in the cab seem to be pretty much over. It’s all about Real Estate. Today’s flat-screen TV sets are light and thin and allow planners to arrange them almost anywhere. That means you should be able to do the same. You could remove the exterior TV and gain yourself some storage space. If you don’t watch TV in bed, extract that one too.

For those TVs you want to remain, give them some dexterity. You may find a TV wall mount with the ability to swing and swivel at Wally World. But if you search online for an “Omni Mount Play 25” you will find a whole series of serious-looking swivel mounts that can hold about any size TV you have. I put ours in a side overhead cabinet and it will swivel out and face any direction we want. It rides well in its parked location when we travel, and angles into any position we want.

It takes some time to make your home your own. That often entails some remodeling. I just caution people to make sure they give it a quality finished look and not just cobble things together. I used to say, “Give it that factory look,” but lately that doesn’t seem to sound as complimentary as it once did.

The mounts are not cheap, but just think how much money you will be saving on Ibuprofen when your television stops being a pain in the neck for your husband. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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2 years ago

Worse yet is we live in remote hell. 4 TVs-yep standard equip. Hubby changes channel it changes mine. I turn off one TV 2 others turn on. Oh And the speakers are in the back of the TVs so up with the volume. Now we live in volume hell.

2 years ago

Thank goodness the two that came with our Keystone Laredo 330 are all in pretty good places. The outside one in the outside kitchen, I can take or leave. Don’t use it much. The one in the living area is directly across from the theater seats, perfect. I added the one in the bedroom directly at the foot end of the bed (that’s where the hook up was pre-wired). It’s on a swivel but don’t really need the swivel. It was the only mount I could easily find at the time that would fit. It’s above the drawer cabinet and recessed into the upper cabinet so it’s in a perfect viewing area and not in the way. 32 inch and was a hell-of-a sale at Best Buy.

2 years ago

I agree with Richard, there are several design items that made my “Designed by a “Sea Slug” list. As well, I agree with ‘Cranky’ – what the heck is with ten hundred tvs in an RV. Outside TV? Loose it! We saw 4 adults and 7 kids sitting around an awning covered outside TV one sunny summer day – they were parked at Gulf Shores State Park (Alabama coast)!!!
What’s with the kitchen sink being placed 3″ from the stove with 12″ of space on the other side of the sink? Ummm. Food prep space anyone? Not practical AT ALL. Arrrrgh!

2 years ago

This was actually one of the first requirements in our search for a 5th-wheel and I was amazed with how many were excluded due to horrible seating layouts.

John R Crawford
2 years ago

It’s easy to say “just remodel to make it your own” but with tvs you have to re-route the wiring and that’s not easy to “make it look factory”.

2 years ago

It’s not the tv position, it’s the nightly news. Try NOT watching it and see if you don’t feel better.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  Drew

Excellent point, Drew! 😀 —Diane at

2 years ago

I solved this over the cab problem when removing the 19″ cathode ray tube type in our class A to a 28″ flat screen TV. I rebuilt the original Tv location to match the left and center sections with a glass door to match. The flat screen I mounted from the overhead to hang down over the windshield with a swivel to lift it for travel. It is custom install. I matched the back with vinyl to match the ceiling of the motorhome. No more stiff neck(s) and everyone can see it! (PS: I removed 85 lbs and added back 35 lbs! Pics available!

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

Ah, ya’ll have big televisions in big RV’s. I just set my little 19″ on the counter near the bed.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

Hey, Donald. I don’t even have a TV in my home. Haven’t had for years. (Don’t watch anything on my computer, either — so that’s not why.) 😀 —Diane at

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

This is SO true! I just this morning looked at a trailer where you can take a “360° tour” of the coach while sitting here at my computer. It looked like a pretty good layout (for a toy hauler anyway) until I spotted the TV mounted above the door leading to the outside. I couldn’t find anywhere on the ‘tour’ where you could watch it comfortably. It’s almost like the designers got done with the plan and someone walked in to see what they’d designed and said, “Hey wait, where’s the TV”? So they looked around for some free space and the only bare spot was above the door. BIngo! Problem solved. NOT!

Kerry R. Hartman
2 years ago

Totally agree… The one in our Phoenix Cruiser is only visible to one person on the couch, & that comes with a stiff neck from cranking your head 85 degrees to the left. Driver’s side bed also has no view !