Tuesday, June 6, 2023


RV technician names favorite glues, sealants and tapes

By Chris Dougherty
Certified RV technician

There are many different types of materials in an RV, from flooring to wood products, plastics to metals. Having the appropriate ways to join these materials can go a long way to a professional-quality and lasting repair.

RV GoopThis universal adhesive is great to have as it will bond and seal most plastics, fabrics, wood and fiberglass. While I like the sealing properties of this product, I would not use it as just a sealant, as it would be difficult to remove and replace. We’ll talk about sealants in a future edition. It can be found at Amazon.com, or many other retailers.

Permatex 80050 Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant Similar to the RV Goop, this silicone-based adhesive seals, bonds, repairs and secures glass, metal, plastic, fabric, vinyl, weather stripping and electrical wiring, according to the manufacturer. It is available at Amazon.com and at many automotive and big box stores.

Krazy/super glues Remember the guy hanging by his hardhat? There are lots of little pieces which can be glued using this stuff. Available everywhere glue is sold.

3M Scotch Heavy Duty Mounting Tape I use this quite a bit for mounting interior moldings and fixtures where screwing and drilling isn’t indicated. It’s great for mounting pictures and similar items, too. Be warned, though, that this stuff doesn’t let go! The company also has a red-backed exterior automotive mounting tape for moldings and other exterior applications. You can find the mounting tape at Amazon.com, or find it at your local home center, big box store or automotive parts store.

Duct tape This is the old standby, for sure. Great for those temporary repairs, it comes in many sizes and colors. I even saw it printed with macaroni and cheese at Wal-Mart yesterday! Now, if they only had one with a barbecue.

Wood/carpenters glue This is a “must” for repairing RV cabinetry and furniture, and brands like Titebond III, Elmers and Gorilla are all good. These can be found on Amazon, too, or your favorite hardware or home center.


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