RV-themed must-have gifts for the home or RV


Here are ten items we know the RV-lover and RV-decorator will adore. Happy Holidays from your friends at RVtravel.com.

1. This adorable camp-stove ornament.

2. This lovely art piece that shows, sigh, what camping used to look like.

3. These cute trailer string lights that will make the living room a little cozier.

4. This beautiful 12-piece dish set. We’re adding this to our personal list

5. This set of three dishtowels that’ll make you smile every time you use them

6. This pencil holder that we think is so cute we even wrote a whole article about it (click here to read the article). 

Bear nightlight7. This nightlight with bears roasting marshmallows is just too cute

8. This one is for the windchime lover

9. There are a lot of “cutesy” camping-themed ornaments out there. But we really love this classic, simple, sparkly motorhome

10. This super-soft fleece blanket belongs on an RV’s couch. No doubt about it

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1 year ago

The link is broken to the RV Electricity: Space heater warning 2019

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Cee

Thank you for reporting that, Cee! It was working before and, once I found where you were referring to (apparently in RV Travel Newsletter Issue 917), I went in and fixed it. 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com