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Betsy Alvarez

WOW WOW WOW What a great newsletter. I learn so much from it. Keep up the GREAT work. I’m a happy 5th wheeler.

Ginger Anderson

Chuck, I look forward to your newsletter every week, I usually read it more than once during the week because of the information you provide us about our RV’s. Many thanks to you and your staff.


Chuck & staff,
Love the new format. Keep up the great job of keeping RV’ers up-to-date. Even though I am a Canadian RV’er, I really enjoy the articles, usually US based. I sincerely hope that on your next trip to the East coast, you make time to visit my home province, Newfoundland/Labrador

Bob Wexler

I have just read about a bunch of crappy ads.
Did I get jipped? I don’t remember seeing any ads, I seldom notice ads on the internet, except those crappy ads that pop up in the middle of the screen and block out the page you are on.

Maybe I just need to get my peripheral vision checked. I simply read the content I came for and don’t look for distractions.

This is a great site. Thanks for all the effort you put in to keep it going,


D. La Barbera

I’m new to this site been live’n in my rv sence I retired in 2005. I love this site, lots of excelent info. keep up the good work & enjoy life .

Dorothy Wilkins

I thought the phrase “I go where I am towed to” belongs to Lil Guy
Tear Drop Trailers! My Lil Guy tear drop came with the phrase printed on the rear door that encloses the kitchen.

You might want to check with them and I am sure you know how to find them at their web-site, or call 1-877-545-4897.


To Ray G.
We have good internet in most places with an AT&T cellular iPad. Month to month no subscrition required.

Barbara Spade

I miss the surveys!

Dave Graham

Personally, I think the basic content of the website outweighs the so called “Crappy Ads”. If Gary wants to become a Major Contributor, big enough to overcome the “Crappy Ads” then maybe these ads could be eliminated. I, for one, ignore them if they do not pertain to my RV interests. I do contribute, but not enough to request that these ads be eliminated. I like the new website and look forward to every Saturday. Thank you.


It takes way too long for a comment about an article to show up. If a comment is to correct an inaccurate or unsafe article, many people will have read the article in the hour or more that it takes for a comment to show up.

Ray Gibson

Hi everyone!
Just a quick question – Is there no easy or inexpensive solution to the Internet reception problem while on the road? My satellite installer tells me satellite solutions are just too expensive to consider. What options do we have. Why can GM make a car that is Internet ready but we can’t get an RV to do the same? Thanks for your help! I read your newsletter every Saturday, and love the new format!!

Gary Bouland

Sorry to see that this once great site is now nothing but crappy ads. Come on now, WORK AT HOME ? How is that RV related.

Ed & Robin

We just renewed our subscription with the newsletter. It has been a very informative source of information for us. We are relatively new rv-er’s and one item in particular that has helped in our trips is the Air-Tabs that we purchased last year after our first trip. Before learning about them through your advertisements we were pushed over every time a Semi passed us. Now we barely know a truck is passing. Thanks for the tip!


Regarding the RV that got in an accident in California, he was cited for having a Class C drivers license in his 43 foot RV. As a California resident, a non-commercial Class B is required when driving an RV over 40 foot. The big question is, was the cited individual a California resident or from a different state that does not require a Class B? No one seems to know the answer… Please advice. Thanks!

Glen Scofield

I like this new look, and I’m happily anticipating reading the vintage articles.