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Tom Boyte

A “fight fire with fire” controversy over flags at a Virginia Beach, Va., RV resort recently attracted police and the media. Seems someone got incensed over a guest who was flying a Confederate flag over their rig, so they responded with two of their own: a Nazi swastika and an ISIS-like flag.
Not hardly the same. A union flag would have been appropriate. Obviously these people don’t know their history.


Since you can’t stop the popup ads that splash across what I’m trying to read, please immediately unsubscribe me. You need to keep in mind that few of your readers are millennials, who are perfectly happy to be hit in the face with a sales pitch every fifteen seconds.

Patty ann

Yes I agree with the TV outside a RV. I also despise lights. Special lighting and other trim that light up the campground drive me nuts when trying to sleep. WHY are these needed. ??Now RV people leave Christmas lights on ground around and under the trailer?


Never going to chew your vespa Ca!

Joan F.

We’ve been getting nearly full page adds that cover what we’re reading on websites – not RV Travel so far. No “x”s to get rid of them. Maddening. We have to go back and start over and the add doesn’t come back then.

mary cuneo

I really miss the polls you used to have.

Ted Leavitt

The first year on the road, we had electrical issues in a state park we were volunteering at and lost our tv power supply and also the home entertainment system. Another volunteer recommended a surge protector/electrical management system. We bought the EMS-HW50C by Progressive Industries which checks and reports faulty electrical conditions before allowing power through to our RV. It also cuts the power to the coach in low and high voltage situations. In campgrounds with marginal power, our clocks have to be reset when the voltage drops too low, but we have not had to repair/replace electrical components.

I was surprised to find how far down this comment box is.

Tommy Privette

I have been reading your article for years and look forward to Saturday so I can enjoy another one. The last couple have had an advertisement that covers part of several articles, this week it is “encor”. So far I cannot figure a way to close or get rid of the ad. I can still read the article if I click on the tab to read the full thing but sometimes I am not interested in all of it. It would help if the ad had a way to close or if it was moved over so as not to cover the articles. Thank you and keep up the good work