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Ron Schmitz

I liked your Thor video & shared it with several friends. My wife & I purchased a new Fleetwood Bounder last year. Though it was not without its newbee problems, Holiday World of Willis Tx & the Fleetwood Customer service teams where great. From the time I met our Sales Person Richard, to Kelly in the service department, & to all the reps at Fleetwood, we have had a great experience with our first class A motor home. We had looked at Thor coaches at Camping World and I’m glad we found Holiday World of Willis Tx.

Arne Bonilla

Why do you still advertise air tabs…they do little if anything for gas milage. It is a tremendous disservice to your readers!


The “random thought” regarding leveling seems ignorant of how much grading may be necessary for even modest slopes.

In the common downslope from the road situatiion, you’d push the near-road end to the back of the site. Great tent site now, but there’s a bump too big for wheeled rigs to enter…

So you lower the road, but now have a roller-coaster between sites, again too bumpy for many rigs to drive.

So you smooth the road slope, but now have a twist at each site entrance, also hard on long/rigid rigs.

Ultimately, the ideal long level road serving level sites may require flattening or terracing a LOT of dirt… That is, assuming you’re not near bedrock, which requires blasting…

That’s why we sometimes end up pulling into sites requiring 20 degree twists between tow and trailer, or *severely* lowering/raising the tongue jack. I’m happy if at least last stairstep is neither a huge leap or stuffed into the dirt, but it’s camping, not mall parking.

Judy Wiemer

We are new to full timing and just wanted you to know we find your newsletter invaluable. Q: when boondocking in southwest do you need permits from BLM? Thank you

Mel Goddard

Re: Those screens used to keep bugs out of the furnace and heaters;
In Ontario they can be hard to find, because some idiot at CSA has slagged them as being air restrictive, resulting in poor combustion.
Well, he’s dead wrong, and the RV dealers here are having a hard time finding them.
I have them on my Airstream, and previous Hi-Lo, and no problems
They work as advertised.