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Red Heis

Hello, looks like it happened again !!!!
No link !!!

Well, the good news, the deal is back, and you won’t get an “out of stock message” this time. The company apologized repeatedly to me about causing so much frustration and even anger in some cases. It disheartened me that many readers unsubscribed to this newsletter without even giving me a chance to explain the honest mistake.

So, please click here (OFFER NOW EXPIRED) to claim your roll of Gaffer Tape (the roll is 2 inches wide by 10 yards long).


I apologize for the mess up last week. And I thank the people at Gaffer Power for being so eager to make things right.

Richard Geraci

Your video on using 30 amp circuits was informative.

We have a 2000 Winnebago 35B that only has a 30 amp service. Can you address the RV that uses 30 amp but plugs into a 50amp hookup using an adapter?


Missed you at the Escapees Happy Hour in Quartzsite. We’re now in Tucson and will attend the “Escapade” in mid-March. Any chance of getting your Tucson friends together for a Happy Hour before you leave the area? Take care . . .


Hi Chuck, I see you are in Arizona until March. If not, You should read up on it. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/valley-fever/basics/symptoms/con-20027390

RVers need to be aware of the symptoms and what tests to get so some uneducated doctor doesn’t give them med’s to make it worse. I.e. Antibiotics

4 months ago they told me I had lung cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes, after many expensive tests and much worry I found I had valley fever and the associated lung nodules. A simple blood test could have saved time, money, and emotional distress.

If you are interested in writing an article to raise awareness, I’m happy to help.

Phil English

I placed my order last week on Saturday morning for the tape early before they ran out, it was on my doorstep on Monday. Good service and glad they stepped up


Couldn’t order Gaffer tape as we are in Canada. We still like the newsletter.

Ron Schmitz

Thanks Chuck and Gaffer Power, my order for the free roll of tape went though this week.
Great information, look forward to your newsletter every week. While you are in Tuscan, take some time to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum. I passed though Tuscan last October on the way from CA to TX with my motor home. Lots of RV parking.

Tina GAllagher

I didn’t know there was a problem with the Gaffer tape offer- I just thought I got to it too late to get one. Worked great today. Thank you. It’ll take far more than that to make me unsubscribe from this newsletter- I learn a lot from it.

Pius Horning

today I tried to get one of the free rolls of tape offered by one of your contacts, I also tried to read other items on your page and all come back as harmful web sites. what kind of people do you deal with?

Dave Stansbury

Eegads! It’s a free offer for God’s sake! I’ll say this for your staff ’cause they’re too polite: ” If you can’t figure out how to order it, then shut up. “

Dave Stansbury

You don’t have to apologize to anyone. Thank you for the free offer.

Pius Horning

I must have missed your news letter last week and this week I saw the post on free tape. I clicked on the point to get my free tape and my computer blocked the site as a damaging site. me thiks something is strange going on here.

John Bilton

Hi Chuck,
We seemed to be reading, and hearing about all of the negative aspects of RV manufacturers and dealerships which to be quite honest must put a lot of RV’rs off RV’ing at all.
Admitted, most of the negative claims are too unfortunately true.
To your knowledge, are there any good or honest RV manufacturers or even dealerships out there?
Must admit, it is a case of “buyer beware as I’m sure most of us have had bad experiences with dealerships and/or manufacturers but it would be good if we could “sing the praises” of some of the decent ones.

Billy bob Thorton

Rich, nice touch making it right with the grip tape people. Always wondered seeing those guys zip some coiled electrical line together with tape. Until I read about gripper tape on herre, I had no idea that the product, with its unique properties existed. Thanks again. Oh, to those over amping, all is well, there is a new leader in place. MAGA

Steve Cissell

The article about having the proper drivers license was important but it should have had an example. My neighbor thought he was licensed correctly because he is under 42 feet but but South Dakota uses weight not length and 26,000 pounds is the limit using a regular drivers license. Almost all diesel pusher motor homes are over that weight. I also assume that some large fifth wheel trailers are over the 10,000 pounds allowed on a regular license. There is also a special test you must take is you have air brakes. This info from SD website. https://dps.sd.gov/licensing/driver_licensing/basic_licensing_info.aspx#types

Ralph Caldwell

Question: We go camping in the northwest, we like to hear news and /or music and weather on the radio. We have tried 2 emergency am/fm /weather band radios and their reception was poor to no none. we tried a couple of regular am/fm radios and their reception was poor too. If I go to my tow vehicle and turn on the radio I get reasonably good reception. I don’t understand. My camper is a Scamp fiberglass RV so large amounts of metal are not the issue.

Mike Logan

A comment about the upcoming solar eclipse in August for the state parks in Tennessee. They are adding an extra charge of $75 to your camping fees if you camp in one of the state parks during August 21st, 2017. It was on the locale Nashville TV news is how I found out. February 20th, 2017 is the earliest date to reserve a campground site for a Corp of engineers campground and no extra charge.

Diane M

Just ordered our tape to give it a try. Sorry that some people flip out for something so innocuous as a roll of tape. Life is too short. I tried last week, didn’t work & smiled thinking they had no idea how many readers you had :-). Pleasantly surprised to see it was all worked out and back on this week. So thanks. THe readers that unsubscribed….their loss for losing out on your website & a roll of tape!

C.B. Sheward

Some people will get upset over any thing, i read this as a good thing for the co. to do for a few people, be first to get in line, but if you are too late then so be it, they can’i do this for ever. I feel sorry for the people @ gaffer tape co. trying to do A good thing, who won the election???


“..many readers unsubscribed to this newsletter..” because of no free tape!!!! They are also no doubt the same ones who have never sent in any $ as a voluntary subscription to help keep this great newsletter going. S*#t happens and most times it’s a misunderstanding, like last week. I do a lot on ebay and have never received nor left Negative feedback, simply because issues can be worked through. You done good Chuck as did Gaffer in stepping up to the plate to make things right..