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We are newbies to RVing. Enjoy your newsletter and appreciate all the helpful info. Any guides on emergency flares, markers, leds would be appreciated. What is required etc

Ron Vanderhoof

Love your newsletters but you made a glaring error on the Escapees Escapade. It was held in Tucson not Phoenix and we had a great time there.

Ron Schmitz

My wife & I are new to owning a class A motor home. We have 2 slides. These where out while we were camping & a severe thunder storm came up, lots of rain. After a while we noticed water on the floor in the aft bedroom area (R side aft slide). We dried the water up, put the slide in (just the aft slide), & another heavy rain came up. No water inside this time. I called the mfg & they said as long as slide rubber was good there’s a posibility of water coming in during heavy rain & to bring slides in. I checked rubber seals & they are good. Does this really happen to all MH with slides? We had a travel trailer with 2 slides & never had this problem.
Do you know of other MH owners having problems with water when it rains heavy?
Thank-you & enjoy reading your news letter every week.
Ron & Melody fm Porter Tx

Jeff Miller

The navy seal flashlights offered for free are not available to Canadians, so don’t waste your time filling out all the info to find out that they do not ship to Canada.

Ira hertz

Can you share the location of the “alien ” article? Or the name of the park you stayed in?

Jane Cripps

Please direct to Chuck Woodbury
You are writing a book – congratulations.
Per your recognition of how RVing has changed, I would like to ask if I can help with your research/content. Of course that depends on the direction it is taking – just offering to help.
I’m 64 and fairly new to RVing, own a 23′ C class for extended trips now that we are retired. This is our second RV. I think I have some good ideas to share with regard to buying a new/used RV (what to look for) that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Also some insights into travel tips generally; i.e., after traveling from Tucson AZ to Homer AK last Jly/Aug we determined that a very large percentage of the researched ‘advice’ was wrong and/or a total waste of effort.
Travel to date has focused on the central/western US – boondocking, campgrounds with/without services, friend/family driveways/property and Walmart/Casino parking lots.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Safe travels and enjoyable/productive writing

Steve Willey

(Hope this isn’t a duplicate, when I clicked the add comment button the connection failed)
For years we have traveled with a Zero Electric Motorcycle on back. No maintenance, no oil or gas, powerful and silent. Charges up in a 120 v outlet in any campground. But somehow, I am getting older every year.Thinking of a small electric car in the future. But no one seems to include these in the ratings for tow-ability. Chargeng at 120 volt takes no more current than an air conditioner, and some (Smart-car, Fiat) are extremely small and light for towing. Others (Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla) are great cars. Maybe a project for you to write about?

Tiz Vercelli

Hi guys. Complimentis for the always interesting news letter.
Question: I made a ouch and destroyed the 7 PIN connector of my 5th wheel. Where can I find the schematic for the wire connections?

don magel

any suggestions as to where I can find two moon like hubcaps for my 1996 country coach entegra? Both were lost traveliing over I-65 in birmingham al. this march.

Allan Kammerer

I have been reading this newsletter for many years and don’t recall unsubscribing. I request to be re-instated.

Steven M Jenkins

I see you have an ad for Popular Photography magazine. As a long time subscriber I was shocked a couple days ago to find out that the Mar/Apr 2017 issue IS THEIR LAST ONE. They are out of business! Believe it or not. What I long considered the best photo mag, after decades of publication, is gone. They published issues back in the 50s and earlier, even showing excerpts on anniversary dates. Now the publisher/owner has switched us to Popular Science for the duration of our paid up subscriptions. Beware of the many sly offers to sign up for Popular Photography. What you will get is Popular Science.