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The amazing thing with the full time clunkers is that they could live cheaper in an apartment than they can paying monthly for a campsite.

Bob Thompson

There is a travel revolution coming and it wIll increase the profitability of “Ten Buck Chuck’s”. Electric vehicles are the future of travel. By having a charging station, (which is included at each of the sites) the campground operator can increase the revenue since charging would take place primarily in daylight while RIVERS would be using the facilities overnight. Program the electric meter to run by the hour from 0900 to 1900 and all night otherwise. Locate them along the Interstates and get Elon Musk involved. Go Chuck


Ya know, it’s not the smoke from the campfire that bothers me, but the cigarette, cigar, and mary jane smoke that gets to me.

Ken Anderson

I like your idea about the instant campgrounds, but I disagree about the vault toilets/no dump station part. Many of those 450K RVs sold are small trailers or Class B motorhomes with puny water tanks and cassette toilets or porta-potties that need to be emptied every two to four days. Without showers or dump stations, such parks would be only a small improvement over dry camping.


I believe there are many cities that could use one of these quick stop/cheap places. Capital costs for approval and set up would severely impact most of our retirement nest eggs. But I still think it would work, ever where we are. I will ponder and looks for a good location. While I’m doing that, would you send investors my way.


You only have to convince your banker that you can make enough money in June, july & August to pay for a large piece of land, put in roads, water lines, whatever, keep your customers safe, (The local police are nit going to patrol your private property) provide sourcing for customers to find you and all ad-nauseaum. Paper plans do not make things happen…. In reality, a nation like the US with so many people able to travel, it seems that we would invest in the infrastructure to make camping available. Tax the Rv’s and put the tax back in the system. It happens a lot in Europe..

Don McKelvay

50 States, 5,000 Ideas: I was very disappointed in this book especially given it was a National Geographic publication. The pictures and information was good but there was no way to easily see what recommended sites unless one spent hours comparing the book to a map and to where one was going. If they had a small map for each state/province with red dots where the sites were it would be really useful.

Mike Sherman

Roadside ‘rest-area’ RV parking for a night has merit but some fine tuning might be in order. Two things are essential for the site to be successful. #1 – Adequate dumpster space for trash. #2 – An on-site host for security. Security cameras will get destroyed by vandals and the kiosk collecting money won’t withstand a sledge hammer for those determined to get at the money.

June Willoughby

I have often wondered what happens to an RV after it has lived its useful life and been junked. I’m not talking about the old ones people live in full time, but a true junker. Is there such thing as an RV graveyard or do they just get broken up and dragged off to landfill someplace?

H. King

Hey, Chuck, here in Manning, SC, our Wal Mart only allows one over nite. Seems W/M would have a blank policy covering all sites.

Bob Gash

Sadly, I second your thoughts regarding the future of Walmart stays.

Last week, I shopped at our local store, and there were 3 extremely(!) ratty-looking rigs, and their occupants had their lawn chairs, coolers, etc…, spread out and blocking a number of parking and green areas.

We drove by the next afternoon, and they were still “camped” in the same spots. My wife commented it won’t be long before they discontinue overnight stays…

Ralph Brown

With Memorial Day just behind us I’m a little confused why in the the section this week in history June 6 1944 was not mentioned. Many brave men died on that day gaining a foothold into occupied France . We remember it as D Day

Glenn L.

Not always so easy to set up an RV park. Zoning issues, EPA regs, area resident protests, etc. Yet the concept has merit. Convience is the mantra of our time. Therefore the automated system just might work. Add to that a phone app so folks could reserve and pay en-route.

Eric Eltinge

Just tried booking any campsite for CA state beaches in the month of June. Nothing available. With the tiny tanks in a B-class motorhome, I have to stay at full hookup campgrounds often. Could stay at Motel 6 for the same $65.00 per night. RVing is a travel preference, like owning a sailboat. It will never “pencil out.”


We, like others have noticed the terrible trend of taking prime campsites and turning them into mini-hotels with cabins. That is not our definition of a campground. A lot of our favorite spots have been taken this way.
Added to that are the increasing hordes of folks living full time in parks and campground now. Some due to not being able to afford any other way. Here in California even the state parks are filling up with these units, Very easy to spot….tons of firewood, little fences setup around their rigs, skirts on the fifth wheels.
We like the idea of building more parks along un-used land on the highways..

Jim Vernes

RV Golf Club.com has the solution. For $99 a year you can park free at over 400 beautiful Golf Courses, Resort Hotels and RV Resorts, all over North America.


I won’t stay at a KOA. Too pricey, too corporate minded. I’m a Life Member of Good Sam and always found their parks to be welcoming. I love the Mom and Pop’s, for the most part, and have had very good luck with them. Please try them again. I’m hoping you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Linda Whitted

Why do you recommend the Convection Cookbook that is written for a conventional convection oven rather than a microwave/convection oven that is found in RVs and is over 10 years old? Read the reviews!

Bonnie Bowers

I think Walmart should open up their own RV campground. Their parking lots are so huge and I have never seen them totally used…..why waste land…build a simple RV park where an overnighter can stay and use an automated service (which I think is an absolutely great idea! ) if they want to charge a little for the space. I know many Walmarts we have stopped at to shop while traveling have signs up “NO OVERNIGHT PARKING”. I have never spent the night at a Walmart because I think loiters will break into my truck which I drive separate from my motorhome and I seriously would not sleep anyway but if I they had an RV park, I would!