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Don DeZurik

RV newsletter promoting free camping is a betrayal of every campground in the RV industry. These people invest 1/2 to over a million $ in their business, and you don’t support them.
If you go to a motel or hotel and just sleep, & don’t use the shower or pool etc, you don’t expect a reduced or free rate.
Without RV campgroujnds, you would not have your newsletter business. I’m not in the campground business; just an RVer who knows what operating a business costs.

Michael McCracken

What’s with the gas prices around the Carson City, Nevada area? Some stations are over $3.00. Sure seems they are taking advantage of us travelers.

doug moss

we made a mad run back to virginia this spring and a low rate r v spot would of been nice. Maybe motel 6 or 8 chain could put spots next to their motels this would give rv a choice.

Pamela Hill

Usually I greatly enjoy your weekly newsletter letter, however, this week’s edition left me sick to my stomach. Is there NOTHING in this country safe from Capitalist greed? Our public national monuments? Camping in National Parks? How stupid do you have to be to not realize privatizing and/or exploiting them for profit makes us all losers. Camping is the ONLY affordable option for millions of Americans and Visitors to this great big gorgeous United States. Virtually every public campground, State or Federal is staffed by work campers who either get a very small income or work for a camping site. I can think of nothing else that is such a great deal for campers, workers and Taxpayers. ALL OF US need to make our voices heard on this issue before the rape of America is complete.

David Lee

Chuck, I share your concern about the sale of RV Daily Report by Greg Gerber to the Cooper’s. I m afraid it’ll turn into nothing more than a big ad to push their RV inspection business that I perceive as little more than a sham. A five day course does not an inspector make, as Yoda would say, but it sure makes them a lot of money if people fall for…I mean if people pay for their course.


Chuck: I find it enigmatic that you called my comment “enigmatic” last week when I recommended a $20 Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Camera (for solo parking, and instead of yelling to/at your spouse)… and then this week yourself recommended a *$200* camera that lacks Pan/Tilt (to look around if needed). Huh?


Any one else seeing a trend here on the almost weekly reports of RV manufacturers issuing recalls regarding RV’s being mis-labeled as to their carrying capacity weights? Seems like this is the new RV industry bait and switch tactic. Sell an RV with advertised carrying capacity of say 2000 lbs. then a few months to a year later issue a “recall” where all that is required is to put on a new sticker stating the new carrying capacity has been reduced by half(or more). This is what happens when RV manufacturers use the cheapest and lightest axles they can get away with. Willing to bet that if the recall remedy from the federal gov’t was to force the manufacturers to replace the light weight axles with heavy duty ones to match what the original advertised weight ratings, we’d be seeing a lot kess of these recalls. The manufacturers know full well that their rigs are coming off the line with faulty weight ratings

Charles Yaker

Charles Yaker says:
June 10, 2017 at 6:28 am
Re Ryan Zinke’s plans. Public – private partnerships. are just a way to steal what is ours. There is no need for them. The link below is an short easy to understanding explanation of the quote by Warren Mosler a respected hedge fund investor who owns a small auto manufacturing plant in Florida that in essence says the Government doesn’t need private resources to fund the parks in fact the government provides the money for the private sector to do so.

Warren Mosler
“Taxes function to regulate aggregate demand, and not to raise revenue per se. ”

Dennis Miller

I read your editorial about texting and talking while driving with interest. I have watched accidents happen as we have driven over the last few years. I also noted that you said you were dead tired after driving 600 miles and had been talking to your daughter during the trip. Be honest, were you pulled over while talking to her?

Alan Davis

Perhaps the answer to your question about alternatives to KOA and WalMart is in the short piece in your news about Cruise Inn RV Parks shutting down. Any idea why?

Brooke Eastburn

A news article last week mentioned the Trump children are looking into creating quality, moderately priced motel/hotels in smaller communities across America This reminded me of your article about something similar for RV parks. Wouldn’t it be great if these Trump designed motels included some RV spaces too? They may be open to your suggestion Chuck.


Diane—the tip about the ice with a quarter on top to check for possible food contamination in case of a power failure is a good one..but even easier is this: simply put 4-5 ice cubes in a zuploc baggie or a covered container. If the ide cubes are found to be melted into a single ice piece then that means that the freezer thawed enough to potentially contaminate your frozen food.