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John Henderson
3 years ago

Is there a website that rates RV’s? I’m trying to find a trailer that is built tough enough to handle Forest Service and BLM roads. Some of the roads are very very rough.

Chuck Woodbury (@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  John Henderson

There is none that I can recommend. There are websites that claim they do, but I hear too many negatives to name them.

David Nowak
3 years ago

Just a thought regarding surveys, especially when determining quality and workmanship. How about including “fair” before good? Having experienced inadequacies with our Rv and seeing first hand others at the factory, I’m inclined to think that a good rating would be too good.

Sharon Baron
3 years ago

Is there a book on using Google Earth finding boondocking rv campsites.
I lost the site I was listening to with the man who talks about boondocking and is very well versed on the subject. Did he write a book? I’d like to buy it if he has written one

Steve DeBaets
3 years ago

In the Quick Tips section you mentioned knowing your location. The way we keep track of our location is to write it on a white board inside the cabinet. We write down the Campground name, address and our camp spot number. It’s one thing to know your location when you’re wide awake it’s quite another to know it in the middle of the night during an emergency.

3 years ago

An update for your RV Clubs directory … WIT (Winnebago Itasca Travelers) Club changed their name a year or so ago. They are still WIT, but it now stands for Winnebago International Travelers.

Jerry X Shea
3 years ago

Most fulltimer folks understand the importance of “digging in” for the summer months (find a great place and just stay put for 4-5 months). Summer is “vacation & schools out” time. Weekenders fill the local parks and everyone is traveling. After Labor Day till Memorial Day parks are almost empty. Stay North till October, go Mid-States till January and head South West, South East or Central South for winter.

3 years ago

Hey Chuck
We are yearly volunteer contributors to RV travel news and happy dollar signs dance across my computer every time I click We simply trust you to keep us up to date and you are a great advocate for RVers. We are full timers and to this date have never ever seen any “fake news” in this publication. The key word here is TRUST so keep it up. I particularly liked this weeks article on bad weather while in your RV. We always have a plan because we were caught in bad weather at Yellowstone. When we emerged from our bathroom safe place, a tree had fallen right next to our tent with the branches knocking it over. Our four year old only concern “daddy was in the girls bathroom”. I would like to see more weather reminders. I know this fancy RV doesn’t offer much more protection than our old Coleman tent.

John Kiblin
3 years ago

Was sorry to hear that the Idaho bear was destroyed. Wouldn’t there have been some zoos or animal parks that would have loved the opportunity? While most of us probably don’t really care, I’ll bet the bear wishes we would have explored other options.

Lee Ensminger
3 years ago
Reply to  John Kiblin

John, that was my thought as well. A zoo, a place like The Wilds here in Ohio, could have been solutions instead of just shooting the bear. Completely agree with you.

rudi schaffner
3 years ago

the question I have is about surge protectors. I have a 36 ft diesel MH should I have a 30amp and a 50amp surge protector or is the 50amp useable for both.
thank you

Dean Kueppers
3 years ago
Reply to  rudi schaffner

need 50amp, if unit is 50 amp, can use with 30 amp if that is what park has.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

Some friends bought a travel trailer a number of years ago, and it came with an on-demand hot water heater. They were delighted with the idea on not having a hot water heater. It didn’t take long for them to hate this system and in less than a year they had it swapped out for the traditional hot water heater.

Frank Busalacchi
3 years ago

Nevermind, duh.

Frank Busalacchi
3 years ago

Chuck , Did I miss the question to this weeks contest or is it cryptically hidden ?

Don & Nancy Schneider
3 years ago

If your looking for dash vents for your Motorhome check out Acme Products on line. They had the 2 black dash vents for my 2008 Damon Challenger in stock. Camping World told me the pars were obsolete and could not be found.
Acme made my A/C parts and I needed some info and stumbled onto the vents in there catalog.
Check it out if your dog , cat, child, etc had played with the fins inside the dash vents.

William H
3 years ago

I missed the initial article related to new RV parks etc. This is a subject that needs a lot of discussion. I agree that the cost to acquire land, permits and initial construction in prime locations is likely the main deterrent for new parks. My feeling is with so many new RVer’s on the road each year we need every RV owner and group to push for more funding from State and Federal to UPGRADE and expand the many government owned parks throughout the country. In most cases land is not an issue but local state and at the Federal level politicians don’t seem to have agendas to fund and upgrade parks. Too many parks with lots of land don’t have facilities for “Big Rigs” …. anything over 32 ft. I don’t know the steps needed but we all need to publish and advocate for RV facility upgrades through individual and RV group networks.

Shirley Henion
3 years ago


In reading about the lack of new campgrounds and RV parks I wonder if this is partly due to the cost of land and set up not being cost effective for the return. I know some states have added state parks but we know their funds are limited. Has anyone studied what it costs to create a new campground or RV park.
My husband and I own a 2000 Roadtrek and due to health issues we can no longer do the trips West that we enjoyed for 12 years. I had a hard time accepting this new phase of our life but after reading about the crowding I am glad we are staying pretty close to home now. Even in our local (Florida) state parks we now have to make a reservation when we used to just go in the middle of the week and almost be the only ones there.
I follow a Facebook page on the Small RV lifestyle (mostly Roadtreks) and one thing that bothers me with so many new owners is that when they are going to take a trip I see a post saying, ‘we are traveling from A to B and then asking ‘where should we stay and what should we see and do’. First of all, I think they are not realizing that they have many years to travel and they can’t see everything the first trip. We had such fun adventures by just ‘taking that road’ and using our Trailer Life campground book to find a place to stay and making our own plans and decisions.
So many new RVs have the solar panels for boondocking so they are not looking for those crowded campgrounds.
It makes me grateful for the years we were able to enjoy our diverse country without a lot of hassle, maybe age has its perks sometimes.
Thanks for your newsletter, I started reading with the last few issues of Out West and enjoy it every week.

Jerry Collis
3 years ago

An article for interested Rv’rs. Look into the Atwood on demand hot water heater. We had one installed into our new Winnebago Adventurer 38Q as part of a package. From day one, this unit gave us trouble. There never seemed to be sufficient water flow in the kitchen to start the igniter. Then we find out that the cause is another part of the system. Eventually, whenever we want to wash dishes in hot water, I have to go outside, remove the cover and bang on the unit to get the valve to open so water flows.
Solution? At the Winnebago GNR, I talked to an Atwood rep and was told that they were offering to replace (for free) the on demand system for the 6 to 10 gallon regular water heater because they know there are issues. I haven’t seen a recall, nor has there been any notices. Are they just waiting for people to complain? As we really like the on demand system, we have elected to go to Elkhart, IN and have a Truma system installed.