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keep your doggy beds, blankets etc. out of the camp laundry facilities, DO NOT want to share your mutts hair in our under garments, hello


There are a variety of bulbs available in the box stores that can be controlled by a remote or an app on your phone.
Go shopping and get this done for less than 20 bucks.

David Palmer

We went to the Alamo a few years back. There was a museum to the left of it that had a diorama. It was narrated by Phil Collins who, has the largest collection of Alamo Memorabilia. Sadly it has closed.

Eric Meslin

Sorry to say I was one of the Yahoo addressees that didn’t get an email this week. What’s strange is that it didn’t go to the spam folder. I can’t find it anywhere. I bookmarked the site, so I was able to open it this evening. The problem is I also bookmarked Amazon and just placed a very large order before I got to the Newsletter to find out about the loss of commission. Sorry about that Chuck. I’ll do it correctly in the future, but it will be a while before I spend this much again (complete strut assemblies for my tow vehicle).

Dan Stovall

My wife and I went to San Antonio and were so disappointed. There was no parking anywhere for our RV. We drove around the Alamo and River Walk area and finally gave up.

Bob Portiss

What periodical/book/magazine or other source is available that might give us some insight into the pluses/minuses of owning/operating a Class C, B+, or bumper pull trailer?

Thank you!

Dave B.

The addition of those “arrows’ to bring one back to the top of each page … and … the addition in the News Section of the “links” to take one back to the Newsletter … are fantastic little creatures …

But … may I make a suggestion that the “2 links” in the News Section “be changed” to bring one back to the section in the Newsletter where one is sidetracked to the News Section in the 1st place, rather than returning them to the top of the Newsletter again !!

Bringing readers back to the section in the Newsletter where one is sidetracked to the News Section would allow readers to, in essence, “pick up where they left off” and allow them to continue reading the Newsletter !!!

Creature comforts !!

Rory R

I don’t understand why so many people are so sensitive re: boondocking vs RV Parks. We must realize that everyone’s preferences is based on individuality. Some prefer Boondocking in the wild, some prefer NP’s, SP’s and even CP’s. Others prefer private parks or even resorts. Personally I do some boondocking, some pavement camping, but mostly private RV parks. I don’t really care what someone else does. As long as it works for them. The real problem is many RVer’s go off on a tangent, trying to recruit or convert everyone they meet to come over to their way of thinking. Be happy that there are others who prefer something else. Think of what it would be like if everybody boondocked in the wild. It might get pretty crowded out there too.

John Hiler

Of course you recall that the Americans / Texan were the invaders that the Mexicans were repelling from their lands. And just a bit later the US Congress and President were warned that if they persisted in their conquest of Mexican Territory that sooner or later the Mexicans would return to repopulate and reclaim their homelands. An interesting bit of true history.


I think they should come up with places that full timers could go for their seasonal places only . Seams like campgrounds offer more seasonal spots than campsites and yes with all their STUFF around
Enjoy all your stories good work !!!

James S.

I had a 12v ceiling fan installed in my 5thwheel, but I have to keep the ceiling lights on for it to work.
What’s Up.

Mr Disaster

“Mac the Fire Guy” makes a great point about keeping your engine compartment and transmission area clean to reduce the chance of fire. It would be helpful to provide some guidance on cleaning these area. What products to use and what to avoid.

Nelson Bailey

Chuck, as a Canadian boy back in the 50’s, Davy was a hero for many of us as well. Two years ago, we had the pleasure of visiting Texas and took in the Alamo and the Riverwalk. The reverence that exudes from the Alamo is beautiful. The Riverwalk and ride were wonderful experiences as well. The true story of how Davy died was fascinating, different from what we believed for many years. BTW, keep up the great reporting…

Gary B

Hey Chuck,
Don’t forget Davy’s sidekick Russel played by . . . Buddy Epson

F. Gisler

I think you’ve made it clear issue after issue that RV parks and campgrounds are getting more crowded each year. Clearly, planning
ahead is key. My husband and I do so each year on the earliest possible date for each location we plan to visit. True, we don’t always find a spot and have to look elsewhere or pick another date.
You’re right; the days of simple spontaneity are behind us. So, take it or leave it. It’s not going to change anytime soon so deal with it!
PS – Most RV parks were never intended for full-timers to live in.
We see more and more full-timers in every park we visit. In my opinion they take away from the experience with all their outdoor junk stored willy-nilly around their sites. Cheap living, I guess.

Scott Gitlin

Alamo cookies? I remember Davy Crockett cookies shaped and with the detail of . . . Davy himself, complete with coonskin cap and rifle. Also there were Davy Crockett bubble gum trading cards – 2 sets. After the movie, Walt Disney ran a series on their television program about Davy Crockett and his riverboat adventures – battling the notorious Mike Fink.

Calvin Rittenhouse

Your campground owner stands out as an example of small businessmen I have encountered. His at-length rant about having too many new customers is a major reason I boondock. Please unsubscribe me. I’ve had enough.

john stahl

A correction: The Alamo fell March 6, 1836. It was a little over a month later that Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana at San Jacinto. It was April 21, 1836. It was not a year later. Thanks for all you and Gail and your staff does.

Randy K. Walker

I know a couple of Podcasters that got more than a slap from Amazon, for doing the same thing you were doing.